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Free Crochet Patterns

Want to try some free PlanetJune amigurumi and accessory patterns? You’ve come to the right place!

All but the oldest pattern are also available as donationware (easy-to-print PDF files, for a donation of whatever you feel they are worth). See the link on each pattern page, or find them all in the donationware category in my shop.

baby snake crochet pattern by planetjune Baby Snake is a small but perfectly proportioned no-sew baby snake! The narrow body makes it easy to pose in a variety of realistic positions, and you can make your snakes as long or short as you want.
amigurumi beach ball crochet pattern by planetjune Amigurumi Beach Ball is a fun no-sew pattern for summer – or for any time of year! Make a play ball for the kids, a set of juggling balls, or a stress ball to play with at your desk.
two-tone hearts crochet pattern by planetjune Two-Tone Heart is a variation of my Love Hearts pattern that lets you crochet two-coloured hearts. It’s available in a flat and a puffy version (use the flat version for a quick appliqué to stitch or glue to something else, or the puffy version to make a self-contained heart).
fuzzy hedgehog crochet pattern by planetjune Fuzzy Hedgehog A simple and adorable crochet pattern that makes the most of a novelty textured yarn such as eyelash or fur! With just two pieces to stitch together, you can whip up the sweetest little hedgehog buddy in no time, sized to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.
crochet phone stand crochet pattern by planetjune Crochet Phone Stand Quick and easy to crochet, this one-piece, no-sew phone stand makes a handy addition to any desk or bedside table. With only yarn and a little stuffing, you can make a stand that’s sturdy enough to support any phone or a small tablet.
happy rainbows crochet pattern by planetjune Happy Rainbows Use these cheerful crocheted rainbows to brighten anyone’s day with a splash of colour and a message of hope and unity! Tape them to your window, hang them on the wall, or stitch them to a crocheted blanket or cushion as a colourful applique.
crocheted wreath base crochet pattern by planetjune Crocheted Wreath Base Use this stuffed crocheted ring as a base for a crocheted wreath, candle ring, or other round decoration (e.g. a centrepiece). You can make the ring in any size depending on the desired size of your decorative piece, and choose yarn colours to match your decor and the theme of the components you’ll be covering it with.
eco-friendly cosmetic rounds crochet pattern by planetjune Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Rounds Use these washable rounds anywhere you’d use a disposable cotton round or facial wipe – for cleansing, toning, or removing makeup – and save money while helping the environment! They crochet up in minutes, take very little yarn, and make a pretty and practical gift.
carnations crochet pattern by planetjune Tulips A beautiful realistic tulip flower with a clever one-piece construction – you’ll love how it comes together! Add some colour to your life with a bouquet of everlasting tulips.
amigurumi santa hat crochet pattern by planetjune Amigurumi Santa Hat Dress your amigurumi for the holidays with this easy Santa Hat pattern! This customizable pattern can be used to make a festive hat for almost any size of amigurumi.
crochet plant hanger crochet pattern by planetjune Crochet Plant Hanger A modern crocheted take on macramé plant hangers, this is a lovely plant hanger designed to fit small (approx 2″/5cm diameter) plant pots. Use this pattern to make hangers for both your crocheted potted plants and for real plants in pots.
carnations crochet pattern by planetjune Carnations Beautiful, realistic, and so easy, you can crochet a pretty one-piece carnation in minutes – and I bet you won’t be able to stop at one!
leaning ladders scarf crochet pattern by planetjune Leaning Ladders Scarf This beginner-friendly scarf is made of only basic stitches, so it’s fast and fun to crochet. The eye-catching diagonal eyelet stripes look great in any yarn, and the simple background highlights the colours in a variegated or self-striping yarn beautifully. Choose your recipient’s favourite colour and you have a perfect gift for anyone in your life – women, men, or children!
