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chinchilla crochet pattern

It’s been a while since I had a new pattern ready – all the move preparations are keeping me crazily busy. But a commission request came in a few weeks ago for a chinchilla crochet pattern, and I just couldn’t resist making such a cute ball of fluff!

(While I remember, if you’re interested in commissioning a pattern design from me, everything is on hold for the time being – I’m not accepting any new commissions until I’m settled in South Africa and ready to devote all my attention back to PlanetJune. Currently, I have no idea when that will be – I’ll let you know when I’ve reached that point…)

Okay, and now onto the chinchilla!

amigurumi chinchilla by planetjune

He’s an extra-large amigurumi, and close to life-sized at 8″ long, not including the tail (which adds another 5″). I wanted him to be fluffy, but without using any novelty yarns, so I brushed his body and tail to give more of a fluffy look. I’ve also included pattern options for only brushing the tail, or not brushing at all – even the smooth version looks pretty cute, I think!

amigurumi chinchilla by planetjune

A note about brushing: I like to brush just a little, to give a fluffy look but still make it very obvious that the ami is crocheted. If you preferred, you could keep brushing for a lot longer to make it look really fluffy and obscure the stitches much more than I have with my chinchilla, although this will also mask the shaping a bit more. But if mine isn’t fluffy enough for you, don’t let that stop you from buying the pattern and making an extra-fluffy one!

amigurumi chinchilla by planetjune

If you’d like to crochet your own chinchilla, the Chinchilla crochet pattern is now available for purchase in my shop.

Hope you like him!


  1. Rosimery said

    This is too adorable!! Can you tell me what type of yarn you used and how do you brush it?

    • June said

      Rosimery, you can use any yarn – you’ll find all the details and brushing information in the pattern šŸ™‚

  2. Emanuel Segura said

    This chinchilla is so cute, I really want one now!

  3. Ekateryna said

    This is so cute! I think that the fluffy version, and the non fluffed version are equally as cute! I’m going to buy your pattern for this for sure! šŸ™‚

  4. clothing said

    cute,i like.

  5. Cherry said

    I was looking at previous posts, and i saw your reepacheep! my friend is a major narnia fan, and i was wondering if i could buy the pattern. it’s not in your shop, though. so, if you don’t mind, could you put it there? itwould make me very happy! ^_^

    • June said

      Cherry, I’m afraid my Reepicheep was a one-of-a-kind art piece, so there won’t be a Reepicheep pattern – you can see more about that in my Reepicheep blog post. Sorry I couldn’t help!

  6. De'Anna said

    That is adorable for sure! Would really be cute in an Easter Basket w/ a bunny and chick šŸ™‚ Just spring (y) looking!

  7. Mimii said

    It’s so cute !!! I really love it šŸ™‚

  8. arbitrarily said

    Your blog is so educational. I always thought Chinchillas were cats! After a little time on wikipedia I am now fully informed. That’s a very cute rodent you’ve designed, and I love your fluffiness options.

    • Mikey said

      There are Chinchilla Cats, Chinchilla Rabbits and 2 species of Chinchilla that are from the rodent family.

  9. Lindy said

    I love your chinchilla – so cute, and really sweet!

    Love, Lindy xx

  10. Pia said

    He’s so adorable ^_^

    Thank you so much again for making him šŸ™‚ And you were so fast at doing so. Very impressive ^_^

  11. dazie said

    I think he is adorable and you have the fluffyness perfect it is almost like the fur on my 2 chinchillas I also adore the ears!


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