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Bearded Dragon crochet pattern

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Since leaving the warmth of Africa for the Great White North, one thing I really miss is being able to see lizards all the time – both when out exploring nature, and in my own garden. I grew to love lizards after observing them in the wild for so long, and I’m considering getting a pet bearded dragon one day.

Until then, I now have the next best thing with my new addition to my amigurumi menagerie – a life-sized Bearded Dragon crochet pattern:
bearded dragon crochet pattern by planetjune

She’s such a cutie!

Bearded Dragon Fun Facts

  • Bearded dragons, aka ‘beardies’, are one of the most popular reptiles to keep as pets.
  • These lizards are docile and friendly, and eat insects and vegetables.
  • In the wild, bearded dragons can be found in the Australian deserts.
  • Beardies can flatten their bodies and change colour when they bask in the sun, so they can absorb more heat.
  • When threatened, they puff out their spiky ‘beard’ throat skin and open their mouth wide so they appear larger.

About the Design

My bearded dragon is roughly life-sized and realistically shaped, at about 12″ (30cm) long. It has an alert stance, a wide body and wedge-shaped head, and tiny spines along the sides of its head and body, just like a real beardy!

bearded dragon crochet pattern by planetjune

I made my sample in a heathered yarn (Lion Brand Heartland) which adds a subtle variegated effect which I love, but you can use a solid colour of yarn instead if you prefer. Fancy bearded dragons come in a wide range of colours (orange, yellow, brown, grey, and even red or white) so you have lots of scope for making life-like beardies in all sorts of colours.

About the Pattern

As with my other lizard patterns, the realistic legs are wired with pipe cleaners, but the pattern also includes tips for omitting the pipe cleaners if you want your beardy to be baby-safe.

bearded dragon crochet pattern by planetjune

The pattern includes stitch diagrams for the spines in addition to the written instructions, so you can use whichever instructions work best for your learning style.

And, as always, close-up photos aid with every step of the assembly, so you can be confident you’ll be able to make a perfect bearded dragon too.

Buy Now & Launch Discount

Ready to get started? Pick up my Bearded Dragon crochet pattern from my shop right now. Or, if you’re not ready to make it just yet, add it to your Ravelry queue or favourites so you don’t forget about it:

And for one week only, you can take an extra 50c off the price: add the Bearded Dragon pattern to your shopping cart, and enter the discount code BEARDY at checkout! (Offer ends Wednesday 8 May, 2019.)

This bearded dragon design has been over a year in the making, but I’m really happy with the end result – I think I got the alert beardy pose just right, and the tiny spines don’t overwhelm the design, even in worsted weight yarn.

bearded dragon crochet pattern by planetjune

I hope you agree, and that you’ll enjoy my Bearded Dragon pattern 🙂

PlanetJune Herps

With this new pattern, my herp (reptiles and amphibians) pattern collection is now up to 10 designs: 5 lizards, 3 turtles and 2 frogs! You can find all the PlanetJune reptile and amphibian crochet patterns here 🙂

Reptiles and Amphibians crochet patterns by PlanetJune

Do you have any other herp pattern requests? Let me know in the comments!

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free pattern: Tulips (and a new video!)

Here’s a new addition to my stemmed flower patterns: a beautiful realistic tulip flower with a clever one-piece construction. You’ll love how it comes together!

tulips crochet pattern by planetjune

Don’t they look gloriously spring-like in their distinctive tulip colours? (I had so much fun picking the colours for these!)

tulips crochet pattern by planetjune

I’ve also completed a new video (the first of many!) using my new audio/video equipment to accompany this pattern, and all my other stemmed flowers: Easy Yarn-Wrapped Stems for Crochet Flowers. As always, my videos are available in right- and left-handed versions, so you can see exactly what to do.

I hope you can see/hear the quality improvement in this new video, but if you don’t even notice because you’re concentrating on the content, that’s fine too. Clear, close-up and well explained techniques are always my top priority. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’ll always see my latest videos – I have lots more in store!

basic rose, daffodils, carnations and tulips crochet patterns by planetjune
Here are all my stemmed flowers together: Basic Rose, Daffodils, Carnations and the new Tulips. I hope they all brighten your day!

