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completed granny throw

For the Granny Squares theme on Crochet Along, I decided to make a throw to decorate the office chair in my craft room. I figured out I would need a long strip, 13 squares long and 3 squares wide. When I’d finished all the squares, I measured the finished squares against the chair and decided it needed a 4th column of squares to look better. I didn’t quite have enough yarn for the additional 13 squares, so I had a mad dash to Michaels to hope they still had the same dye lots in stock (they did with the linen colour, but not the brown, but I can’t see the difference so that’s okay).

The upshot of all this is that I didn’t finish the project during the theme time, but I’m only a week overdue. And here is the completed throw:

crocheted granny throw

The throw also comes to the same length behind the chair, so it breaks up the expanse of black leather nicely. I’m especially pleased with the way one square is exactly the same as the width of the top of the chair, so the throw sits squarely on top of the chair and isn’t likely to slide about:

crocheted granny throw detail

I found the Vanna’s Choice yarn pleasant and even to work with, although not as soft as the yarns I usually favour. But I think it will stand up well to use, and may soften with washing.

The rest of my craft room is still plain and undecorated (apart from the toy shelves), but I have grand plans! More on that soon…


  1. Jana said

    Hi, June. The yarn store is at the Hera mall. It’s called the Al Nowari Tradingompany and it’s near Gate 3. 🙂

  2. Fathima said

    Dear june, can you tell me about the yarn store in jeddah too? I’ve been having to make do with impossible coarse yarn all this time and what fun is an itchy garment :s
    Much love for your creativity <3 🙂

    • June said

      Fathima, I’ll ask Jana if she can post the info about the yarn store in Jeddah in a comment on this post – it’d make sense in case anyone else is wondering too!

  3. isna said

    Subhanallah…you’re so creativ person that give me many inspiration to teach my student in class Art n culture…thank you June.
    I hope you not mind to share with us abaut your creativity. ( By the way, I’m sorry about my english..I’m still learning ^_^..thanks a lot )

  4. June said

    Anita: I’ll pass your email address along to Jana – I’m sure she’d be very happy to help you out!

  5. Anita Branin said

    Would you please provide me with the name, address, and directions (if possible) to the yarn store in Jeddah? We just moved here and I need yarn!! Thank you – Anita

  6. Liane said

    Oh, that throw looks beautiful! I’ve only just started crocheting, and I think I might experiment with granny squares in my next project. I love the color choice here, and I think getting little squares done will help me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something.

    I love your blog, by the way. It’s very inspiring. 😀

  7. Rachael said

    Now I’m embarrassed ‘cos I just read your reply to the last comment which totally answered my question! I must s l o w d o w n!

  8. Rachael said

    That looks great! I’m teaching myself to crochet at the moment. Not knowing anyone else who can wield the hook I’m having to learn from books which sometimes ends with mixed results! I have been piecing my granny squares with the ridge facing outwards too as I thought it looked better that way for my current project … but it doesn’t look as neat as yours! Would you mind telling us which method you used to join them? Thanks!

  9. June said

    Jana, yes, my chair is the ALLAK chair from IKEA 🙂

    For my throw, I just used a basic granny square pattern in pink, grey and brown. I made 3 styles of 4-round squares (pink-grey-pink-brown, grey-pink-pink-brown, grey-pink-grey-brown). I joined all the squares together with the brown yarn using slip stitch (because I liked the ridged effect), and then bordered the completed throw with one round of single crochet.

    If you do make one, I recommend you weave in your ends as you go (as I did), otherwise you’ll have hundreds of ends to weave in at the end!

  10. Jana said

    Dear June,
    How funny! I just got finished putting together my new desk chair and it looks exactly like yours! I haven’t been on the net for three days and it was kind of funny to come to your site first to see about your throw to see MY new chair but with a pretty throw! You have inspired me to make one for MY chair. What pattern did you use? Was it just a basic granny square with different colors?
    I just got back from Jeddah where I was able to go to that yarn shop! They didn’t have any “eyelash” or fun fur (fun fur in black only) but I did find some nice chenilles and baby soft “fuzzy” yarns. I also found a neat yarn that looks like the curly sheep skin items out there. I got it in black and white mixed, and one with browns and white. I think the black and white will be ideal to make the lamb pattern I got from you!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Jana (Saudi Arabia)
    PS Is your chair from Ikea?!

    • Deema said

      Where in Jeddah did u find the yarn store? I have been looking everywhere for one.

      • June said

        Deema, I can help with this – Jana has already answered this in a comment below, so you’ll find the info there 🙂

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