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  1. Rita said

    Thanks June!!

  2. Rita said

    Hi June,
    I came upon your site while looking for crochet patterns and I am so enjoying all of the neat patterns! My question is that I don’t have a personal computer so I use the computers at our local library. If I order patterns is it possible to email them to me so I can download them? Thanks so much!! Rita

    • June said

      Rita, you can log into your PlanetJune account at the library (or wherever) and open and print them from there 🙂

  3. Lorraine said

    I purchased your new Complete Idiot’s Guide To Amigurumi. I have never done this kind of thing and I absolutely am hooked! Such easy instructions and now I have all of your tutorials right at my fingertips all in one place. I started with a hamster and my son would not leave me alone to make him a Captain America toy so instead of progressing to the mushroom I jumped right over to the boy toy. The top part of his head is blue, no hair needed because of his costume! The eyes go in the blue mask part. The second half of the head and neck are skin colored. The hands are red because he wears gloves and instead of cuffs for sleeves the cuffs are on the gloves with sleeves tucked in like the comic character. Also had to make boots instead of shoes so just kept with the read until how tall I wanted the boots and the boots are cuffed instead of pants going over. Your instructions are so clear and easy that they really are adaptable like you intended them. I have 1 leg left to go. I gashed my thumb really bad on a slicer that fell out of the cabinet that I tried to catch. ugh I will see if I can get a picture of it when it’s done to send to you.

  4. lauren blackwell said

    hi june
    i was wondering if you could make me a geeko/lizard, and 2 hamsters for the children at my nursery, for there home corner. we would love to get them somee real pets but we are not allowed because of allergies. you name the price

    can you email me a.s.a.p and let me know
    thanks lauren x

  5. Louise said

    Hell June, I love your work and have made several things from your patterns. I also have a blog and am planning a little Christmas pattern giveaway of my own. It is a range of covers for ferrero rocher chocolates, One of them is a Christmas pudding and on my sample I have used your holly leaf and berry. My question is “is there any wording/ way I should plan that section of the pattern so that everyone knows that the holly and berry are yours and not mine? I would happily put a link in or copy and paste your instructions with a credit line. I guess a link is best and most fair, that is if you will let me. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Louise Howe
    North Yorkshire (UK)

  6. Leanne said

    Hi June, I’m just starting out in amigurumi and want to say thanks for your tutorials, they are so clear and easy to understand! I’m stuck at the moment though – so far I’ve started all pieces with a magic ring and found it quite simple, but I have a pattern for a dog ear which starts with “Base: 3ch + 1ch” . Can you possibly explain what this means? Many thanks, Leanne.

    • June said

      Leanne, your pattern is worked in rows instead of rounds. If you follow through my Crochet Basics tutorial at you’ll see how to do it – you’ll start with a slip knot on your hook, make 4 chain stitches (i.e. the 3+1 your pattern states) and then work into the 2nd chain from the hook and the other 2 chains. You can see visual examples of this in the Slip Knot, Chain, and Single Crochet sections (the first three sections) of my Crochet Basics tutorial, although my photos use a base of 10 ch, not 4, so mine will look longer than yours.

      Hope that helps!

  7. Sonja said

    Hi June, first of, I love your work, you make beautiful things! I just love your fuzzy guinea pigs, so I purchased the pattern. However, I don’t really understand a small part of the pattern, actually the beginning, so mailed you if you could explain that bit. I got a delivery failure notification twice.
    I hope you can send me an email so I can ask my question to you. I’m really looking forward to make 4 guinea pigs, the ones I had. Thanks anyway for making that pattern!

    Thank you, Sonja from the Netherlands.

  8. Judith Rietschel said


    On 02/19/2010 I bought a downloaded copy of the AquaAmi Sea Turtle Pattern. I paid for it with American Express $7.00. I downloaded the file but did not make the turtle yet. My computer crashed and I lost the file. I was wondering if I could get another copy without re-buying. Thank-you

    • June said

      Of course you can, Judith: all you (or anyone) need to do is to email me if you lose (for any reason) a pattern you’ve bought, and I’ll re-enable the download link so you can save it again! (I’ll re-enable yours right now 🙂 )

    • Judith said

      thank you very much

  9. Barbara Lakis said

    Hi June – I’m having so much fun with your dinosaur patterns – they are so charming. I have completed 2 and think I will put a smile on the brachiosaurus. Your detailed instructions are so very helpful.

    Thank you,


  10. Diana LeBherz said

    I have three Yorkshire Terriers……….Do you have a pattern for Yorkies?….I have seen them, but they are the ‘formal” hair to the floor” type which is not what I want…………

  11. Nancy said

    Hi June
    I am looking for a crochet pattern for a boxer(dog). Do you have one, or do you know where I can get one?