As I like to reward people who chose to donate for my donationware patterns, the PDF version of the Tulips pattern includes additional assembly photos (including left-handed photos) and my special technique for fastening off the yarn neatly at the base of the stem. As always, the pattern is free for you to use, and you need only donate if you’d like to thank me for my time in creating it, or if you’d like the easy-to-print PDF version.

Go to the free Tulips pattern >>

Or jump straight to donate:

Order the Tulips pattern >>

Not ready to make it yet? Add it to your Ravelry queue:

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Beaver crochet pattern

You might think I’d be running out of animal ideas to recreate in crochet, but there are lots of really obvious choices that I haven’t had a chance to make yet. Case in point: the national animal of Canada – how could I have not designed a beaver pattern yet?! Well, let’s rectify that right now…

Beaver crochet pattern by PlanetJune

When I stopped my pattern commissions program, the beaver was almost fully pledged, so I’m really happy to have finally had the chance to fulfill the wish of those would-be commissioners (and other Canadians, nature lovers, people who just like cute amigurumi animals…) with my PlanetJune Beaver crochet pattern! (And – bonus for the commissioners – now you don’t have to pay the full cost of your pledge, just the regular pattern price!)

Beaver Fun Facts

  • The beaver is the largest rodent in North America. It lives in ponds and lakes and on riverbanks.
  • Beavers can see underwater as well as they can on land, and can close their ears and nostrils when swimming. They swim using their webbed back feet as paddles and their flat tails as a rudder.
  • Each beaver uses its chisel-sharp teeth to cut down over 200 trees a year, to use both as food and building materials.
  • Beavers are one of nature’s builders, using mud, twigs and bark to build a lodge to live in. They contruct the lodge on a platform in a pond, with all the entrances underwater.
  • Beavers remain active in the winter, beneath the ice of their pond. If their water source isn’t deep enough, they build a dam to create a deeper pond so it won’t freeze all the way through.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “busy as a beaver”, now you know why – beavers are always busy, building and repairing their constructions!

Beaver crochet pattern by PlanetJune

About the Design

I love how beavers sit up on their back feet, using their tail for balance, and that’s the distinctive pose I tried to capture in my design.

Beaver crochet pattern by PlanetJune

I think you’ll love how it all comes together – the body shaping, the cute little arms and big webbed back feet, and of course the iconic tail.

Buy Now & Launch Discount

What are you waiting for? Pick up my Beaver crochet pattern from my shop right now. Or, if you’re not ready to make it just yet, add it to your Ravelry queue or favourites so you don’t forget about it:

And for one week only, you can take an extra 50c off the price: add the Beaver pattern to your shopping cart, and enter the discount code BEAVERTAIL at checkout! (Offer ends Tuesday 5 March, 2019.)

Beaver crochet pattern by PlanetJune

I hope you love this beaver design as much as I do!

Don’t forget to tag me (I’m @planetjune everywhere) when you’ve made yours 🙂

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The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi [ebook]

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook by June Gilbank - available in right-handed and left-handed versions

After my fun but challenging experiments with extreme amigurumi last year, I set out to see if there was a way to make super-sized amigurumi that was easy and fun to do, and develop instructions I could pass on to you. After lots of experimentation, I developed the technique of Giant Amigurumi. Look!

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook by June Gilbank - examples of amis made from the book techniques

About Giant Amigurumi

Giant Amigurumi retains the joyous side of being able to scale up a small amigurumi pattern to an impressive and extra-cuddly scale, but it’s much, much simpler to crochet, and the materials you’ll need are far easier and less expensive to acquire.

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook by June Gilbank - examples of amis made from the book techniques

Giant Amigurumi are big, squishy, and cuddly. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can crochet such a large toy! Giant amis are perfect as nursery decorations, super-snuggly toys, or decorations everyone will be talking about. Add a spark of life to your amigurumi animals with my giant dimensional crocheted eye patterns, or whip up a super-sized plant.

About The eBook

You can upsize almost any amigurumi pattern with the techniques in The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi and get an irresistibly cuddly, adorable result. You’ll learn how to take a normal amigurumi pattern and enlarge it by 3 to 4 times to make a giant huggable amigurumi! All you need is your favourite pattern, a 15mm hook, and a super-bulky yarn, and you’ll be ready to start.

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook by June Gilbank - scale up any ami by over 3 times!

As examples, I’ve crocheted up several PlanetJune classic patterns using the techniques from this book, so you can see how they compare with the standard-sized amis. 

