PlanetJune Commissions

Commission a new PlanetJune crochet pattern
Please note: My crowd-sourced commissions system is now retired - please see my blog post for details.

Completed Commissions

Here are some examples of crochet patterns I've designed through my commissions system:

koala crochet pattern by planetjune platypus crochet pattern by planetjune chameleon crochet pattern by planetjune sea otter crochet pattern by planetjune amidogs rottweiler crochet pattern by planetjune giant panda crochet pattern by planetjune amidogs scottish terrier crochet pattern by planetjune orca - killer whale - crochet pattern by planetjune red panda crochet pattern by planetjune sloth crochet pattern by planetjune meerkat crochet pattern by planetjune camel crochet pattern by planetjune armadillo crochet pattern by planetjune amidogs bernese mountain dog crochet pattern by planetjune amidogs miniature schnauzer crochet pattern by planetjune amidogs king charles spaniel crochet pattern by planetjune horse crochet pattern by planetjune capybara crochet pattern by planetjune farmyard goats crochet pattern by planetjune

Suggest a Design

Although I've retired my crowd-funded PlanetJune Commissions system, I'm always happy to hear your ideas for new crochet patterns to design! Is your favourite animal (or plant, or something else) missing from the PlanetJune catalogue? Suggest it here and I may be inspired to make it!

Please fill out the form for each animal (or other design) you'd like to suggest.

(Your email address is optional - I'll only use it if you'd like me to notify you if/when your requested pattern is available for purchase, or to discuss your suggestion with you.)

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How PlanetJune Commissions Worked

PlanetJune Commissions old design options - graph and photos

My pattern commissions system was designed to let people pledge however much they wish towards a new PlanetJune design, from $6 to $300.

This helped me to get a feel for which designs would be popular and be paid a fair price for my work in creating the design without charging any one person excessively, as up to 50 people could crowd-fund a single design.

The Commissions Cycle

PlanetJune Commissions ran via a 5-step cycle:

infographic: the 5-step PlanetJune Commissions cycle
  1. I announce the date I'll be able to begin work on the next commissioned design (join the Commissions News mailing list for notifications).
  2. The bidding war begins - will your favourite be commissioned? Make your pledges and make it happen!
  3. The first fully-funded design is locked in. Pledge monies are collected and design begins.
  4. You can raise/lower/delete any of your other pledges, or make new pledges, whenever you wish.
  5. Once the new pattern is complete, it's automatically available to download from all pledgers' PlanetJune accounts.

Commissions Status Updates

Commission status: The Goat pattern is completed and ready for pledgers to download! (Sign up to be notified when the pattern is available for general purchase.)

And that marks the end of PlanetJune Commissions (at least in its current form...) Thank you so much to everyone who's made a pledge over the past 5+ years - you've helped me to come up with some great designs :) (Latest update )

Commissions FAQ

Commissions notifications. If you'd like to received an email notification if/when I reactivate PlanetJune Commissions, please sign up for the Commissions News mailing list. (The list will remain dormant until such time as I resurrect the crowd-funded commissions system.)

Looking to commission a handmade item? I'm a designer and writer; I don't have time to make handmade items to sell, but if you're looking to commission a finished PlanetJune item, please see the Sellers' List and directly commission one of my customers who sell items made from my patterns.

Looking to commission a new design? If you'd like to commission a new PlanetJune pattern privately, please see my FAQ on private commissions for details.

Other Questions? Please contact me with any other questions.

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