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Every now and then, I give myself the time to make something just for me – a tribute to something I love. It allows me more creative freedom than being constrained by the parameters of what would make a good, easy-to-follow pattern, and also to create my interpretation of licensed characters that I couldn’t sell for legal reasons – but, luckily, creating not-for-profit fan art is allowed!

Please note: click on a photo to take you to more information about that project.


December 2016
polymer clay BB-8 by planetjune
Polymer clay sculpture of BB-8 from Star Wars. 5cm (2″) tall. Embedded magnetic joint inside so his head can rotate to any angle.


cross stitch Tetris embroideries by PlanetJune
Tribute to my favourite classic game, Tetris (on original Game Boy), reproduced in the original 2-bit ‘pea soup’ colours, in 24,800 cross stitches.


punchneedle butterflies by PlanetJune
These are the first stage of a long term craft project to make a group of different butterflies using Punchneedle embroidery – all different colours and shapes but all based on my interpretation of real species.

Columbo (& Dog)

July 2011
amigurumi Columbo by PlanetJune
My amigurumi tribute to Peter Falk and his best-known character, Columbo. He’s based on the Boy pattern from my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi. Dog uses my AmiDogs Basset Hound crochet pattern.


December 2010
punchneedle globe (with crocheted orangutan) by planetjune
Punchneedle embroidered 3-D globe. 5.5″ diameter, approximately 60,000 stitches. (Scroll down for orangutan info!)


June 2010
winner of Craftster Fantasy Crochet Challenge
Reepicheep by planetjune
My tribute to Sir Reepicheep the gallant mouse from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Reepicheep paddles in his coracle, through a sea of lilies, to the end of the world. Reepicheep and the coracle are entirely improvised. The lilies use my Water Lily crochet pattern.


January 2010
Worms (polymer clay) by planetjune
Polymer clay miniature set based on the Worms video games series.


December 2009
polymer clay R2-D2 by planetjune
Polymer clay sculpture of R2-D2 from Star Wars. 8cm (3″) tall. Embedded magnetic joint inside so his head can rotate to any angle.

Musicians of Bremen

December 2009
Musicians of Bremen punchneedle embroidery by planetjune
Punchneedle embroidered commissioned artwork based on the Musicians of Bremen folk tale. 7 3/4″ x 5 1/2″ board-backed embroidery using 29 shades of embroidery floss.

Baby Orang Utan

April 2009
winner of the Instructables/Lion Brand Critter Contest
crocheted orang utan by planetjune
My crocheted life-sized realistic baby orang utan. 100% freeform crochet, with wire and plastic armatures to make him completely poseable.


Feb 2009
winner of Craftster Best of 2009 crochet award
crocheted lemmings by planetjune
My tribute to the classic video game. The Lemmings are based on my free Mop Top Mascots pattern, with improvised accessories.


August 2008
nominated for 3 Ravelry Bobby awards (Geekiest Pattern, Coolest Toy, Best Personal Pattern Project)
winner of a personal comment from Sir Terry Pratchett himself! On seeing the photos, he gave a quiet laugh and said ‘Well, if you’re going to crochet Discworld then that’s the way to do it!’
crocheted Discworld by planetjune
My amigurumi tribute to Terry Pratchett’s wonderful creation, the Discworld. Great A’tuin uses my AquaAmi Sea Turtle pattern; the 4 elephants use my AfricAmi Elephant pattern, and the Disc was freestyled (see my Amigurumi Discworld page for more info).


  1. Shas Cho said

    You’re a true artist.
    Reepicheep is perfect,
    the baby orang is amazing
    and Discworld is a masterpiece, a magnum opus!

    Thank you for letting us see these works of art.
    Every visit to PlanetJune
    is like a visit with a friend who shares interests and aesthetics,
    a trip to the zoo,
    and a tour through an art gallery.

    PlanetJune rocks!

  2. beverley jeffrey said

    sorry dont have a website but my husband loves disc world has every book and reads them over and over again, I saw your crocheted the great-a-tuin and have been trying to find a crochet or knitting pattern for it so, I could do it myself for him for his birthday in june could you tell me if you are likely to be selling the pattern in the near future, thank you, bev

    • June said

      Beverley, please read my update at the bottom of this post for the answer to your question.

  3. Eleanor said

    Excellent Discworld. No wonder TP liked it! Chrs.

  4. Gillian McMullen said

    I’m fascinated by Reepicheep’s coracle – how did you create that basket-weave pattern? It’s intriguing.

    • June said

      Gillian, clicking each picture above will take you to more info about that project – click Reep’s photo to find out about the coracle 🙂 I’ve wondered about using a similar technique to make a crocheted basket pattern at some point… I wonder if anyone would like that?

  5. Merry Thornsburg said

    June…you are amazing! Thanks for sharing all
    your fiber lovelies!
    Merry ?

  6. Kristine said

    I really like thw Discworld, it’s so awesome!

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