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AmiCats Collection 2 crochet patterns

I can’t tell you how excited I am to reveal my latest crochet pattern collection – making more cats with different body types is something I’ve had planned since I released my first amigurumi cat patterns in 2015!

It may have taken over four years, but now, here at last, is AmiCats Collection 2:


AmiCats Collection 2 crochet patterns by PlanetJune: Burmese, Himalayan, Persian and Siamese amigurumi cats
AmiCats Collection 2, L-R: Burmese, Himalayan, Persian, Siamese cats

For my first AmiCats Collection, I created all the designs based on a standard intermediate cat body type with different colour markings. For this second collection, I’ve developed new designs based on foreign (oriental) and cobby (exotic) cat body types.

AmiCats Collection 2 includes two patterns in each body type. The assembly process is the same AmiCats process you’ll already be familiar with if you’ve ever made an AmiCat before, but I’ve reworked every piece of the cat shape to reflect the shapes of a stocky flat-faced cat and a slender oriental-type cat.

AmiCats Collection 2 crochet patterns by PlanetJune: Persian, Himalayan, Burmese and Siamese amigurumi cats

About the Designs

I’ve named each of these patterns after the most distinctive breed with that body type and markings, but of course you’re not limited to making those specific breeds from these patterns! Here are a few more ideas for breeds you can make using these patterns:

  • Persian: Exotic Shorthair, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Scottish Straight
  • Himalayan: Colourpoint Persian, Birman
  • Siamese: Tonkinese, Balinese, Colorpoint Shorthair, Thai
  • Burmese: Oriental Shorthair, Russian Blue, Javanese, Havana, Abyssinian, Sphynx, Peterbald

And of course you can make any of these into a regular domestic cat – these patterns aren’t only for pedigrees! Pick whichever pattern you like best, or the one that looks closest to your own furbaby 🙂

AmiCats Collection 2 crochet patterns by PlanetJune: Himalayan, Persian, Siamese and Burmese amigurumi cats

About the Patterns

The cats in AmiCats Collections 1 and 2 are all the same overall size, even with the different body shapes, so you can even mix and match pieces between all the patterns in both collections if you have e.g. a tabby cat with massive siamese-style ears, or a long-haired (or fat!) cat with a slender head. Or, if you’re trying to make a custom cat, you can use the closest parts from each pattern as a starting point!

AmiCats Collections 1 & 2 crochet patterns by PlanetJune
All the AmiCats! L-R: Burmese, Tabby, Himalayan, Tuxedo, Persian, Calico, Single-Coloured, Siamese

As with the original AmiCats, the new patterns come with two-page appendices for both right- and left-handers that clearly explain my innovative method for joining the legs and body while you crochet so they sit at exactly the right angle in the finished cat, and bonus instructions to crochet the (optional) pictured nose from crochet thread or embroidery floss and a 1.25mm/size 9 steel hook. (Instructions for making a simple felt or embroidered nose are also given.)

The assembly instructions in the appendices are the same for all 8 cats so you only need to print one set (LH or RH as needed, plus the crocheted nose) for all 8 cats. Note: don’t print the appendices from the Siamese or Burmese unless those are the only AmiCats you buy, as these two patterns omit a step that’s needed for all the others! But the figure numbering is consistent between all 8 AmiCats, to avoid confusion.

Buy Now!

If you just need one specific cat pattern, they are each available individually, but the AmiCats Collection 2 price is great value (all four patterns for less than the price of three), so I do advise you consider picking up the whole collection. Here are the links:

And if you’d like to save even more on AmiCats Collection 2, join us for the Cats & Dogs crochet-along (details below)…

Crochet-Along (and Save!)

I’m hosting a new crochet-along (CAL) in the PlanetJune group on Ravelry, to make any AmiCats or AmiDogs from now until November. Join in by choosing any of my 8 cat and 24 dog patterns to crochet!

PlanetJune Cats and Dogs CAL 2019 - 8 AmiCats and 24 AmiDogs crochet patterns

To join, just leave a message in the CAL thread saying you’d like to join, and I’ll send you a private welcome message including a special CAL-exclusive discount code to use on AmiCats Collection 2!

And there’s more: this is a prize CAL too, with one grand prize winner winning my upcoming Christmas Collection of crochet patterns, and runner-up discount codes for all other CAL entrants.

Sound good? Post to the CAL thread now and I’ll send you your AmiCats 2 discount code so you can get started!

(New to Ravelry? See my crochet-along FAQ for answers to your questions!)

I hope you’re excited about my new cat patterns – which is your favourite?

AmiCats Collection 2 crochet patterns by PlanetJune: Himalayan, Burmese, Siamese and Persian amigurumi cats

Can’t choose? You don’t have to – pick up AmiCats Collection 2 now and you can enjoy making all four… 😉


  1. Mary said

    I would like to join the Ami cat crochet along group.

    Mary Meroney

    • June said

      Hi Mary, this AmiCats crochetalong ran in 2019, but our current end-of-year crochetalong – the Reindeer Games 2022 – lets you make any PlanetJune patterns including the AmiCats! You can always find the latest crochetalong to join in the PlanetJune group on Ravelry 🙂

  2. Ezra said

    What size are the cats?

    • June said

      Ezra, the exact size will vary depending on the yarn and hook you choose, and how tightly you crochet, but your cats should end up around 5.5″ (14cm) tall when worked in worsted weight yarn.

  3. Margaret Bray said

    These are so adorable. I would love to purchase a cat & dog
    Do u have a great dane. My grabdaughters dog is a mix of st bernard/great dane.. thank you

    • June said

      Thank you, Margaret! I’m sorry I only just spotted your question. Yes, I do have a Great Dane crochet pattern; you can find it here 🙂

  4. Inés Serey Madariaga said

    Hola, quiero aprender a hacer amigurumis y me encanta lo que hace quisiera unirme a obtener los patrones

  5. Janet Greenhoe said

    I’ve been looking for some cat patterns like this. I have been volunteering with a cat rescue for several years and I wanted to crochet some for a fundraiser to raise money for the Rescue

    • June said

      That sounds like a wonderful idea, Janet! I hope your cats raise lots of money for the rescue 🙂

  6. 作品ファンです 作れるように なりたいです

    • June said

      Thank you! You can find all my AmiCats patterns to buy here (but please note that all PlanetJune patterns are available in English language only).

  7. Roberta Croston said

    Love all of your cats. I have seen those exact stances numerous times. Thanks for all of the very enjoyable “looks”. You put a smile on my face.

  8. Lisa Kopf said

    These are so cute! Can’t decide which one to start with.

  9. Molim vas šemu za izradu mačke i psa hvala vam puno od srca. Prekrasno radite igračke kao žive. :blush:

  10. Brenda Meineke said

    I love ALL your patterns and have purchased many of them. please continue your marvelous work!!!! Thank you!

    • June said

      Thank you, Brenda! Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere – I’m just in the middle of a big design project at the moment. There’ll be more new PlanetJune patterns coming soon – I have lots more ideas waiting for their turn 😉

  11. Pam said

    Oh the kitties are just what I need right now YAY!

  12. Stephanie said

    This is so awesome! I have made SO MANY of your Amicats from pattern one for my daughters (they want them all styled after Warrior Cats). I

  13. Donna said

    I would love this pattern link! Your patterns are wonderful!

  14. Judy CARLSON said

    I love these so much!

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