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Free Crochet Patterns

Want to try some free PlanetJune amigurumi and accessory patterns? You’ve come to the right place!

All but the oldest pattern are also available as donationware (easy-to-print PDF files, for a donation of whatever you feel they are worth). See the link on each pattern page, or find them all in the donationware category in my shop.

baby snake crochet pattern by planetjune Baby Snake is a small but perfectly proportioned no-sew baby snake! The narrow body makes it easy to pose in a variety of realistic positions, and you can make your snakes as long or short as you want.
amigurumi beach ball crochet pattern by planetjune Amigurumi Beach Ball is a fun no-sew pattern for summer – or for any time of year! Make a play ball for the kids, a set of juggling balls, or a stress ball to play with at your desk.
two-tone hearts crochet pattern by planetjune Two-Tone Heart is a variation of my Love Hearts pattern that lets you crochet two-coloured hearts. It’s available in a flat and a puffy version (use the flat version for a quick appliqué to stitch or glue to something else, or the puffy version to make a self-contained heart).
fuzzy hedgehog crochet pattern by planetjune Fuzzy Hedgehog A simple and adorable crochet pattern that makes the most of a novelty textured yarn such as eyelash or fur! With just two pieces to stitch together, you can whip up the sweetest little hedgehog buddy in no time, sized to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.
crochet phone stand crochet pattern by planetjune Crochet Phone Stand Quick and easy to crochet, this one-piece, no-sew phone stand makes a handy addition to any desk or bedside table. With only yarn and a little stuffing, you can make a stand that’s sturdy enough to support any phone or a small tablet.
happy rainbows crochet pattern by planetjune Happy Rainbows Use these cheerful crocheted rainbows to brighten anyone’s day with a splash of colour and a message of hope and unity! Tape them to your window, hang them on the wall, or stitch them to a crocheted blanket or cushion as a colourful applique.
crocheted wreath base crochet pattern by planetjune Crocheted Wreath Base Use this stuffed crocheted ring as a base for a crocheted wreath, candle ring, or other round decoration (e.g. a centrepiece). You can make the ring in any size depending on the desired size of your decorative piece, and choose yarn colours to match your decor and the theme of the components you’ll be covering it with.
eco-friendly cosmetic rounds crochet pattern by planetjune Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Rounds Use these washable rounds anywhere you’d use a disposable cotton round or facial wipe – for cleansing, toning, or removing makeup – and save money while helping the environment! They crochet up in minutes, take very little yarn, and make a pretty and practical gift.
carnations crochet pattern by planetjune Tulips A beautiful realistic tulip flower with a clever one-piece construction – you’ll love how it comes together! Add some colour to your life with a bouquet of everlasting tulips.
amigurumi santa hat crochet pattern by planetjune Amigurumi Santa Hat Dress your amigurumi for the holidays with this easy Santa Hat pattern! This customizable pattern can be used to make a festive hat for almost any size of amigurumi.
crochet plant hanger crochet pattern by planetjune Crochet Plant Hanger A modern crocheted take on macramé plant hangers, this is a lovely plant hanger designed to fit small (approx 2″/5cm diameter) plant pots. Use this pattern to make hangers for both your crocheted potted plants and for real plants in pots.
carnations crochet pattern by planetjune Carnations Beautiful, realistic, and so easy, you can crochet a pretty one-piece carnation in minutes – and I bet you won’t be able to stop at one!
leaning ladders scarf crochet pattern by planetjune Leaning Ladders Scarf This beginner-friendly scarf is made of only basic stitches, so it’s fast and fun to crochet. The eye-catching diagonal eyelet stripes look great in any yarn, and the simple background highlights the colours in a variegated or self-striping yarn beautifully. Choose your recipient’s favourite colour and you have a perfect gift for anyone in your life – women, men, or children!
ribbed ripple / turtle beach crochet pattern by planetjune Ribbed Ripple/Turtle Beach The gentle waves of this ripple are highlighted by the ribs at the edge of each stripe. The Ribbed Ripple stitch pattern works up into a beautiful blanket with a wave stripe repeat in any 2 (or more) colours, or make the Turtle Beach version with sand and sea colours, either as an afghan square, a playmat for aquatic toys, or a full blanket.
crochet braid bracelet pattern by planetjune Crochet Braid Bracelet Crochet up a speedy braided bracelet with this decorative cord technique that’s deceptively easy to crochet as it uses only single crochet stitches! Customize the length and look to match your own style or make a personalized gift. Simply change the yarn colour and button fastener to go from playful children’s jewellery to a rugged man’s bracelet, or from a beachy summer look to a fashion accessory in your favourite colour.
tiny eggs crochet pattern by planetjune Tiny Eggs Make miniature (1″/2.5cm) crocheted eggs that are still egg-shaped despite their diminutive size. Decorate for Easter with a bowl of calorie-free ‘chocolate’ eggs (just don’t eat them!) or make them as realistic-sized songbird eggs.
mini wreath ornament crochet pattern by planetjune Mini Wreath Ornament This sweet little pattern lets you make surprisingly realistic leafy miniature wreaths – at only 3″ across, they’d be perfect as Christmas Tree ornaments or seasonal decorations. A Mini Wreath works up in no time and comes together like magic with almost no sewing required – you won’t be able to stop at making one! Make them in leafy greens, or any pair of colours to match your holiday decor.
twisted chain bangle crochet pattern by planetjune Twisted Chain Bangle Transform a metal or plastic bangle from cheap fashion jewellery to a stylish and unique accessory. The twisted design looks intricate but it’s a deceptively simple technique, so you can whip up an armful of bangles in next to no time. Crochet chunky bangles for a quick casual look or as perfect gifts for girls, or use finer bangles and crochet thread to make jewellery elegant enough for any occasion.
amigurumi citrus collection crochet pattern by planetjune Amigurumi Citrus Collection Make your own amigurumi fruit bowl with an entire collection of life-sized and realistically shaped citrus fruits: orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime and clementine patterns. Crochet a realistic fruit selection, or make a cute fruit family by giving each fruit a face – the choice is yours.
