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It was a challenge trying to whip this Dalek up in secret as a surprise for Dave’s birthday, but I just managed to get it finished in time. For the uninitiated (there may still be some of you out there?), Daleks are the scary villains from Doctor Who.

crocheted dalek
Click for larger version

I based it on amdowns’ Dalek Crochet Pattern, but I made a few modifications with the base and the eye and plunger attachments. I’d have made more modifications if I had time – I really wish the texture of the body was more distinct, and I’d probably redo the whole thing using 2 colours. It also looks a bit too plump and cuddly, but I’m happy with the attachments (they are wired inside so they are poseable) and I put an old CD inside the base to keep the bottom flat – it just happened to be exactly the right size. Now I just have to hope hubby likes it.

crocheted dalek



  1. Simon Beck said

    Now you know what this reminds me of? Old ladies used to sometimes have a crocheted toilet-roll cover shaped like a doll with a voluminous skirt. Hey – I’ve found another use for your Dalek! Seriously, what an excellent bit of work.

  2. Mary said

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Hubby and I are HUGE Doctor Who fans.

  3. June said

    Yes! It’s guarding his home office against intruders now 😉

    • Katrina said

      Is there any way you could describe what you did to modify those parts? I’ve been wanting to make this but was shying away because I didn’t know if I liked the way the eye or plunger looked, and I don’t think I’m experienced enough to figure out how to make changes myself. I would really, really appreciate it.

      • June said

        Katrina, I’d love to help, but 1) I made this almost 4 years ago now and 2) when I did make the modifications, I just made them up as I went along… I’m afraid I don’t remember at all what I did! I’m so sorry I can’t give you any advice 🙁

  4. dawn said

    Did he like it?! XxxxxxX

  5. Xia said

    Wow! That’s really creative!

  6. Felicia said

    That is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen!

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