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accusation of plagiarism

I’ve just been accused of plagiarism and I’d like to address the issue directly and in public to lay the matter to rest. I’m obviously very upset by this: an allegation like this could destroy my business, and I want to make it very clear that there is absolutely no truth in the matter. A commenter calling him/herself Internet Police left me this message:

From the looks of things you modify the patterns found in Japanese Craft Pattern Book / Crochet Amigurumi Dog 2 , you do not design these dog patterns.

Here is my response:

Internet Police: I don’t think you’re looking carefully enough 🙂

  • Firstly, my patterns are all 100% original. I have designed over 60 patterns and I have never copied anyone else.
  • Secondly, my AmiDogs are not that similar to the Japanese patterns – if you compare mine with theirs I have a different style; they are only similar in that they are both amigurumi patterns for dog breeds.
  • And thirdly, I have been designing AmiDogs patterns since early 2007. The Japanese books were released in Sep 2008 and Feb 2009. It would take a very special talent to copy patterns from a book over a year before its release!

Please be more cautious before throwing around accusations of plagiarism. I am a designer and these allegations are damaging to my business.

While I was composing this response, Internet Police then left me a second comment on my Jack Russell Terrier post (my post dates from November 25th, 2007), saying I had “copied this pattern from a book” and giving a link to an eBay auction for the book in question. Let’s just look at this more closely, in case you aren’t yet convinced:

Here’s the Jack Russell in the book I allegedly copied from:

Image copied from eBay auction, taken from this book

And here’s my Jack Russell Terrier pattern:
AmiDogs Jack Russell Terrier amigurumi crochet pattern by PlanetJune

  1. They are clearly not the same pattern (although there are similarities, like the folded ears)
  2. My design was made public in November 2007. The book was released in February 2009. I clearly could not copy a book 15 months before it even existed!

Even if the dates didn’t prove my innocence, I would hope that my body of work and my distinctive style would speak for itself! I have integrity: I did not and will never copy another person’s design and pass it off as my own. It feels horrible to be unjustly accused, and I hope this post has set the record straight.


  1. Grapehead said

    Hi June! Iv’e never been to this website and I don’t know how to crochet, but I love looking at cute crochet animals. I have a Jack Russel and I was hoping that my friend could crochet a Jack Russel for me and that is how I found this story.

    Anyway, it’s 2016 and plagiarism is a HUGE deal now. More than it was in 2009 probably. I can’t believe that someone would make such an accusation without checking all of the facts. I can see some similarities, but I can see more differences. I think you did a very good job of proving your innocence. Whoever it was who accused you was jumping to conclusions and being a jerk. Don’t ever let anyone get to you.


  2. Cherrysling said

    I Love you PlanetJune

  3. June said

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you for your support! I don’t know how to convey how much it means to me. Thank you ♥

  4. MarianZ said

    When someone is being sincere in their thoughts and feeling they use their name. If they feel the need to hide behind “Internet Police” they were being cowardly to begin with.

    The minute I see names like annomous and internet police I wonder what kind of cheep thrill are they getting from this. Actuallly, I would like to know who died and left them in charge.

    June, your work is wonderfull as evidenced by the amount of patterns I and others buy.


  5. futuregirl said

    You handled this beautifully. You rock, June!

  6. Justine said

    Hi June,

    I’m catching up on blog feeds and just saw this. Sorry you’re having to deal with such nonsense and I just wanted to add my voice to all the support you have here.

  7. HI! I Had the same badly experience a few day ago… It’s terrible… Don’t heard the bad words and go for your way, you are a good crocheter!

  8. Rachel said

    Hey June,

    I completely understand what you’re feeling. I’m a designer too and I hate it when people throw around false and rude accusations. It is very insulting and frustrating to deal with.

    I admire your class in addressing the situation! Keep up the great work and don’t let this or any other negative/false comment bring you down!

  9. Tracie said

    I too am completely aghast at this acusation. I too echo what others have already said here.

    For what it is worth I only became a fan of your site mainly because your patterns were *much* better than what I have been able to find elsewhere both in print and online. I have learned more about different kinds of stitches and how to make shapes from your patterns than any other place. I have no doubt that your patterns are 100% genuine.

    Quite more so a lot of times I see you come forward with an idea.. then I find the “same” (same style, slightly different application) pattern in other locations with a later date than your post. I can’t remember the two cases where this happened.. but if I do find them again.. I will pass that to you.

    Keep up the awsome work.. I really do look forward to seeing your new ideas and patterns.

  10. Rebekah said

    WHAT? Internet police you are crazy! Some people. I am so sorry PlanetJune. Your supporters know the truth. It is obvious that all of your patterns are original designs and lovely ones at that. I have news for internet police, most dog breeds look the same. so there are going to be some similarities! That cant be helped.