ribbed ripple / turtle beach crochet pattern by planetjune Ribbed Ripple/Turtle Beach The gentle waves of this ripple are highlighted by the ribs at the edge of each stripe. The Ribbed Ripple stitch pattern works up into a beautiful blanket with a wave stripe repeat in any 2 (or more) colours, or make the Turtle Beach version with sand and sea colours, either as an afghan square, a playmat for aquatic toys, or a full blanket.
crochet braid bracelet pattern by planetjune Crochet Braid Bracelet Crochet up a speedy braided bracelet with this decorative cord technique that’s deceptively easy to crochet as it uses only single crochet stitches! Customize the length and look to match your own style or make a personalized gift. Simply change the yarn colour and button fastener to go from playful children’s jewellery to a rugged man’s bracelet, or from a beachy summer look to a fashion accessory in your favourite colour.
tiny eggs crochet pattern by planetjune Tiny Eggs Make miniature (1″/2.5cm) crocheted eggs that are still egg-shaped despite their diminutive size. Decorate for Easter with a bowl of calorie-free ‘chocolate’ eggs (just don’t eat them!) or make them as realistic-sized songbird eggs.
mini wreath ornament crochet pattern by planetjune Mini Wreath Ornament This sweet little pattern lets you make surprisingly realistic leafy miniature wreaths – at only 3″ across, they’d be perfect as Christmas Tree ornaments or seasonal decorations. A Mini Wreath works up in no time and comes together like magic with almost no sewing required – you won’t be able to stop at making one! Make them in leafy greens, or any pair of colours to match your holiday decor.
twisted chain bangle crochet pattern by planetjune Twisted Chain Bangle Transform a metal or plastic bangle from cheap fashion jewellery to a stylish and unique accessory. The twisted design looks intricate but it’s a deceptively simple technique, so you can whip up an armful of bangles in next to no time. Crochet chunky bangles for a quick casual look or as perfect gifts for girls, or use finer bangles and crochet thread to make jewellery elegant enough for any occasion.
amigurumi citrus collection crochet pattern by planetjune Amigurumi Citrus Collection Make your own amigurumi fruit bowl with an entire collection of life-sized and realistically shaped citrus fruits: orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime and clementine patterns. Crochet a realistic fruit selection, or make a cute fruit family by giving each fruit a face – the choice is yours.
shamrocks crochet pattern by planetjune Shamrocks This is a clever little pattern to make sweet shamrocks with a dimensional 3D effect, in two sizes: a realistically-shaped design, and a tiny miniature version! Each shamrock is crocheted in a single round, so you can make one in minutes. String them into a garland, attach one to a greetings card, add a pin back to make a cute brooch or lapel pin, or layer them for a novel look.
chunky moebius cowl crochet pattern by planetjune Chunky Moebius Cowl This unisex cowl pattern is infinitely versatile: make it as a short, snug neckwarmer, or a long loose infinity scarf that can be wrapped twice around your neck; make a narrow cowl for warmer days or to wear doubled, or a tall snuggly cowl for maximum warmth. With simple stitches and no turning or seaming, this pattern is amazingly fast to work up using a large crochet hook and bulky yarn, so it’s perfect for last-minute gifts.
frosty windows scarf crochet pattern by planetjune Frosty Windows Scarf With a pretty but easy-to-memorise stitch pattern, you can work up this scarf in almost any yarn. Once you’ve crocheted a couple of repeats, you’ll fly through it – it’s a perfect pattern for handmade gifts or for stashbusting!
posy blossoms crochet pattern by planetjune Posy Blossoms A versatile mix-and-match pattern for sweet miniature flowers in seven designs with two leaves. Make each blossom in one or two colours of your choice; stack the smaller blossoms on the larger ones in the same or contrasting colours; combine your blossoms into a unique posy.
lip balm holder crochet pattern by planetjune Lip Balm Holder Never lose your lip balm again (or have it melt in your pocket) with this stylish holder! Clip it to your keyring, to your bag, or even to your belt loop and you’ll always have lip balm at hand when you need it. Quick and easy to crochet, just pop a lip balm inside and you have a perfect little gift!
