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African Violets crochet pattern

crocheted african violets by planetjune

A crocheted African Violet never needs watering, never dies, and is always in bloom. It’s the perfect thing to brighten up your office desk, or to give as an unusual and thoughtful gift. Everyone appreciates a bit of colour, especially in the middle of winter!

This is a very special pattern: it includes full instructions to mix and match your own lifesize crocheted African Violet. With two plant sizes, two pot sizes, and two flower patterns (single-colour and two-tone), you can create your own custom violets in your favourite shades.

crocheted african violet by planetjune

You can pick up the African Violets pattern today from the PlanetJune shop!

I also have a question for you – what would you like me to design next?? Would you like to see more flowers, more dogs, more wild animals, more PocketAmi sets, or something completely different? Please send me your suggestions (either as a comment here or by e-mail) – and remember, if I use your suggestion I’ll give you a discount on the pattern! I hope you’ll come up with some fun ideas for me…


  1. Descabdello said

    I’m in love with your violets. Is a fantastic pattern:

  2. Sandra Robichaux said

    I wish to be able to view the pattern so I can print it. If there is a cost, email me what to do. I love this flower and grow some of my own.

    • June said

      Hi Sandra, I already emailed you yesterday following your previous message – as you apparently aren’t getting my email (check your Spam?) I’ll answer you here too.

      You can buy the African Violets pattern from my online shop and then download it to your computer (see the instructions here if you have any difficulties).

  3. Marcia said

    Oh btw the way, your African Violet pattern it GORGEOUS. I am thinking of making it for my best friend!

  4. Marcia said

    I would really love to see some sunflower patterns. I have just come across your site and it is chocked full of all sorts of things I want to do! Thanks so much for all the effort and time you put into it. I have been looking for a sunflower pattern that I like but sadly the choices are lacking. I love that you do realistic amigurumi as opposed to the cartoonish variety. Keep them coming!

  5. Karen said

    I LOVE ur violet patterns!! I crochet (used to knit) & when I googled “free crochet violet patterns” ur site popped up & was 3rd or 4th one from top. Might explain y Maryethal thought it was “free”……Thanks for sharing ur beautiful patterns!!

  6. maryethal said

    the key to growing real violets is always water them from the bottom never touch the leaves and keep a light on them all the time like a shade lamp never put them in direct sunlight or outside ! and you will have beautiful flowers all the time !!!

  7. maryethal said

    and as a respone to your email i would suggest you check out the sites that are saying your ideas are free you are very creative and wish you much luck with your God given abilities ! good luck on your future endevours!

  8. maryethal said

    i was so looking forward to this pattern listed as a free one but as all see here it is not i luv your site but some things are becoming disappointing as i try to view more ! please clarify your website for us all !!! thank you

    • June said

      Hi Maryethal, I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but I’m a little confused as to why you thought it would be free? I’ve never stated anywhere that this pattern is free: it isn’t, and never has been. If another site pointed you here and said that my pattern was free, that was an error on their part.

      You can find all my free patterns at – all other patterns designed by me that aren’t listed there are for sale, not free. If you’re still confused, please let me know exactly which pages of my site are confusing to you, so I can improve them.

  9. Bethany said

    I do not crochet but would LOVE to purchase these as I keep killing my real african violets! My mother grew them and they were lovely, I apparently didn’t inherit her green thumb. Now that she’s passed away I am pining for african violets … in vain. I simply can’t keep them alive with a full time job and four children!! Do you know if these or anything similar are for sale? Thanks 🙂

    • June said

      Bethany, I’m afraid my business keeps me too busy to accept commissions for finished items. But I do allow sales of finished items made from my patterns, provided they credit me as the designer, so if you search for “PlanetJune” on Etsy you may find some crocheters who sell items they have made from my patterns, and would be happy to accept a commission to make an african violet for you 🙂

  10. Patricia H said

    cats and dogs breeds . I have Ragdoll cats and Papillion dogs. That would be so nice! A little papillion dog with the big butterfly ears!

    I love your flowers!


  11. Melody said

    I would love to see many more flowers! Morning glory, Echinacea, Black-eyed Susan, anything really! 🙂

    Plus, how about a German Shepherd Dog?

    I love coming to your blog (and looking at what you post at Crochetville) and seeing what you are up to!