Much bigger! Just as cute! And (you’ll have to take my word for this until you make your own…) exceptionally huggable.

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook by June Gilbank  - step by step photos and instructions

With The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi, I’ll guide you through every step along the way, from choosing your materials and learning how to work giant stitches, to stuffing, assembly and embellishment, and more. Everything is explained in my usual detail, with clear, close-up photos and instructions.

I’ve discovered lots of tips and tricks that will make your giant amigurumi easy to make and assemble, and many of them will also be useful for non-giant amigurumi, such as:

  • A better way to make a secure magic ring for bulky, textured or weak yarns
  • How to add more stiffness to floppy/curling pieces

…Having these tools in your back pocket will improve your everyday amigurumi projects too!

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook by June Gilbank  - complete reference guide

You might think there’s nothing more to giant amigurumi crochet than choosing a large enough hook to go with your extra thick yarn, but every stage of making a giant amigurumi is slightly different from what you might expect, and I’ve designed this book as a comprehensive reference guide that covers everything from the absolute basics to tips for fixing problems and making complex amigurumi.

I encourage you to use the book as a reference – whenever you get stuck, or move onto a new stage of your pattern, check back with the book and see what I advise! (Check the full contents here.)

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook by June Gilbank - shiny eyes patterns included

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi also includes patterns and assembly instructions to make my realistic ‘shiny’ crocheted eyes in all sizes – the perfect finishing touch to your giant amigurumi. They look just as round, shiny and appealing as plastic eyes, but are child-friendly and easy to stitch into place.

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook by June Gilbank - whale pattern included

And the ebook also includes my Tiny Whale pattern as a bonus, so you can get started right away with a simple introduction to giant amigurumi crochet. 

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook by June Gilbank - available in right-handed and left-handed versions

To keep it relevant to you, this ebook is available in two versions, for right-handers and left-handers. Choose your version knowing that all the photos will show you exactly what you need to do from your perspective for every technique! 

And, as with all PlanetJune patterns and ebooks, your licence includes access to any future updates if there’s a new edition of this book in the future. 

Links and Launch Discount

You can buy The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi right now from my shop, and download the ebook immediately as a PDF file. (It’s 50 pages long and about 9MB.)

Click here to buy The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi now >>

And, for this week only, use code GIANTAMI at checkout to save $2 on the purchase price. (Valid until next Tuesday: Feb 5th, 2019)

Ready to Get Started?

I’m sure you’ll find giant amigurumi-making just as fun and appealing as I do – I just love these big squishy amis 🙂

Don’t forget to share photos of your giant amigurumi projects using the #giantamigurumi hashtag, and please also tag me @planetjune so I can see what you’re making!


Heart Cactus Collection crochet pattern update

I’ve just updated my sweet Heart Cactus Collection pattern to add a new cactus option, so now the collection includes three different heart-shaped cacti (plus matching large and small 3-dimensional hearts).

Heart Cactus Collection crochet patterns by PlanetJune

These cacti make a quick little crochet project, with their perfect heart shapes, rounded pots, pretty flowers, and minimal sewing required. If you haven’t picked up the pattern yet, now’s a great time – Valentine’s Day is only a month away, so now’s the time to start making your heart-themed gifts. And the best part is that a potted heart cactus looks cute all year round 🙂

(If you’ve already bought the Heart Cactus Collection pattern, your PlanetJune pattern licences always include all future pattern updates. I’ve updated the pattern now with the additional cactus pattern and new photos, so please feel free to download it again from your PlanetJune account!)

Heart Cactus Collection crochet patterns by PlanetJune
The cuddly hearts are also included in the pattern!

And here’s an extra bonus: did you know the heart cacti are sized to be part of my mix-and-match Cactus and Succulent collections? You can add a heart cactus to your next succulent garden, or mix and match the pots between any of the patterns!

Cactus and Succulent crochet patterns by PlanetJune
Can you spot the 3 heart cacti?

Buy the Heart Cactus Collection pattern here in my shop. Or, if you’re not ready to buy just yet, please heart or queue it on Ravelry so you don’t forget about it:

I hope you’ll enjoy the updated Heart Cactus Collection! When you make one, please remember to tag me @planetjune if you share it on social media, so I can enjoy seeing your creation too 🙂


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