eyelet ripple scarf sweater crochet pattern by planetjune Eyelet Ripple Scarf Sweater This scarf sweater is so simple – it’s just a long rectangle like a scarf, wrapped around the body and seamed in 2 places. With my measure-as-you-go method, you can easily create a scarf sweater to fit any size and body shape. Use the included Eyelet Ripple stitch pattern to make one just like mine, or use any other crochet (or knitted) stitch pattern to create your own uniquely customized version!
amigurumi pears crochet pattern by planetjune Amigurumi Pears A realistic, beautifully shaped amigurumi pear. Crochet a bowlful in greens, browns, yellows, and/or reds, to make a stylish decorative centrepiece, or add a pair of safety eyes and an embroidered smile to make a sweet toy 🙂
plumeria crochet pattern by planetjune Plumeria Crochet a touch of the tropics with these exotic plumeria blossoms. Use a plumeria flower to make a beautiful pin or hair accessory, or to embellish anything!
love hearts crochet pattern by planetjune Love Hearts This is a clever little pattern to make sweet hearts in three sizes – each heart builds on the pattern of the previous heart. You can also make a bonus puffy heart to give a total of 4 different designs in this one pattern! String them into a garland, add a pin back to make a cute brooch, or fill a bowl with pretty hearts for Valentine’s Day decorating.
Scalloped Scarf Make this pretty and versatile scalloped scarf with almost any yarn you have to hand – it’s a quick and stylish one-skein project, and makes a perfect gift!
Amigurumi Apples Here’s a realistic amigurumi apple: it’s not just a ball with a stalk attached, it’s actually the shape and size of a real apple! Give one to your (or your child’s!) favourite teacher, make a bowlful in red and green as a decorative centrepiece, or add a pair of safety eyes and an embroidered smile to make a sweet-as-apple-pie toy 🙂
Amigurumi Balloons What better way to celebrate than with a bunch of balloons? Made in pastels like these, they’d be perfect for baby shower decorations or for Easter. Made in bolder colours, they’d brighten any occasion!
Tiny Whale This little whale is the perfect size to sit in the palm of your hand! But even better than that: he’s crocheted all in one piece, so there’s no sewing involved to make him!
Basic Rose This basic rose pattern is a perfect introduction to crocheted flowers, and it’s so versatile – make it in any size and colour you like!
Mop Top Mascots Mop Top Mascots are a fun way to use up scraps of yarn. They stand about 4″ tall, and the real joy of them is that they are so easy to make, and easy to customize with funky colours or embellishments. Who wouldn’t appreciate a little mascot like these?!
Candy Cane This candy cane crochet pattern is so fast and simple, it’ll take no time to whip up enough to decorate your Christmas tree!
crocheted pumpkins by planetjune Pumpkin Crochet yourself a pumpkin – the perfect pattern for autumn! With this one basic pattern, you can create a realistic pumpkin for your Fall table, a cute amigurumi-style pumpkin for the kids, or a spooooooooooooooky pumpkin for Halloween.
crocheted daffodils Daffodils Crochet your own daffodils – perfect for spring! Make a bouquet of yarn flowers, or try one in thread as a beautiful pin or accessory. The pattern includes two different designs for petals and centres – mix and match colours and designs to create your own custom bouquet!
crocheted christmas pudding by planetjune Christmas Pudding Hang it on your Christmas tree, or sit it on your mantelpiece or as a decoration on your Christmas table! This amigurumi xmas pudding pattern comes complete with white sauce and is topped with a spring of holly leaves and berries.
crocheted poinsettia by planetjune Poinsettia Crochet a large poinsettia flower for Christmas – perfect as a table centrepiece or as a decoration. Or make a smaller one in fine yarn or thread to wear as a pin on your coat, a Christmas tree decoration, or anything else you can think of!
amigurumi acorn by planetjune Amigurumi Acorn Make your own amigurumi acorn complete with removable cup! Standing at just over 2 inches tall, these litle acorns are quick and easy to make.
fuzzballs by planetjune Fuzzballs and Mini Fuzzballs Fuzzballs are the ultimate in easy and cute crochet, and a perfect way to use up any scraps of fun fur, eyelash or any other fuzzy yarn you may have on hand. These tiny amigurumi are crocheted in fuzzy yarn and come in two sizes: Fuzzball and Fuzzball Mini. Let your imagination run wild as you embellish these little cuties!


