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Pattern Re-Release FAQ

With this project, I updated my entire back catalogue of crochet patterns with extra information and tips and a new space-saving layout, and I re-released them in batches as they were ready. 

This project was completed between April 2012 to August 2014. All PlanetJune patterns are now available in the updated format, and you can re-download any patterns you’ve already purchased, at any time, from your PlanetJune account (note: this new policy replaces the 2-week re-release windows I had at the time and that is mentioned below).

The FAQ below explains more about how and why I carried out this project, but it’s mostly there for archive purposes now!

Why are you re-releasing your older patterns?

When I launched my new PlanetJune logo in March 2012, I took the opportunity to completely redesign my pattern stylesheet at the same time. You may have noticed that all my patterns released since then have a subtly different look from my older designs.

old PlanetJune pattern layout

My game plan is to convert my entire back catalogue into the new format, and, at the same time, add any tips and clarifications that I think would improve the patterns. I’ve come a long way in my 6 years of pattern design, and I’d like my older patterns to include my new-found wisdom!

new PlanetJune pattern layout
An easy way to tell old from new – the new editions have my yarn planet logo at the top of every page.

What are the differences in the new versions?

The improvements are all functional, to make my patterns easier to use, easier to print, and easier to understand. Here are the improvements you’ll see in the re-releases (and all new patterns since April 2012):

  • Design and Layout:
    • The layout has much less wasted space, so each pattern is an average of 1 page shorter, saving on paper if you decide to print them.
    • My new page size is designed to print perfectly onto both letter and A4 sized paper.
    • I’ve updated the font to be cleaner and more readable, especially if you’re reading on-screen.
    • The design is intentionally clear and simple so you won’t waste ink printing decorative borders, coloured backgrounds, etc.
  • Terminology:
    • Abbreviations list gives UK/Aus equivalents for all stitches used, to prevent confusion.
    • Invisible decrease: all patterns will now say invdec instead of sc2tog (except in places where a sc2tog stitch is specifically needed).
  • Size: The finished size will now be included in the patterns.
  • Added tips and links to tutorials: I’ll link to my relevant tutorials in any pattern that would benefit from a specific technique, e.g. any patterns with colour changes will link to that tutorial.
  • Clarifications: Any areas in the patterns that I’ve had several questions about over the years will be revised to include additional explanations. I’ll also re-edit all patterns to check for anything else that can be clarified.
  • Improved photos: Especially in the older 2007 patterns, some of the photos aren’t up to my current standards. I’ll be reprocessing those to be brighter and clearer.

When are the new versions coming out?

Each batch of patterns will be released as soon as I complete the updates. I’ve set up a special mailing list, Crochet Pattern Updates, just for pattern re-release announcements. If you sign up for it, you’ll get a short email notification every time a new batch of patterns has been re-released (no more than one or two emails per month until the reformat project is complete).
They’re all done! If you missed the re-release window and need access to any of your expired patterns, the process is the same as always: just shoot me an email including your 5-digit order number (you’ll find the number in your order confirmation email, and in your list of orders in My Account), and I’ll be happy to unlock that order for you.

How can I get the new versions?

If you’ve happily used the existing versions and had no problems, you won’t need the updates, but I’m offering them to all my customers, so you can save/print a copy of the latest version for future reference. I’m re-releasing the patterns in batches as I complete the reformatted versions. Here are your options for getting the new versions:

  1. As they are released. For 2 weeks following the release of each batch, you’ll be able to download the new version of any of the patterns you’ve already purchased, at no extra charge, directly from your PlanetJune account! (You’ll see the download buttons for these patterns have been re-enabled in your past orders, so you can click and download the new versions. To find which order contained which patterns, see How can I find the patterns in my account?, below.)Don’t miss out: I’ve set up a special mailing list, Crochet Pattern Updates, just for pattern re-release announcements. If you sign up for it, you’ll get a short email notification every time a new batch of patterns has been re-released (no more than one or two emails per month until the reformat project is complete).
  2. At the end of the reformat process. Once all 124 patterns have been reformatted, there’ll be another 2 week window for you to download all your previously purchased PlanetJune patterns in the new format, so you’ll be able to download any you missed. (That window will be announced here on the blog and in both newsletters.) This is still to come – but not for a while yet.
  3. When you need them. As always with PlanetJune shop orders, you can email me with your order number(s) at any time if you need another copy of your pattern(s) for any reason. So, if you’ve missed the re-release window for a batch of patterns but would like the re-formatted versions as soon as possible, just send me your order number(s) and I’ll reactivate your download link(s).

