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ring-tailed lemur

Time to reveal the design I was working on at the Creativ Festival. It’s a Ring-tailed Lemur:

crocheted ring-tailed lemur by planetjune

Lemurs hail from the island of Madagascar, off the southeast coast of Africa. Madagascar’s geographical isolation has led to a unique ecosystem of unusual animals and plants, of which lemurs are probably the most well-known.

crocheted ring-tailed lemur by planetjune

Lemurs are the Madagascan equivalent of monkeys, but they are prosimians – more primitive than the monkeys and apes found elsewhere in the world. There are over 90 species of lemurs in Madagascar!

crocheted ring-tailed lemur by planetjune

Ring-tailed lemurs are characterized by their distinctive long black and white striped tail and a cat-like appearance. You may recognize them from the Madagascar animated movies or the Animal Planet show Lemur Street/Lemur Kingdom.

crocheted ring-tailed lemur by planetjune

Would anyone be interested in a Ring-Tailed Lemur pattern? It would be slightly more advanced than my usual patterns. Specifically, the colour changes in the head (3 different colours) and the shaping of the back legs are a little more advanced than my other patterns. I’ve taken step-by-step photos to demonstrate the trickier parts, but I’d like to know if there’s any interest before I edit all the photos and write it up.

Please leave me a comment if you like my lemur, or if you’d like me to write up the pattern!

UPDATED: The pattern is now available in my shop 🙂


  1. Trillian said

    Awww it’s so adorable, I love it!

  2. jay leo said


    • June said

      Jay, you can < a href="">buy the pattern from my shop, or commission one ready-made from one of my customers 🙂

  3. Barbara Sisco said

    This is absolutely beautiful. YES, I would love to have pattern! My granddaughter forwarded this to me with a request that I crochet it for her. Thank you!

  4. Barbara Sisco said

    This is absolutely beautiful. YES, I would love to have pattern!

  5. June said

    The pattern is now available in my shop 🙂

  6. Robyn said

    I REALY like your lemur, how do i get a pattern?

  7. Gemma said

    Oh! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE write up the pattern 🙂

    My daughter is a total lemur lover, saw your pictures and was hanging on my leg, begging me to make her one!

  8. Emily said

    AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Lemurs!!!!!!!!! They are my favorite animal!!!!!!!!!!! So cool!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ann Martin said

    I’m discovering that you are a woman of many, many talents! This little fellow is just adorable – makes me want to take up crocheting again. It’s been waaaay too long, but hopefully it’s like riding a bike. Love the pics and how you’ve posed him too.

  10. Maryangela said


  11. Ann said

    Pattern! Pattern!

  12. Wow! Lovely.
    You really are an artist.

  13. Howie said

    Your ring-tailed lemur looks so friendly, and can probably pounce really high among the trees. Best haunches ever!

  14. Etha said

    Ohmygosh I’d LOVE that pattern. He is so totally cool, very special. the leg shaping is wonderful and so is the face 🙂

  15. Wow, he is super cute! Good work!

  16. val said

    he like to move it move it! CUTE!

  17. Kari said

    Oh my Lord! Every time I turn my back on you for half a second, you’ve got some adorable little new guy or gal, just hanging around! LOL

    Love him, so cute, makes me think of the Madagascar movie lemurs! I could totally see this as a pattern, maybe with some notes if I’d want to make mine fuzzy? Pretty Please with a cherry on top? ;P

  18. rach said

    YES! I would -love- this pattern!

  19. Jana said

    Hi, June! It doesn’t appear as if any of the above actually answered your question! SO. I will! YES!!!!!! I would love the pattern! 😀

  20. Starr said

    I am sooo glad I clicked over today! Can’t wait to show my daughter..she is *MAD* For King Julian and will get such a kick out of seeing this. Wish I could crochet beyond basic!

  21. Walden said

    It looks wonderful!

  22. puglette said

    Hi June! your lemur is so cute! I love the little chicken legs on the back…you know, just like chubby puppy legs. :o)

    I was reading about how the prosimians broke off from the sapiens yesterday. Very interesting reading.

    I am trying to get the crochet vibe back, I haven’t made anything since February! What I am really looking for is a place to stay in Maui when we travel in September. Any suggestions?

  23. becky said

    He is absolutely adorable. I loves him

  24. Robyn said

    Love him! He looks so real! Love the eyes and back legs. What an adorable creation! Maybe you can make a Raccoon next? You can have a masked animals thing going.

  25. Jessica said

    He’s so cute! Nice work.

  26. Naware said

    He is just TOO cute ! I have this sudden urge to make a purple one :p

  27. Rebecca said

    His legs look great. That’s one well-executed pattern.

  28. Amanda said

    That ROCKS! I LOOOOOVE lemurs. <3

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