shamrocks crochet pattern by planetjune Shamrocks This is a clever little pattern to make sweet shamrocks with a dimensional 3D effect, in two sizes: a realistically-shaped design, and a tiny miniature version! Each shamrock is crocheted in a single round, so you can make one in minutes. String them into a garland, attach one to a greetings card, add a pin back to make a cute brooch or lapel pin, or layer them for a novel look.
chunky moebius cowl crochet pattern by planetjune Chunky Moebius Cowl This unisex cowl pattern is infinitely versatile: make it as a short, snug neckwarmer, or a long loose infinity scarf that can be wrapped twice around your neck; make a narrow cowl for warmer days or to wear doubled, or a tall snuggly cowl for maximum warmth. With simple stitches and no turning or seaming, this pattern is amazingly fast to work up using a large crochet hook and bulky yarn, so it’s perfect for last-minute gifts.
frosty windows scarf crochet pattern by planetjune Frosty Windows Scarf With a pretty but easy-to-memorise stitch pattern, you can work up this scarf in almost any yarn. Once you’ve crocheted a couple of repeats, you’ll fly through it – it’s a perfect pattern for handmade gifts or for stashbusting!
posy blossoms crochet pattern by planetjune Posy Blossoms A versatile mix-and-match pattern for sweet miniature flowers in seven designs with two leaves. Make each blossom in one or two colours of your choice; stack the smaller blossoms on the larger ones in the same or contrasting colours; combine your blossoms into a unique posy.
lip balm holder crochet pattern by planetjune Lip Balm Holder Never lose your lip balm again (or have it melt in your pocket) with this stylish holder! Clip it to your keyring, to your bag, or even to your belt loop and you’ll always have lip balm at hand when you need it. Quick and easy to crochet, just pop a lip balm inside and you have a perfect little gift!
eyelet ripple scarf sweater crochet pattern by planetjune Eyelet Ripple Scarf Sweater This scarf sweater is so simple – it’s just a long rectangle like a scarf, wrapped around the body and seamed in 2 places. With my measure-as-you-go method, you can easily create a scarf sweater to fit any size and body shape. Use the included Eyelet Ripple stitch pattern to make one just like mine, or use any other crochet (or knitted) stitch pattern to create your own uniquely customized version!
amigurumi pears crochet pattern by planetjune Amigurumi Pears A realistic, beautifully shaped amigurumi pear. Crochet a bowlful in greens, browns, yellows, and/or reds, to make a stylish decorative centrepiece, or add a pair of safety eyes and an embroidered smile to make a sweet toy 🙂
plumeria crochet pattern by planetjune Plumeria Crochet a touch of the tropics with these exotic plumeria blossoms. Use a plumeria flower to make a beautiful pin or hair accessory, or to embellish anything!
love hearts crochet pattern by planetjune Love Hearts This is a clever little pattern to make sweet hearts in three sizes – each heart builds on the pattern of the previous heart. You can also make a bonus puffy heart to give a total of 4 different designs in this one pattern! String them into a garland, add a pin back to make a cute brooch, or fill a bowl with pretty hearts for Valentine’s Day decorating.
Scalloped Scarf Make this pretty and versatile scalloped scarf with almost any yarn you have to hand – it’s a quick and stylish one-skein project, and makes a perfect gift!
Amigurumi Apples Here’s a realistic amigurumi apple: it’s not just a ball with a stalk attached, it’s actually the shape and size of a real apple! Give one to your (or your child’s!) favourite teacher, make a bowlful in red and green as a decorative centrepiece, or add a pair of safety eyes and an embroidered smile to make a sweet-as-apple-pie toy 🙂
Amigurumi Balloons What better way to celebrate than with a bunch of balloons? Made in pastels like these, they’d be perfect for baby shower decorations or for Easter. Made in bolder colours, they’d brighten any occasion!
Tiny Whale This little whale is the perfect size to sit in the palm of your hand! But even better than that: he’s crocheted all in one piece, so there’s no sewing involved to make him!
Basic Rose This basic rose pattern is a perfect introduction to crocheted flowers, and it’s so versatile – make it in any size and colour you like!
Mop Top Mascots Mop Top Mascots are a fun way to use up scraps of yarn. They stand about 4″ tall, and the real joy of them is that they are so easy to make, and easy to customize with funky colours or embellishments. Who wouldn’t appreciate a little mascot like these?!
Candy Cane This candy cane crochet pattern is so fast and simple, it’ll take no time to whip up enough to decorate your Christmas tree!
crocheted pumpkins by planetjune Pumpkin Crochet yourself a pumpkin – the perfect pattern for autumn! With this one basic pattern, you can create a realistic pumpkin for your Fall table, a cute amigurumi-style pumpkin for the kids, or a spooooooooooooooky pumpkin for Halloween.
crocheted daffodils Daffodils Crochet your own daffodils – perfect for spring! Make a bouquet of yarn flowers, or try one in thread as a beautiful pin or accessory. The pattern includes two different designs for petals and centres – mix and match colours and designs to create your own custom bouquet!
crocheted christmas pudding by planetjune Christmas Pudding Hang it on your Christmas tree, or sit it on your mantelpiece or as a decoration on your Christmas table! This amigurumi xmas pudding pattern comes complete with white sauce and is topped with a spring of holly leaves and berries.
crocheted poinsettia by planetjune Poinsettia Crochet a large poinsettia flower for Christmas – perfect as a table centrepiece or as a decoration. Or make a smaller one in fine yarn or thread to wear as a pin on your coat, a Christmas tree decoration, or anything else you can think of!
amigurumi acorn by planetjune Amigurumi Acorn Make your own amigurumi acorn complete with removable cup! Standing at just over 2 inches tall, these litle acorns are quick and easy to make.
fuzzballs by planetjune Fuzzballs and Mini Fuzzballs Fuzzballs are the ultimate in easy and cute crochet, and a perfect way to use up any scraps of fun fur, eyelash or any other fuzzy yarn you may have on hand. These tiny amigurumi are crocheted in fuzzy yarn and come in two sizes: Fuzzball and Fuzzball Mini. Let your imagination run wild as you embellish these little cuties!