How can I find the patterns in my account?

  1. In your PlanetJune account, click Show All Orders.
  2. At the top of that page, click to the list of all your past purchases.
  3. Find the pattern name in the alphabetical list.
  4. Click the order number to go directly to that order.
  5. Re-save your pattern 🙂

Which patterns have been re-released so far?

All of them! Here’s the complete list of the pattern re-release batches (click the links for the details of each batch).

  1. Dinosaurs (9 individual dinosaurs, plus the 3 sets of 3)
  2. AmiDogs (19 individual dogs, 6 sets of 3, plus the custom set of any 3)
  3. PocketAmi (6 sets, plus the multipack deal for sets 1 & 2)
  4. AquaAmi (7 patterns, plus multipacks AquaAmi Set 1 and Emperor Penguin Family)
  5. Reptiles & Amphibians (gecko and frog patterns)
  6. Natural Fibres (alpaca and baby bunnies patterns)
  7. African Animals (3 AfricAmi patterns, plus multipack AfricAmi Set 1, and Ring-Tailed Lemur, Lion & Lioness and Aardvark)
  8. Plants (Cactus & Succulent Collections, African Violets, Lucky Bamboo, Water Lily and Christmas Trees)
  9. Donationware (all patterns except PlanetJune Accessories, and all craft tutorials)
  10. Miscellaneous Amigurumi (all 11 remaining amigurumi patterns, excluding the Fuzzy patterns and Ice Cream Bear)
  11. PlanetJune Accessories (14 patterns including 3 donationware)
  12. Fuzzy Friends (the 11 patterns in the Fuzzy Friends collection, plus Ice Cream Bear)

I didn’t order through the PlanetJune shop – can I still get the re-releases?

Here are a few reasons why you may have received patterns by email instead of automatically through your PlanetJune account:

  • You commissioned a pattern.
  • You won a pattern (through ‘Review and Win’, a CAL prize, etc).
  • You ordered patterns prior to July 2008 (when I replaced my PayPal shopping cart with my fully-featured shop).
  • You ordered patterns through Etsy (or another online storefront).

If any of these (or another reason) apply to you, you can still get your pattern re-releases! I just need a few details from you so I can set up a dummy order in your PlanetJune account, including all your ‘missing’ patterns. I do not have time to email re-releases to anyone; if you want the new versions you must email me so I can set up your dummy order, or re-purchase the patterns.

Instructions for Missing Orders:

  1. Make a list of all your PlanetJune patterns that do not show in your PlanetJune account (one per line, please) together with where you bought/won them (for each pattern, just put Etsy, commission, which contest, etc). I need this info so I can verify your purchases.
  2. If you don’t already have a PlanetJune account, create one now.
  3. Email me (that’s To:, Subject: Missing Patterns) and include:
    • The list of your missing patterns and where you bought/won them from
    • If you ordered through Etsy, your Etsy username
    • The email address you use to login to your PlanetJune account (if different to the one you’re emailing me from)

You’ll be able to download your patterns from your PlanetJune account as soon as I notify you that the dummy order has been created, and they’ll be saved there forever in case you ever need to download them again. 🙂


  1. Jeannie Wilson said

    I saw a Musicians of Bremen needle punch design and can’t find ithe pattern for sale. Where can I find it?

    • June said

      Jeannie, I was commissioned to design that piece as a one-of-a-kind art piece. There are more details on my Musicians of Bremen punchneedle post (see my reply in the comments there as to why I can’t make a pattern for it, I’m afraid).

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