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AmiCats crochet patterns!

Ready to buy? You can find all the AmiCats patterns here!

I’ve been working on a collection of cat patterns for years now, as a companion to my large collection of AmiDogs designs (21 and counting). Cats are one of my favourite animals, but one of the most difficult to depict realistically, and I didn’t want to publish any cats until I was satisfied that I’d done justice to their feline grace and beauty.

It’s been a long process that took over a dozen prototypes to pin down, but I’ve finally reached the definitive PlanetJune cat shape, and I’m very excited to finally be able to show it to you! So, without further ado, allow me to present my AmiCats designs:

AmiCats amigurumi cat crochet patterns by PlanetJune

About the Designs

With cats, it’s all about the elegant poised shape, and, as I discovered when assembling my early prototypes, the position of certain pieces is absolutely critical. I’ve spent hours studying cat anatomy and refining my prototypes to produce a design that is unmistakably cat-shaped without spoiling the texture of the uninterrupted single crochet stitches.

To ensure that you can follow my pattern and get a beautiful, graceful, cat-shaped result without endlessly repositioning the pieces, I’ve designed the face shaping so the muzzle is built right into the cat, and the front legs are crocheted directly into the body at the appropriate position and angle. All you need to do is follow the pattern and it’ll just work!

Enjoy the magical shaping with no complications by making a Single-Coloured cat in any colour, or choose from a selection of multi-coloured cats: a black and white Tuxedo, a tortoiseshell and white Calico, and of course the classic striped Tabby.

AmiCats amigurumi cat crochet patterns by PlanetJune
Top to bottom: Calico, Single-Coloured, Tuxedo, Tabby

Although I used black eyes for my sample cats – it fits better with the PlanetJune style – I intentionally designed all the AmiCats to use 9mm eyes, as that’s the most common size of cat ‘safety’ eyes you can buy. So if you prefer more embellishment, you can use ‘cat’ eyes, embroider a mouth, add whiskers, etc etc, to give your cats the look and personality you want.

About the Patterns

I’ve included two-page appendices for both right- and left-handers that explain my innovative method for joining the legs and body while you crochet so they sit at exactly the right angle in the finished cat. The method is the same for all the AmiCats, so, once you’ve made one, crocheting more AmiCats will be easy and you’ll enjoy seeing the realistic curves of the cat appear in your hands. The simplest and least time-consuming design is the Single-Coloured cat (you can make it in any colour!), followed by the Tuxedo, then the Calico, and finally the Tabby, whose show-stopping stripes are worth the effort.

AmiCats amigurumi cat crochet patterns by PlanetJune

The pattern also includes bonus instructions to crochet the (optional) pictured nose from crochet thread or embroidery floss and a 1.25mm/size 9 steel hook, and I’ve also given illustrated instructions for making simple felt or embroidered noses, if you don’t want to try crocheting such a tiny nose.

And you can save paper and ink by printing only the appendices you need (crocheted nose; right-handed or left-handed assembly guide, or neither) from any one of the patterns – the appendices are the same for all the AmiCats.

AmiCats amigurumi cat crochet patterns by PlanetJune

You can buy each AmiCats pattern individually from my shop, or pick up the multipack of all 4 AmiCats for less than the price of 3 – that’s a great deal!

If you’re not ready to buy them just yet, please remember to heart and queue them on Ravelry!

Single-Coloured:   Tuxedo:

Calico:   Tabby:

Launch Discount

Let’s make that deal even better: for one week only, you can buy the AmiCats Collection (including all 4 AmiCats designs) for the extra-special low price of $15. To take advantage of this deal, add the AmiCats Collection to your shopping cart, and enter the discount code MEOW at checkout! (Offer ends Friday 23 January, 2015.)

AmiCats Crochet-Along

And, from today until the end of February, join us in the PlanetJune Ravelry group, where we’ll all be making AmiCats galore. I can’t wait to see all the variations popping up from all over the world! Will you follow the patterns exactly, or change some colours to more closely match your own cat(s)? Either way, please join us, and share pics of your AmiCats…

AmiCats amigurumi cat crochet patterns by PlanetJune
AmiCats have the Maui seal of approval!