  1. Aly Casilla said

    I find your page and your work very amusing and inspiring.

  2. Sandy said

    Hi June, First off let me say I love you site and your work. Can’t believe I hadn’t found you before. I am writing because your lip balm holders look a lot like something I make for my daughter and her friends. They are in college and use highlighters all the time. My daughter ask me to make a necklace to hold the highlighters and now everyone is wearing them, even the guys. I wish I could send you a picture.

  3. bobby carrot said

    Thanks! Im really enjoying your page 😉

  4. Hi June! I love your patterns and tutorials. You are very talented. I am just starting out with my blog. I’m unsure exactly what is acceptable so I wanted to ask you this question. I am planning to do a blog post about free patterns I like by other bloggers and I was wondering if I could link to your free balloon pattern on your website from my blog. Thank you!

    • June said

      Diana, thanks for checking with me! My policy is that you’re very welcome to link back to any of the patterns, tutorials and other posts on my site; you also have permission to include one of my photos with your link if you wish 🙂

  5. Nicole said

    Hi there please can you tell me where I can get ink jet shrinky dink plastic in Capetown?
    many thanks for reading 😀

    • June said

      Nicole, I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with shops in Cape Town yet. If I were you, I’d try phoning any craft or scrapbooking shops to ask if they carry it. Good luck!

      • None said

        You can also use recycling code 6 plastics and styrofoam from take out containers and/or product packaging. Cut your shapes, use permanent markers to draw/write what you’d like on them, then put them on a parchment paper/foil lined cookie sheet and pop them into a 350*F preheated oven for about 30 seconds. They’ll curl and wiggle all aroundlike crazy, but don’t take them out until they quit wiggling and lay mostly flat again.

        • Kristen said

          I can verify that comment on the recyclables being useable in this manner. That commenter has more info on the specifics than I could remember but I do recall the clear plastic tops off of yogurt cups years ago worked great for my mother and I. If nothing else it’s worth experimenting with to see if you like the results. You’re out nothing and I rather liked using that plastic more sometimes because I got a more glassy looking charm at the end than the sometimes milky look of the shrinky dinks from the store.

          I’m new to amigurumi and I’ve been loving you’re helpful website and videos! Thanks June!


    • Linda said

      Check on pinterest – you can make shrinky dinks by using #6 recycleable plastic containers. You can also order on-line from several sites.

  6. Redroxky said


  7. Redroxky said

    I am 11 years old and a VERY BASIC crocheter I love your patterns they seem pretty easy but maybe could you do super easy ones or maybe explain how todo each stich thank you for reading this bye 🙂

  8. Heather D. Green said

    Thank you for sharing your patterns. I run a non-profit group at Leath Correctional Institution for Women. We crochet blankets, toys, hats, scarves, etc. for foster children. We only receive donations in yarn/plastic crochet hooks and I have to download free patterns for the inmates to use to make items for the kids. Wish I could leave a donation, but I wanted to know that we were using your patterns to give back to the community and specifically foster children.

  9. trystan said

    i’m new to crochet and i love your flowers, especially the rose. very easy to follow. thank you very much for sharing these patterns!

  10. Lee Ann said

    Hi June,
    Your flower patterns are wonderful. I love the Basic Rose pattern!
    Lee Ann

  11. Susan said

    Hi June,
    I bought your book, The Complete Idiot’s to Amigurumi. I have learned many tips and tricks and, overall, I think it is a very good book. I was very disappointed in one aspect of it, however. I wrongly assumed that the book would include the patterns for the creatures that were pictured–in fact, that is why I bought the book. I was so disappointed to find out that only a few patterns were included and I would have to purchase the rest from your website. I should have looked more carefully at the book when I was in the bookstore. I am now searching for a book that includes patterns. Do you have one of those or do I have to purchase each one separately? Thank you for your response.

  12. jocelyn said

    this is soo cute!!! (: I love this site! I haven’t gotten to making any thing yet but i still love it!(: ( the acorns are the best!)

  13. kassi said

    You have a great perspective with your work. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Bri said

    I love the cute little whales!