  1. David Grindel said

    Subject: Ultimate strips for Amigurumi (USFA)
    The video,of course is excellent. When I did my third stripe I discovered I only had 19 stitches. I checked and rechecked but could not find a missing stitch but I assumed that USFA ( which is my next stitch) would act like the 20th stitch!! The snake looks pretty good. Is my thinking sound or should I start over ?
    BTY- the mini-Brava yard is super. Just what I needed. Did you know there’s a shortage of 10 mm safety eyes. I cannot find them anywhere. I used two 9 mm that were the biggest in the batch.

    Thank you .. thank you. This is a great project. I appreciate all the time and effort you put in to make it so great !

  2. Elena said

    This anteater reminds me of traditional Oaxacan Alebrije! So beautiful.

  3. Lee Ettinger said

    Got any butterfly patterns?

  4. Irene Bornman said

    I found a pattern for “Bean Bag Willie Worm” in a NovemberDecember 1979 WorkBasket magazine.

    I tried to make it but got frustrated…they didn’t write like you. You have us spoiled with your clear details.

    I would like to send the page to you in hopes that some day I will see it on your website.

    Where do I mail it??

    Thank you for considering this.
    Irene Bornman

    • June said

      Aww, thank you Irene! I only publish my own original designs here on PlanetJune, so I’m afraid I can’t help you ‘translate’ your vintage pattern into a clearer pattern. But I’m so glad to know you appreciate my patterns 🙂

  5. sandra said

    Thank you so much.Can’t wait to start on crocheting on the gingerbread boy and girl. Thank you

  6. Josie foster said

    Dear June,

    I have been trouble getting a pattern for the baby sea turtle blanket. could you please help me out. This one has the white at the bottom.
    Thank you so much
    Josie Foster

    • June said

      I’m not sure you mean by ‘the white at the bottom’, but if you’re looking for my turtle beach blanket, you can find the basic blanket pattern here and all the (various) patterns you can add to it here

  7. Julia E. Sonneborn said

    I want to say thank you for your left handed tutorials. I taught myself (years ago) by watching a right handed crocheter and then doing the opposit. Your invisible inc, desc and finish are great.
    thank you.

  8. Minakshi Dabhi said

    Hi June, do you have video tutorials please, l am better at that. l cannot read patterns at all


    Thank you so much. Minakshi

  9. Many thanks for producing these lovely heart patterns which will be very useful for the demetia muffs which i make for thr alzheimers

  10. Natalie said

    I purchased the baby turtle and turtle beach patterns please can you tell me whether you used us or uk terminology when creating the pattern so I can complete this.

    • June said

      Natalie, the Terminology section on p1 of every pattern gives a full list of all the stitch abbreviations I use in that pattern in both standard (US) terminology and the UK equivalents, so you can follow my patterns no matter which terminology you’re used to 🙂

  11. Darlene A Fetterman said

    I think that the tiny animals are cute, but not for me. What ever happened to larger stuffed animals.

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