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Can I commission you to design a pattern?

If you’d like to request a new PlanetJune design, you currently have two options: either submit the form on the Commissions microsite with your design suggestion, or, if you’d like a design more quickly and are willing to pay the full cost of the design process, you can commission me privately. The cost for a private commission would vary depending on:

  • The size and complexity of the design
  • Whether you want exclusive rights to the pattern (very expensive!) or if I can also sell it in my shop
  • How popular I estimate the pattern will be (the price will be higher if I don’t anticipate being able to sell lots of copies of the design)

(The minimum private commission cost is $300, the same as the cost of my previous crowd-sourced commissions.)

Before you contact me to request a commission, please consider these points:

  • Please don’t ask me to design a pattern for a trademarked character (from film, TV, video games, comic books, etc) – it’s illegal to sell patterns of trademarked characters without a licence from the trademark holder. (If you’re the trademark holder and would like to commission an official crochet pattern of your character, that’s a different matter, of course – please do get in touch!)
  • Patterns I create will be in my style – realistic, cute, clean lines, understated. Please look at my existing designs to get an idea of my general aesthetic and see if you’d like to see your idea crocheted in my style. If not, I’m not the right person to commission to bring your idea to life!
  • I value quality over speed: I won’t release a design until I am 100% satisfied with it. From research, through design, crocheting, pattern writing, photography and editing, it will typically take at least a month for me to bring a new design to life, and potentially longer if I have prior commitments.
  • Please don’t ask me to create a pattern that reproduces a crocheted item you have a photo of, or saw online. Nor only would this not be a PlanetJune design (my original design work, created in my own style), but it violates the distinction between inspiration and copying (see my article on this), and, as an artist and a professional, that’s not a line I’m willing to cross.

If all this sounds good, please email me with your ideas and we’ll start the conversation!

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