  12. Katie Stirling said

    Hello there!!

    I was wondering if you would at all consider making a few of those jack russell pups and sending them to me, I will pay whatever you like, I know I am not talented enough to make them myself and those are adorable, they look just like our little CrackerJack!! :0)

  13. June said

    Internet Police: I don’t think you’re looking carefully enough 🙂

    • Firstly, my patterns are all 100% original. I have designed over 60 patterns and I have never copied anyone else.
    • Secondly, my AmiDogs are not that similar to the Japanese patterns – if you compare mine with theirs I have a different style; they are only similar in that they are both amigurumi patterns for dog breeds.
    • And thirdly, I have been designing AmiDogs patterns since early 2007. The Japanese books were released in Sep 2008 and Feb 2009. It would take a very special talent to copy patterns from a book over a year before its release!

    Please be more cautious before throwing around accusations of plagiarism. I am a designer and these allegations are damaging to my business.

    • *sna-ap*! Great response! Thorough, *investigated* (although *you* know your patterns are original, you could have just stated that because its true; but you researched the claim for an unarguable “defense”), yet very polite!

      Not that you need ammunition, but just because someone else designs something similar, that doesn’t mean they copied it; and any artist–which you clearly are–can be inspired by something that they see, but that doesn’t create a pattern.

      In other words… YOU ROCK!!!

  14. Internet Police said

    From the looks of things you modify the patterns found in Japanese Craft Pattern Book / Crochet Amigurumi Dog 2 , you do not design these dog patterns.

  15. June said

    Susan: The invisible decrease takes out some of the bulk of a decrease by using only the front loops instead of both loops. When crocheting in back loops only, I don’t think there is a way to reduce the bulk of a decrease stitch any further, other than by skipping one stitch (which, of course, leaves a gap). When I crochet in BLO, I prefer to just use a sc2tog in the back loops.

  16. Susan said

    I’ve been enjoying your patterns and have been using the invisible decrease method for quite awhile now. I have been trying to figure out a way to use it when working in BLO. It’s awkward to do the same method in back loops. Any suggestions?

  17. Yoff Kau said

    forgot the adres for my blog. But I’m on ravelry (Wonderwitch)
    Glad you are bringing this technique out again.
    I was taught in the 80’s here in holland, but there was never really a market for it. I loved the japanese landscapes and geisha’s back then
    and the cartoon figures for kids
    I was told it was a japanese art, and I was always really frightened of the needle falling in the wrong hands, cuz back then it was basically a really chunky guage injection needle with a handle.
    Anyway, good luck with this!
    warmest greetings

  18. Alba said

    I just need to know How I would recieve my patterns. Will an e-mail be sent to me or Do I need to log on? Thank you

    • June said

      Alba, I have tried to e-mail you but your e-mail address is not working so I’ll reply here and hope you see it. When you have paid, you can log into your PlanetJune account and your patterns will automatically be available to download.

      I don’t know if you got the e-mail I sent to you the other day either: To pay by credit card, all you have to do is select PayPal as your method of payment – PayPal will accept payment via any credit card. If you’d like to do that, please just place another order and select PayPal this time so you can pay (you will then be able to download your patterns immediately). I will cancel your first order for you if you place another 🙂

  19. Kim said

    What a great site ! I am a true “Chrochet-a-holic” ! Am still recovering from extencive reconstruction hand surgery. However my surgeon just said I could resume Crocheting. What a wonderful find, your “Rose pattern” is perfect for me to get back into crocheting.
    The “Poinsettia Flower” is absolutely beautiful ! Can hardly wait until my hand is ready to work on that beauty !
    Thank you for a wonderful site and for offering your “fans” some free patterns.
    Thank you again for such lovely work.

  20. Kelly C said

    Wow, you are so incredibly talented! LOVE all your work.

  21. kathy said

    I am looking for paton clasic yarn . I have a small business and am
    in need of paton clasic yarn by the bags. Could you help?
    Please contact me

  22. crochetgal said

    I just love your patterns. they are absolutely adorable!

  23. Love the tutorial on the invisible decrease! Does that work as well with any decrease, even on flat projects like clothing?

  24. irina said

    Hello June,

    I love your website – your craft is beautiful. I just wanted to know, could you send me the address of Eloise in Japan ? I really want to buy some of her Chirimen Kimono scrap fabric.

    Thanks so much in advance,


  25. kelley said

    would like to know where to buy the pattern for this turtle i love turtles and collect them and have very little leasure time so cute things like this will make the boring fun. i have been to your store site and bought others but did not see this one.
    thank you

  26. I love your work, and the little doggies series are just so cute…ever thought of trying a westie(west highland white terrier)?