  15. Sandra said

    Oh my gosh so many beautiful patterns ! Itches in me to get started.. Poinsettia, candy canes and hearts will be made for christmas 😀 And daffodills look so cool too! Thanks for great patterns 🙂

  16. neezee ghazally said

    Hi june,
    I love your blog so much…thanks for all the free patterns, fyi i’m just starting to crochet & i found your tutorial very easy to follow. Btw i love your magic ring!! thanks again.. 🙂

  17. hari said

    love your blog and the patterns, tq

  18. Stacey said

    Hi, I LOVE all of your amigurumi patterns! especially the lambs and the hedgehog. They are just gorgeous! I have just started my own little blog….I am working on some loop scarves.

  19. Myrian Primera said

    Hi love your site. Thank you for sharing your patterns. It

    • June said

      Myrian, I’d love to give you the answer to your question, but there’s no way to teach someone to become a designer. What you need is:

      • the imagination to come up with a design nobody has thought of before
      • the crochet expertise to turn your idea into a finished piece
      • the technical skills (accurate, clear writing skills, and possibly photography and/or diagram/chart drawing skills) to be able to explain to others exactly how to reproduce your creation

      Designing and pattern writing are really two very different skill-sets – coming up with the design idea is mostly artistic, and producing the pattern is mostly technical.

      I’m not saying this to discourage you! If you do come up with an original idea, try to make notes as you crochet it and see how you go 🙂 As with most things in life, a bit of skill and a lot of determination and practice will take you most of the way there – good luck!

  20. Poonam said

    Hi, I think you’ve got a great blog & i’ve just put a link on my site for your site. You can check it out at Crocheting Instructions:

  21. dian wijayanti said

    I’m sorry I want to know if I make them can I sell them. Thanks for the answer. (Sorry my English is not good)

  22. Ann Ray said

    Hello June, I have been sent your link by my Daughter Julie, and her son Ben my Grandson is getting married on April 12th in a Cave in Liskeard in Cornwall England which should be quite magical!! Both Julie and the Bride to be, Elle, are fanatical Terry Pratchett fans and have spotted your fabulous concoction Amigurumi Discworld and think it would make an ideal ring platform at the wedding instead of the usual cushion for the rings, as the Wedding has a Magical theme. I wonder if it is possible for me to purchase or aquire the patterns for the different elements (especially the disc!!world) in order for me to make and assemble in time for the Wedding as a surprise for them. Thank You in anticipation
    Mrs Ann Ray

    • June said

      Hi Ann, what a lovely idea! I can’t sell a pattern for the Disc itself (for copyright reasons) but I sell the Elephant and Sea Turtle patterns and I give more info about the disc in this blog post if you’d like to make one:

  23. Nickie said

    Is it just me, or is the love hearts pattern not there? I really want to make some of them. HELP!

    • June said

      I’ve added it now, Nickie – thanks for the reminder! FYI, you can also use the search box in the sidebar to find anything on my blog 🙂

  24. Bodacious Butterfly said

    I really love your flower patterns! They are really creative. Have you made any more patterns? Make sure you post them because we all appreciate your work! Thanks.

    • June said

      All my free patterns are linked from this page – I update this page whenever I have a new free pattern to add. I have lots of other patterns too (including more flowers and plants); they are all available for purchase in my shop 🙂

  25. Lucky said

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and inspiration! My brother loved his Discworld. I’ve emailed you some pictures so you can see my attempt 🙂

    Thanks again!


  26. Lucky said

    Hi, I wanted to say thank you for making your patterns so clear and easy to use. I am a complete beginner but have managed to make the sea turtle and elephants as part of my brother’s Discworld christmas present. I was wondering if you could help me with the Disc though. I realise you can’t give out a pattern for the Disc but I have been trying desperately to make the plain blue circle for weeks now and I can’t seem to get it right. Would it be possible to explain how to crochet a flat circle? (sorry it’s a bit of a stupid question)
    Thanks again for any help you can offer in time for Christmas 🙂