These designs represent the culmination of literally years of research, sketching, and endless refinement, but I feel it was worth the effort. These patterns are so close to my heart. I hope that shows, and that my AmiCats will bring happiness to many fellow cat lovers. If you love them, please do let me know…


  1. Tracy Reeve said

    Hi June,
    I bought and have started to crochet the Tuxedo cat but have become confused when crocheting the head. The white chin/neck seems to stop after row 7 of the pattern but this does not make sense according to the picture as the white should continue down to the body. Row 8 to 13 seem to be in colour A (black) which would mean the white bib is interrupted or am I missing something? Many thanks for your help/ thoughts.

    • June said

      Hi Tracy, please don’t worry, you can trust the pattern! The neck and chest will be crocheted as part of the body, not the head, so the white patch you see in the photos is split between the head (only as far as the chin) and the top of the body (for the neck and chest). 🙂

      • Tracy Reeve said

        Many thanks June. I shall plod on 🙂

  2. Sophie said

    Hi, patterns are they available in French please?

    • June said

      Hi Sophie, I’m afraid all PlanetJune patterns are available in English language only (please see my FAQ for details).

      • cessna said

        tengo que pagar para saber cuales son los patrones

        • June said

          Yes, you can buy the patterns here in my shop (but please note that all PlanetJune patterns are available in English language only).

  3. Sangeeta Deorukhkar said

    Beautiful would like to have the pattern please

  4. melody said

    I’m interested in buying patterns, are they still available?

  5. Nancy Eidson said

    I’d like to join and then later when I can afford the AmiCats pattern I will send a request for them. Thank you, I just love the kitty’s. My 9 yo great-granddaughter will be so excited when she sees them {in their finished form}! She just loves her cat and all things ‘cat’.

  6. Katie said

    HI June my name is Katie just wondering if you have a long haired orange tabby pattern my cat passed away yesterday morning and I’d like to fine a great pattern of something close to what he looked like, so I can have him with me in a way.
    Can you help please
    Thanks, Katie

    • June said

      Katie, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve just lost your cat. I’d recommend you use my AmiCats Tabby pattern – you can choose 2 shades of orange to match your boy as closely as you can, and use my brushing tutorial ( to make the fur look more long-haired. (I’d recommend you try my velcro tip from the tutorial, as the pieces are quite small so it’ll be easier to get into all the small areas that way.)

  7. Marilyn said

    It is the end of December 2015, can I still order the set of all four patterns. How do I order?

    • June said

      Marilyn, all my AmiCats patterns are always available, individually and as the value-priced set of all 4, from my shop. See the links in the post above or go to to see all the options 🙂

  8. Kathryn Maddock said

    Hello, I was considering buying the pattern for the single colored cat but I wanted to know what you would say the difficulty level is on it? I have never made anything like this so I’m a little nervous about it. Thank you!

    • June said

      Kathryn, the Single-Coloured cat is definitely the right choice to start with, as the colour changes in the others add an extra level of complexity. The AmiCats patterns use some special shaping techniques to achieve that perfect cat shape, and, while they are explained in detail with step-by-step photos in the patterns, if you haven’t made any amigurumi before, I wouldn’t recommend an AmiCat as your very first ami project.

      Please see my beginner’s advice in my FAQ – I’d recommend you try one of the beginner-friendly patterns I suggest there first, to get comfortable with the basic ami techniques (magic ring, invisible decrease, using a stitch marker to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes within each round, finishing off, and stitching pieces together). Once you’re comfortable with those, you shouldn’t have any problems completing a Single-Coloured AmiCat!

  9. Kirstin said

    If I got all the patterns would it be possible to combine say, the tuxedo part of the tuxedo cat and the stripes on the back of the tabby cat? Are they pretty much the same pattern except for where the colors change?

    • June said

      Yes, they are designed to be mix-and-matchable – although if you want to swap the tabby’s chest stripes for the white tuxedo patch you’ll have to do some careful counting around the shoulder/chest/neck area, as you’ll end up changing colours for the tuxedo’s front and tabby’s back within the same rounds. But I assumed (non-beginner) crocheters might want to do some parts swapping, so I designed the patterns so that is possible 🙂

  10. Tenna Draper said

    Do you have a similar pattern for a larger kitty? I’d like to make the striped cat in memory of my fur baby, Chat, but I want him to be bigger than 6″ tall–like maybe 10-12″ tall.