  27. Meira said

    omg your little crochet things aree sososososososososososososososososososososososososo cute -^_^- i wish i could make them and i would definetly buy them if you were up to selling them!! 🙂


  28. Terry Sargente said

    Hi June, Thank you for the patterns. I can’t wait to get started. Terry

  29. Hi June, Thank you for the pdf files of the poinsietta and candy cane.
    The other pattern was the pumpkin. I love your patterns–I’ve never seen a poinsietta as lovely as yours. I also have your Christmas ami patterns and they are adorable. Love reading your blog.Thanks for being there. Pat

  30. Allison said

    Sorry for posting so much, but I just read the FAQ and am willing to purchase the fuzzy bunny w/ 2 chicks. About how much might this cost me?

  31. Allison said

    Ok i was just wondering . . . maybe you could like sell some pre-made stuff? I mean, yes, I’m lazy and I don’t want to crochet, but they are so cute! and I bet you could charge like, triple the amount of the pattern. Just a thought!

  32. Allie said

    Hey June, I found your site by google. I wanted to try my hand at crocheting some amigurumi, but really didn’t know how to crochet. Your site has helped me so unbelievably much. I have now made a snowman and I’m working on a penguin. Thank you so much for all of the help! I was wondering something though. You have all of these patterns for dogs. I was wondering if you would ever do a cat. I have looked all over the internet and haven’t found any that look like real cats, and your dogs are so cute. Thanks once again, Allie

  33. Pat Steffen said

    I am printing out your pointsetta pattern. Just love it. Plan on making several into pillows for Christmas. Thanks. Send me your e-mail addy so I can make a cash donation. mail me at

  34. Peggy said

    ooh! ooh! I just thought of another suggestion…a koala!!!!

  35. Peggy said

    create a panda bear pattern and I’ll buy it! ;o)

  36. Peggy said

    Your patterns are so adorable! I had to hold myself back from buying one of each! I don’t know if you take suggestions for future critters, but I’d love to see a ladybug amigurumi.

  37. Karen Wilson said

    I enjoy your site…. I would love to get a pattern for a reindeer?
    If you could help PLEASE!!!!!!

    Looking forward to more pics!


  38. brennakins said

    I am just learning to crochet, but I think if I don’t make one of your patterns soon I will die. Do you have suggestions for an easy one?

  39. kk said

    great shriny dink ring tutorial!!
    what kind of varnish do you use? i have the printer type of shriny dink and the image smears if it gets wet

  40. amanda said

    Just found this site. Love your designs…cute!!! I now know what to do with my “little bits” of yarn. I intend to purchase some patterns. 🙂

  41. Jen said

    June I love these patterns. I am totally starting the Jack Russell, but I am going to use a soft baby pink and two shades of purple for my friends baby shower. I just love the patterns. Thank you for sending them so quickly!

  42. Karen said

    Hi. I think your work is incredible. I am so impressed by what I saw that I decided to try making something too. I am actually trying to make a mobile for my niece’s baby room and would love to do tiny monkeys. Have you got a pattern that I could purchase or know of where I could get one? Thanks….by the way, I am from British Columbia. Hope you are enjoying Canada.

  43. Kylie said

    Your patterns are so wonderful, well done!


    Please, please give me an amigurumi pattern for a PUG DOG.
    I’ve found one in Japanese!
    Thank you

  45. Mandy said

    I actually found your site looking for Ferrets-because those are SOOOO hard to find, and we have 2 live ones….so I was happy that you had them. I have ordered several of your patterns and am very happy with them. Something that I would love to see would be a giraffe-I am NOT any good at making patterns up, but my son LOVES giraffes and that would be so wonderful!
    Thanks for the great patterns, I look forward to more in the future!
    Mandy in Ohio

  46. Dee said

    Your amis are so cute! You are very talented! I recently dicovered these little things and am now making them. They are the cutest things!

  47. Suzi.BC said

    wonderful, imaginative patterns!!!


  48. Melody said

    Hi! I stumbled upon your site while hunting for Christmas patterns. I think your poinsettia pattern is gorgeous! I haven’t had a chance to make it yet, but I have purchased several of your fuzzy critters patterns. I think they’re all lovely and can’t wait to make some! I just had one wee request… you wouldn’t have any plans to do cows in the future would you? I collect cows 😉 and love them to pieces! I think they would be very cute sitting next to the sheep 😉
    Thanks so much and have a great Christmas and new year!!!
    mel in belgium

  49. Jean Lariviere said

    Your patterns are sososososososos cute!

  50. sharon said

    I love your stuff you are very clever. You also make so many people happy.
    Thanks and kind regards

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