    • June said

      It’s not a stupid question! The formula for making a circle in single crochet is pretty simple though: start out with 6 stitches in a magic ring, then, for each round, increase by 6 stitches. So it’ll look like this:
      Make a magic ring, ch 1.
      Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring. (6 st)
      Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st around. (12 st)
      Rnd 3: (2 sc in next st, sc in next st) six times. (18 st)
      Rnd 4: (2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 st) six times. (24 st)
      Rnd 5: (2 sc in next st, sc in next 3 st) six times. (30 st)

      Etc etc. I hope that helps! I’d love to see a pic of your Discworld when you’ve finished it 🙂

  27. jojo said

    genial merci bises jojo

  28. Christina said

    I love your patterns! They are simple, quick and easy to follow!
    My children LOVE the Fuzz Balls!! I posted a link to this page through my Blog, hope that’s OK. But I was showing off how cute mine came out and wanted to post your site with it 🙂 Everyone adores the Fuzzballs LOL and I can’t wait to try the Mop Top Mascots 🙂

  29. Thank you for these adorable patterns! I’ve been looking for a great poinsettia pattern, and I love yours! So, thank you thank you thank you!!!

  30. rose said

    Hi, I have just made your christmas pudding! its even more cute ‘in the flesh’ Thanks for the great patterns

  31. Diane said

    Thank you so much for offering this pattern for free. I’ve only been crocheting for 3 weeks and I found it so easy to follow. 🙂

  32. Shu said

    I just wanted you to know that i found your tips and tuts very helpful! Thanks for all the patterns and wonderful inspirtation!

    God bless.

  33. Susan said

    Hello June, I just wanted to say thank you for the free patterns. You work is very nice. I enjoyed browing through this. 🙂

  34. Betty Richardson said


    My friend purchased the Fuzzy Lamb patterns after I had agreed to make them for her. I am in a quandry because I cannot find the Bernat Baby Lash yarn. I do not find any information on yarn’s weight. Is it equal to a knitting worsted? I have searched online for this yarn and cannot find it. Can you suggest where I might find it? I am also having trouble finding the Red Heart Foxy. I am wondering if these yarns are discontinued and if so, what would be appropriate to use in place of the above? Thank you.

  35. Cristina said

    Thanks for these patterns!! they’re really cute!!

  36. skrunkycat said

    I just made a teeny whale for my kitty to play with and he is throwing it around the room with some serious joy! thanks again June for a brilliant pattern! xxx

  37. Carousela said

    Thanks for your lovely-lovely site and wonderful Art!
    I bought some of the things, I hope to have a lot of joy with them!

  38. Fiona said

    Hi June, I was looking for patterns and when I found your “Graduation Owl” I knew I had to make him. My friend whom I made ‘Oswold’ for has just finished the last room of her (circa) 1862 Villa she has been working on this project for 19 years so I had to make her something special to commemorate the occasion!! I also used your wonderful tutorial for the magic ring. Thank you for being kind enough to share your gift for design. I am also a crochet teacher, so I enjoy being able to help others to gain the confidence to try different things. I have been busy downloading patterns to save as my printer is on the fritz at the moment but boy watch those hooks fly when I get it fixed!!! Cheers Fiona

    • June said

      Hi Fiona! I’m glad you’ve found my magic ring tutorial useful, but I can’t take the credit for the ‘Graduation Owl’ you made – it’s not one of my designs 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy my patterns too!

  39. Bonnie Thomas said

    There is so much ugly, old-fashion crochet that gives the art a bad reputation. Thanks for fresh, unique and up-to-date ideas. You give crochet a better future!

  40. annabelle said

    Thank you so much for the Magic Ring tutorial after going through 10 different books at the library and banging my head on the desk finally finally finally it makes sense and my rings come out perfect everytime!

  41. Suzanne Alexander said

    Hi June!

    So excited to try flowers. I generally make blankets and scarves (so don’t have to follow a pattern ~ know how to read, but sometimes want to talk or watch tv, not count)! :0)
    Anyway, I’m relatively inexperienced and yet I think I might be able to do this.