    Good for you PlanetJune to blog your innocence. We are all behind you. 🙂

  11. Robyn said

    I also agree they copied you. Hugs!

  12. Robyn said

    This is BS June! Those amigurumi dogs look nothing alike except for the ears like you said.I have been following your site since I discovered it last year and I know you did not copy these patterns.You do exceptional work and do not need to copy anyone! I think it’s unfair to you as a designer and a business woman. All I can say is how dare they! You don’t need this bologna! You are awesome! Poo on them! Try to keep smiling! UR the best! I agree that you can’t copy something that hasn’t been invented yet! This is so stupid! You still have loyal fans! Like me!

  13. Miriam said

    What a wretched, ugly thing to have happen, even if the anonymous poster must be smoking something to have accused you of anything of the sort. Clearly not a longtime reader of yours. So sorry this happened. Your response is admirable!

  14. amineko72 said

    I am not a pro but I can see that the two dogs are not the same. don’t take this badly but your work tends to be very close to Nature and less kawai than the Japanese patterns. (please once again it is a comment not a bad critics!!!). it is normal that the two dogs look like each other they are the same kind!!!!!
    I think that the person was wrong and she should have tried to contact you privately. keep on the good work.

  15. Angelica Bays said

    You are one of my all-time CrochetHeroes!
    I always come to your site for guidance, tutorials and inspiration.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Don’t let the turkeys get you down. ;o)
    -Angelica Bays

  16. Anna M. said

    It does look more like those books copied you than the other way a round. I think Internet Police should get their eyes check.

  17. Amanda said

    June, I’m so sorry that you’re being accused of plagiarism. It’s so easy to create similar things when making small amigurumi animals. As a matter of fact, about a year ago, I started an Alligator (Still thinking on legs for him) and he looks ridiculously close to your lizard! When you posted your lizard, it’s the same color, size and it just kinda freaked me out a little. ROFL I’ll have to show you pictures. But anyway, it’s EASY to make the same things accidentally. It’s just crocheting in a circle. You can only make so many things that are different like that. 😛

    I love your AmiDogs. They’re very well thought out and I think you do a great job. You taught me everything I know about crochet! I owe ya.

  18. Well I totally get you posting this as a backup in case someone tries to formally charge you with this – very smart!

    But sounds like this is just someone trying to be a jerk.

    You’ll be ok!

  19. Wendy said

    Here is a Christmas wish that all of these supportive comments perk up your spirits and that you keep designing. Sending you warm thoughts and blessings.

  20. Petra said

    You design such wonderful animals and you have such a distinctive style, it is horrible that someone accuses you of plagiarism.
    I am one of your fans and will remain so, no matter what someone writes She didn’t even get her facts straight.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you, that this blows over quickly.


  21. amber said

    Hi June,

    I used to work as a newspaper reporter, and the way you handled this is exactly how we’re directed to handle accusations when people accuse the paper of bias, inaccuracy or copyright infringements. You put the accusation on the front page and you address it, backing up your points with facts. If anything, you’d have a case against this person for libel, as the copyright dates on the patterns are solid evidence that you’re not copying these other designs. Of course, chances are this person is just a troll and you won’t hear from them again. If Internet Police was being a professional they would have called the similarities to your attention in a private e-mail rather than posting comments publicly.

    I doubt this person will really hurt your business or reputation, but keep a record or all your communication with them just in case they continue to harass you. Good luck 🙂


  22. puglette said

    oh june, what a rotten thing to have happened! some people can’t keep their nastiness to themselves. you are totally original and a definite one of a kind. your originality and style have set you head and shoulders above many, many ami designers. your talents would not have been recognized and published if you were thought to have copied anyone.

    i for one have had the pleasure to see the spark of an idea bloom and grow into a wonderful pattern, the sweet pug. i have seen other ami pugs, but they are all different and unique.

    i hope you will not let this nastiness worry you too much. your loyal fans adore you and support you one hundred percent!
    big hugs,

  23. I believe he just made your sales go up 🙂 since I just bought something and others did too just to spite him and show him that you rock and we support you.

  24. Deborah said

    And by the way, just for that I bought a pattern.

  25. Deborah said

    This is just dumb. Put two purebred dogs together. They look very similiar. Does that mean they’er the same dog? I think not. Purebred dogs or cats and most animals of the same breed tend to favor each other. Blame Mother Nature, Internet Police. There are distinct differences between the two designs, while both are still clearly Jack Russell terriers. You need to look more closely next time (and check your facts first, too.)

    You nudnik.

  26. Piston said

    That’s wretched! What a horrible thing to do!
    Anyone can see that yours are different, you have a very distinct style and yes, though there are similarities (it’s hard with the very core of amigurumi style of crochet NOT to have similarities) yours are very plainly not a copy.
    Even without the dates, I mean.