  12. Amy said

    So pretty–these would make a great gift–and probably would survive better than the violets I”m currently killing on my windowsill

  13. eve said

    Awww I love the violets sooo cute!!

    Well here is a suggestion for another flower (plant) maybe a frangipani, they are so pretty… 🙂

  14. joy said

    yea little shihtzu dogs would look amazing… not to take the persons idea from above but i agree with you….

  15. vidya george said

    Hi there …Vidya here..I happened to bump into the site of yours..The crochet work in progress..n was sad that u guys had closed down it..but i was sooo happy to c that i can still get excellent patterns from u thru this blog of yours..
    i love crochet n i jus started a blog on it…
    i hope i can get full support from u guys ..seeing the excellent piece of work u have been doin..
    keep up the spirit..


  16. Anna said

    I’d LOVE a venus fly trap and pine cones.

    Also, nobody does a decent dino, one that actually looks REAL! Lol, as in scary-ish, less cuddly. I’d love a T-Rex, or some raptors, feathery or scaly, whatever works.

  17. alycia said

    wow these are wonderful! what about tulips or some sort of cactus next? 🙂

  18. Robyn said

    These are so pretty! I would like to see maybe some roses or my two fave flowers…Daiseys and Carnations. Maybe Ivy or a Fern. Love your flowers. So pretty!!!!

  19. Allie said

    I would like to see more animals, and maybe not all crocheted animals! I think you have to keep in mind that there are people like me that can’t crochet, and we love your patterns too!

  20. kris said

    well you already know what kind of plant i want! hehehe!

  21. Limebrarian said

    Things I’d love to see patterns for:
    -Plants: topiaries (love them!), other trees, ivy (could drape on little buildings, branches in pots, or mini arches), venus fly trap (a good guy gift), peonies, pine cones
    -Animals: flamingo, peacock, yeti, red panda

    I work with rare books/manuscripts so it’s no food/live plants at work. I’ve never been a fan of “silk” flowers and plants, but the crochet ones are cute. I’ll have to give the African Violet pattern a go. I can’t wait to see what you make next.

  22. Shanna said

    I really like the idea of realistic plants. There are so many animal patterns out there, but not a lot of plants. Irises would be interesting but possibly a bit tricky. A fern would also be really neat. I love the african violets in the little pots. I will have to make one for my mom to add to her collection of real ones.

    My other idea was also already mentioned. I love ants, so ants would be cool. Also, weevils are just crying out to be make into amigurumi. If you don’t make one, I just might have to come up with my own! 🙂

  23. Caley said

    I agree on sunflowers! These are lovely…the leaves are such tight coils of green. Haha, I think I enjoy the leaves more than the flowers.

  24. Terry Sargente said

    I would like to see more dogs, like a black and white shihtzu and a gold with black mask shihtzu.

  25. Linnea said

    I and my children would love to see some finger/hand puppets! Or how about a crocodile?

  26. futuregirl said

    I love the round twirly leaves! Great pattern, June!

  27. Rebekah said

    A frog or toad would be cool! No one that I have found has really done a good one. I must say I just adore all the pocket ami animals you have done.

  28. Jana said

    oops. I replied to your email about my ideas! Hope you get it!

    • June said

      Don’t worry, I’m reading and saving all your replies – via blog comment or reply to the newsletter mailout. Some great ideas already, and I’m happy to see more flower suggestions! Maybe I’m starting a new trend for crocheted plants – you heard it here first…

  29. Debi said

    BEAUTIFUL!!! If my Grandmother were still alive she would love to have these. She always grew the real African Violets. I still might make some for my Mom anyway 🙂

    I would love to see some Gerbera Daisies. They are my favorite flower in the world but don’t do well as a cut flower. I think they would be incredible!!

    Thanks for all your hard work, you are truly talented.


  30. Josefin said

    Oh, sunflowers like Anna said, would be nice!
    But I would also love to see more wild animals and PocketAmi’s. Maybe some PocketAmi insects, like butterfly and ants? No spiders though, they are creepy! 🙂
    And I would love to see some some artic/wintery animals. Polarfox, orcas, pinguines (I know they are antartic).


  31. Anna said

    I would love to see some Gardenias, or perhaps sunflowers, think how fun the centers would be! Oooh, or some Magnolia Flowers. I really love your flowers! Also I love the PocketAmi sets, although I haven’t made any yet!

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