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tiny sheep

I can hardly believe I’ve been coming up with one design per day for the past few days! I’m exhausted now, so I’m going to slow down for a little while. Here’s the latest tiny ami; my little miniature sheep:

crocheted mini sheep by planetjune

This makes 4 mini designs so far (with the piggy, bunny and mouse). I think I’ll make 6 and then release them as two sets of three, unless anyone has any better ideas? Don’t worry; they’ll be cheap because they are so tiny! I’m still working on the name for the range – thanks for the suggestions so far!

As always, I’d love to hear your ideas for the name or for other designs. If I use your idea for the name, I’ll give you some free mini patterns for your trouble! You have until I’ve made the 6th to send me your ideas, either by comment or e-mail πŸ™‚

UPDATE: Looking for the pattern? You can find the PocketAmi Set 2 crochet pattern in my shop.


  1. Robyn said

    I love it! The little eyes are adorable. I want to bring it home!

  2. Leanne said

    I would do a cow or a horse since you are already into a Farm theme. And you could call it The Ami Farm πŸ˜€ And it would be easy to add designs to it later on if you wanted to.

  3. Cynthia said

    frog, giraffe, elephant, hippo,lion,cat, dog,tiger, cow, chiken, horse,cricket, bee, butterfly, dinossaur, dragon, bear, bird…

  4. Allison said

    Probably totally obvious… but I think you should call them MiniAmis!
    Has a certain ring to it πŸ™‚

  5. Garfield Lover said

    How about barnyard minis since all the animals you’ve made so far can be found in a barnyard. you could make a cow for the 6th one. Just a sugestion.

  6. June said

    IdaDown, to give them that cute big-eyed look I’m using 8mm safety eyes πŸ™‚

  7. IdaDown said

    Very, very cute! Are you using teeny safety eyes?

  8. Josefin said

    Ooh, how cute she is!
    Im really looking forward to the release! πŸ˜€

  9. Cute, I love all these cute little guys!

  10. dawn said

    awwwww so cute! I love the little face! XxxxxxxX

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