    To be quite honest, though I know this sort of thing could damage a business a lot, I don’t think it will yours. You have a good reputation; your patterns are innovative and people respect you for who you are and what you create. The reputation you’ve made for yourself far outweighs the allegations of some idiot with a keyboard, and to be quite honest, the way you’ve dealed with the allegations has said a ton about your character, which if anything lends more to your positive reputation.

    I still hold you with the highest regard as a creator and designer. The way you’ve dealed with this honestly though also puts you in high regard as a person of character.

    (unfortunately, I’m not so great in that I need to do this)
    Internet Police, if you’re reading this, you’re a douche and no one cares. Go back to the hole you crawled from. And tell your mom to stop coddling you so much.
    Grow a pair.

  27. Carina said

    Oh June, I am so sorry to hear about this! First of all because anyone, who knows you, knows that you’d never ever (times infinity) copy someone else’s design.

    It is way too easy to get ‘scared’ by someone saying things like this, so I think it is really good that you are posting about it for all to see. People think they can get away with saying things, without checking the facts etc, on the internet, because it’s not face to face, so there are no consequences. I wouldn’t take it too seriously, though. Someone who posts this sort of libellous drivel anonymously is just a coward who isn’t worthy of your worrying about it.

    If you ask cowards to face their lies, they’ll usually crawl back under the slimy rock they came from. Of course, it might still be worth noting IP address and any other trace they may have left without realising it. I am sure you have already done this. (-;

    Also, as someone else mentioned – it isn’t impossible that that book has actually copied your design (poorly too). Not unthinkable, because, well, your designs rock and are superior to pretty much anything else out there.

    Unfortunately, the internets is full of spiteful people like this. Pathetic little idiots… Hold your head up high. Call out anyone who tries to spread malicious lies and comments.

    You are way better than this ‘person’. Don’t even for one second let someone like that get you down. You know you are in the right. And we know it too. (-:

  28. Tal said

    It is disgusting that someone with so much integrity has had to be subjected to such an outrageous attack!!! Hopefully your response will shame them into silence.

  29. I’m so sorry that this has happened. I think that this person should be careful to check their facts throughly before making allegations that are libellous. They also need to be aware that ideas, stitches, etc. are not covered under copyright.

    I hope that this doesn’t discourage you. Your designs are creative and unique.

    I think that if “Internet Police” really wants to help out designers, perhaps they should spend their time seeking out people who illegally share patterns online.

  30. Juju Kiryuu said

    That’s terrible! Other than the fact that they’re patterns for the same type of dog (leading to some necessary similarities), those don’t look much like yours at all. Some people really need to actually look at things before making a stupid accusation like that.
    Especially the dates. Maybe Internet Police knows something about the laws of physics that we don’t?

  31. Smeddley said

    Unfortunately, there are only so many ways to make shapes in crochet, so of course things are going to look similar! But 1) there are differences between your dog and the dog from the book and 2) your dog looks very similar to some of your other patterns. Plus the whole time thing.

    It was anonymous and I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just someone trying to stir up trouble. The internet is full of that.

  32. photojenic said

    I agree with everyone above. I too thought that THEY seem to be copying YOU. *lol*

  33. Christy said

    This upsets me, too. I hold you and your work in such high regard, June–and I know I’m far from the only person who feels that way! For someone to ignorantly accuse you of anything like this is ridiculous. Absurd. Anyone who knows you or your work will see how very wrong “Internet Police” is and discredit the claims immediately.

    And I agree with Meredith–maybe you should check out the dog book pattern!

  34. Meredith said

    Wow, what a horrible thing to be accused of. Clearly these are false accusations. I hope Internet Police grows up, gets a life and starts paying attention to details like pattern release dates.
    Out of interest sake, you should check the pattern on the dog in that book. Maybe THEY copied YOUR pattern!
    Sorry this happened to you, June. You don’t deserve that sort of accusation. 🙁

  35. Sabrina said

    Apparently, in addition to designing fabulous amigurumi style animals, you’ve also invented a time machine.


    Fact checking is an amazing thing.

  36. Jenn said

    I’m so sorry to hear about this! It’s unfortunate that some people cowardly throw around accusations without any thought to the consequences.
    I’d also like to point out that you cannot copyright an IDEA. Therefore, everyone and their brother could make their own Jack Russell pattern, and it would not be plagiarism.
    Again- so sorry! I’m sending you hugs and I hope you remember what a talented designer you are and don’t let this clown bring you down!

  37. I would have never thought of you as plagiarizing. the difference in these two patterns is distinctly visible, such as the legs which are different in length and the snout yours is longer and more jack russelish while theirs is more rounded of to the sides. Also the stripe on the forehead is shaped differently, so maybe someone stole from you but not you from them since yours were as you said published a lot sooner. 🙂

    I love your work.

    p.s. I made one of the christmas trees and it turned out wonderful. my next project is the poinsettia

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