    Do u have a pattern for a kitty that big?

  11. Carina said

    i want to buy all Four the price ?

    • June said

      Carina, you can see the current prices for all the AmiCats patterns (individually and as the value-priced AmiCats Collection) at 🙂

  12. B said

    Your cats are adorable !!!

  13. wanda said

    well, I wanted a set of these but guess I’ll have to wait for the next discount – just now seeing these thru FB. They are darling. Love to have a gray with white spot on it’s chest – and a black one with white spot on chest – and a bigger gray with just a tiny white spot. These are darling.

    • June said

      Wanda, I’m so glad you like my AmiCats! Please don’t hold your breath waiting for another discount, though: I don’t offer regular sales, promotions or discounts on my patterns; the launch discount was a one-off deal to reward my loyal fans. If you sign up for my monthly newsletter, you won’t miss out on any future pattern launch discounts! But there won’t be any further discounts available for my AmiCats in the future, so, if you like them, there’s no advantage in waiting to buy the patterns, and the AmiCats Collection is excellent value at only $16 for all 4 cat patterns. 🙂

  14. Megan said

    They are adorable! Fantastic work!

  15. amy smith said

    I LOVE these! I just don’t have the time to make them 🙁 I would love to have a tabby done to resemble my 2 bengal cats…not sure if you still do comissions or not.

  16. Zoe said

    These are amazing, well done! They look so cute. I love the tabby one and all their tails.

  17. Theresa said

    Great job. I got the calico pattern and it worked up like a charm!

  18. Michelle said

    Awesome pattern! Now if I just hadn’t jumped the gun and forgot the USE the code. ROFL

    • June said

      Oops! Don’t worry – I’ll send you store credit to the value of the discount, Michelle 🙂

  19. Peggy said

    Wow, June! You’ve done it again. Another set of amazing patterns. Autumn, my 9 year old that uses and loves your patterns, is over the moon! Cats are her favorite animal. We’re buying the set tonite. 🙂

  20. Alicia said

    Amazing! And I was wondering how Maui liked them. I can’t wait to get started on them.

  21. Heather Hoover said

    Absolutely fabulous! I haven’t crocheted much lately but this is so inspiring. I’ve got to try it. I do love patterns that provide that “magical” self-shaping technique!

  22. LOVE these cats. Excellent job!!!

  23. Judy Carlson said

    June, these are beautiful! And so cute! They are all so dear! Thank you for all the years of hard work these took!

  24. Chrisie (CrochetChrisie) said

    LOVE THEM!!! I wish I could drop everything and make them all. 😉 You’ve outdone yourself once again!

    I guess my resolution to buy less patterns this year doesn’t apply to PlanetJune patterns… the kitties hopped right into my shopping basket.

  25. Joy said

    I LOVE these Amicats! Well done! I am going to have to treat myself to at least one pattern. The calico cat looks just like our Treacle. (We are British but live in Greece and have around 14 rescue mogs, all of whom are wonderful characters). You’re so talented – and I’m so envious.
    Joy x

  26. Meg PLATIS said

    I cannot believe how cute and realistic these are! It was so worth the wait to be able to make such cute cats. Thanks especially for the tuxedo cat pattern — my favorite cat, who died last year, was a black & white tuxedo; I can’t wait to immortalize him in yarn.

  27. Lauren said

    These amicats are totally gorgeous

  28. Susanna said

    These are amazing! Excited to try it out, the shaping and assembly look so interesting – such tiny details that make it a specifically “cat” shape!

  29. OMG! I LOVE them! They are adorable! and realistic! and cute! and I could keep going!!! You have done an amazing job with them! I can’t wait to make them!!!

  30. Theresa said

    They all look great. You are right, cats are hard to do with amis.

  31. Jan Young said

    Wow! These are the most realistic crochet cats I have ever seen. I absolutely love them and appreciate all the work that went into designing the pattern. Must buy the pattern now!

  32. Nicole said

    Yay, the kitties are here 🙂

    They are lovely! <3

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