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Amigurumi Discworld

Looking to buy a Discworld pattern or a finished Discworld?
See my Amigurumi Discworld info page.

In general, I’m not one for picking favourites, but ever since I was first introduced to Terry Pratchett’s books at age 11-ish, I have bought and loved every single one of his books. I even have two copies of some of them! In my student days, while I still lived in the UK, I queued for hours at book signings so I could spend a few seconds with the man himself, and he was unfailingly nice every time.

Since I made my sea turtle in March, I had a feeling it reminded me of something… Then it came to me: most of Terry’s books are set on the Discworld: a flat world carried through space on the backs of four elephants who themselves stand on the shell of the giant star turtle, Great A’tuin… (Google image search if you don’t know what I’m talking about 🙂 )

The idea to make a crocheted Discworld has been running around inside my head ever since. I thought it would make a wonderful art piece, so I’ve been slowly designing and assembling the pieces to create my Discworld model. I made sure the size for my small elephant design would fit on the turtle’s back… I spent hours studying, sketching, simplifying and photoshopping the Discworld Mapp so I could recreate it in cotton yarn (and my process for that would take up a whole post by itself)…

And, finally, today it has all come together with the finishing touches to the fourth elephant. Drumroll please… In honour of the genius of Terry Pratchett and his books (and totally unauthorized, so I hope he won’t take offence), allow me to present the Amigurumi Discworld:

crocheted Discworld by planetjune

crocheted Discworld by planetjune

crocheted Discworld by planetjune

Small print: Discworld is © Terry Pratchett. I have made my homage only for fun, not profit. I don’t have the rights to create a crochet pattern based on the Discworld, so please don’t ask me to do so 🙂

Please leave me a comment if you like my work – your words mean a lot to me!

UPDATED 5 Sep 08: I have just posted a Discworld update. Terry himself has seen the pics and commented! And I have added some details on how I made the Disc.

Looking to buy a Discworld pattern or a finished Discworld?
See my Amigurumi Discworld info page.


  1. Gary said

    As others have said, this crochet of Discworld is impressive, to say the least.

    I’ve started to review the Discworld series at Maybe you or your reader would be interested.

  2. Rosie said

    I love this so much I just had to make one (that and my hubby kept dropping big hints he wanted one).

    I added a rim-fall and a raised hub with slightly sparkly white yarn. Except no rim-fall at krull of course 🙂

  3. Stu Dall said

    It’s glorious work – I love it!

  4. Edith said

    I love this design and my husband loves discworld. I would love to make this for him and our newborn. Is there a pattern for everything?

  5. Don Black said

    I’m rehearsing in Maskerade at the moment. I don’t like this, I LOVE it. Such wonderful talent.

  6. Wendy Roe said

    Awesome, you are very talented

  7. stacia said

    That is really amazing. I thought I would google amigurumi discworld because I can’t be the only one who has thought of making it. I haven’t made any yet. I want to make myself a Granny, Nanny and Magrat (or Agnes). Then maybe Foul Ol Ron and company. Dibbler. The Librarian. Feegles. Everyone really.

  8. Tiffany Brooks said

    I Love your work it’s amazing! Elephants are my favorite animal! I was wondering how could I Get some from you? E-mail me the information? that would be amazing!

    • June said

      Tiffany, if you’d like to crochet your own elephants, you can pick up the pattern from my shop. If you’re looking for finished elephants, I’m afraid I don’t have time to accept commissions for finished items based on my patterns, but some of my customers do: you can find the list of customers who sell items based on my patterns at – maybe you’ll find one of them who has what you’re looking for in stock, or can custom-make it for you 🙂

  9. Tina said

    So I’ve now made these for a couple of people (not selling them, just gifts for friends), and at my husband’s suggestion I bordered the discs on these new ones in white to simulate the waterfall around the edge (, and I made the turtle green, as some of the Discworld illustrations show a green turtle. I’m also experimenting with pipe cleaners for elephant tusks (

    Just thought I’d share since it’s your idea and your patterns!

  10. Jen said

    Me, my husband and my brother just fell over ourselves trying to find this page after someone forwarded us a photo. How disappointed we were to find we couldn’t buy it!! We fully understand though. You have done an amazing job. We totally just geeked out. Well done. Well done. 🙂

  11. NaomiRuth said

    😀 I absolutely love it

  12. LarissaFae said

    You’re my new favorite person in the world.

    Do you have the pattern for the Disc? Could you, by any chance, offer all three patterns (Disc, turtle, an elephant) in a bundle for, say, $15-$20? Please?

    • June said

      I’d love to do this, and I did approach Terry Pratchett (via his agent) for permission a couple of years ago. I didn’t get an answer though, so I’m afraid that’s the end of that idea, unless I hear differently from the man himself…

      Making fan art is one thing, but profiting from someone else’s ideas without their permission is definitely crossing the line. If anyone wants to approach the Pratchett camp to request they allow it, feel free, but I sent a follow-up email reminder and promised it would be the last time I’d mention it to them, so I don’t feel I can take things any further myself.

      • LarissaFae said

        Ah, right, the whole profit thing. I was so excited I forgot all about that part.

        Well, if I buy the elephant and turtle patterns, as you already had those up, would you feel comfortable passing along the Disc pattern as a bonus? That way we avoid the copyright issue.

        … And I just now read your small print and feel like a jerk. >.< I'm sorry about that.

        • June said

          No need to apologise! Unfortunately, as there is no pattern currently (I freestyled it based on my rough plan), it would take a lot of work for me to develop a complete disc pattern, including both the increases and colour changes to create all the continents in exactly the right place. I just couldn’t justify doing all that without getting paid – it would take many hours of hard work and I just don’t have the time to do that, possibly against Sir Terry’s wishes!

          My original proposal had been that the profits from the Disc pattern could go to a charity of Pterry’s choosing, as a licensing agreement would probably be too difficult to set up. But without permission, I really can’t take this any further, I’m afraid.

  13. Sherri said

    I just wanted to say that I’ve bought the patterns for the elephant and the turtle to attempt my take on the A’tuin! My husband and I both love Terry Pratchett and as soon as he saw this, he asked if I could try and make one.

    You’re an inspiration!

  14. Petra said

    This is so GREAT!!!! A did not know, that is possible to crochet Discworld !!

  15. Katherine Smith said

    Just saw your Discworld as amigurumi on Pinterest. It’s amazing and a tribute to your skills as a crocheter and lover of TP’s books.

  16. Dakota said

    I LOVE IT!!!! You’ve inspired me so much to make my own setting to my very favorite fantasy series thank you!

  17. Terrific work!

  18. Liz Mills said

    Brilliant – your skills and dedication really shine in this example.

    • Jack said

      I’d just like to say that this literally made my day. I showcased it on my blog here

  19. Alec Chalmers said

    That’s pretty impressive, You should do some more stuff like this

  20. Steve H said

    Utterly charming! I took the liberty of posting a link to this on a largish sci-fi modelling site’s forum; we’ll see how they respond!

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