    Initially came to your site through referral from Arianne Donaghue on Ravelry (“Skater Beanie” pattern instructions) to learn the “magic circle”. Have tried 2x and *almost* had it the 2nd time! 🙂 Am sure will have it by end of day! Can’t wait as last week a beret turned into my own pattern for pastel Easter eggs! LOL! 🙂
    Even they will look better! And so will my berets/tams/newsboy hats (once I find workable-for-me patterns).

    I also look forward to exploring your blog & web site as I am also into a wide array of crafts! I’m thrilled you’ve found a way to combine your passions into a business! I wish you all the best!

    (SF Bay Area, California)

    • June said

      Thank you, Suzanne! It’s lovely to hear from you. I’m glad you’re finding my magic ring tutorial useful! It really is a useful technique, and very easy once you figure it out.

      Most amigurumi-style patterns (single crocheted in a continuous spiral – including my flowers and other patterns) are quite simple – just make sure you use a stitch marker so that you can figure out where you were if you get distracted! I often crochet while I watch TV and the stitch marker can be a lifesaver 🙂


      • Vickie said

        Hi June,

        I hope this will come to you, I wasn’t sure what email to use. I was wondering if you have ever heard of Russian Crochet or Crochenit? I have recently discovered this technique, which combines crocheting and knitting. I have found this to be a very enjoyable (thus far), it reminds me more of crocheting.

        The problem is, I haven’t found a lot of luck finding a variety of patterns. Very small selection. Then I thought of you and your beautiful designs. I know from your website that you have a lot going on, but I thought in your spare time (like a crafter ever has any….ha ha) maybe you could check it out, if you don’t already know about it.

        From what I have read, it has been around since the 1800’s, but it is slowly making a come back. Then this morning you came to mind, and I thought if anyone could design something unique and beautiful to do, it would be you.

        Just thought I would pass this on to you, and hope you find it as interesting as I do. Hope to see more patterns for this new technique, and if you would feel inclined to purse designing for it, I know that it would be VERY beautiful.

        Also, I want to let you know again, how much I love your work and your website. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful designs. Happy crocheting (and designing)!!!!

        Vickie Pressley
        Your fellow crocheter
        North Carolina

        • June said

          Hi Vickie,

          Thanks for your lovely message! You can always reach me at, by the way.

          I haven’t heard of Russian Crochet before; I wonder if it’s similar to Tunisian Crochet? I’ll definitely be interested to look into it, when I have a little more time 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me!


          • Vickie said

            Yes it also goes by Tunisian Crochet, forgot to add that…thanks for replying. Look forward to hearing from you in the future.

          • June said

            Ah, now I have tried Tunisian Crochet – only once though ( – I’d definitely be interested in doing more!

  42. Kaleena said

    Thank you June for all the wonderful patterns!

    I am gong to start on the flowers right away!

  43. Sally said

    Hi June

    Thanks for all the tips and patterns, these are so good and clear. Just finished the whale in blue Lyscordet with a 1.75mm hook and just under 4.5cm long. Must be the smallest whale in the world!!!!!
    Thanks again Sally

  44. Rachel said

    I’ve just started crocheting and i LOVE it i’ve made a hand bag and an ipod holder, even though i dont know how i made them i just knew..) and now im soo excited to use some of you free patterns! i’ve made a pumkin and a fuzz ball and now i can’t wait to make that cute little whale! you are a gifted crocheter!

  45. Christine said

    I just love all these amigurumi patterns especially the Mop Top Mascots! The flowers are really pretty as well.

  46. Silvia said

    Thanks 🙂 I love all!!

  47. Silvi said

    Thank you very much for your patterns.

  48. PATTY NELSON said


  49. Christine said


    My name is Christine and I am an Editor with I just love your Amigurumi patterns. We have a few patterns on our site as well. We have recently published an eBook from Red Heart Yarn. In this eBook you can find amazing knitting and crochet patterns including afghans, scarves, hats and more. If you are interested in seeing it you can find it at



  50. Tina said

    Your Beauitful Unique pieces are works of art and a breath of fresh air to the creative mind! My nieces will just love the Mop Top Mascots! I plan to give them a try for Christmas gifts! Thank You… I will be back!

    Inspired to Create
    T 🙂

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