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Below, I’ve compiled a list of the questions I’m asked most often. This FAQ is a work in progress and I’ll add answers as more questions arise.

If your question is not answered here, or you’d like any more information, please email me.

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About PlanetJune

Who is PlanetJune?

PlanetJune is a one-woman business, run by me: June Gilbank. I design crochet patterns and write craft books, but that’s not the whole story: I also maintain the PlanetJune website and online shop, ship orders, answer questions, post tutorials and video tutorials, and much more. Basically, anything you see with the word PlanetJune attached to it is created 100% by me.

I try to answer questions (related to PlanetJune and/or my patterns and tutorials) as quickly as possible, but please be patient with me if I can’t reply immediately; I have a lot to keep me busy, but I’m always happy to hear from you and to help wherever I can! If you have a quick question, you’ll probably get a faster response from me if you ask me through Twitter (@PlanetJune). (See also my answer below for the fastest ways to get help for most of your questions, and my estimated email response times.)

What is a CAL and how can I join in?

A Crochet-Along (CAL) is where a pattern (or several) are chosen, and people crochet them at the same time. Every month, we have a PlanetJune (CAL) at the PlanetJune Ravelry group. It’s a lot of fun, a good way to make friends with other friendly crocheters from all over the world, and a chance to crochet the same patterns at the same time as others, ask questions, get help, and take cute photos of what you’ve made for everyone else to admire!

For further details and step-by-step instructions for joining in, see the PlanetJune Crochet-Along FAQ.

What are the Ravellenic Games and how can I join Team PlanetJune?

Every two years, Ravelry hosts the Ravellenic Games, a two-week event timed to coincide with a certain global sports competition. The idea of the Games is to challenge yourself by starting and finishing crochet/knitting project(s) during the timeframe of the games. You join a team, and win medals for your team (and yourself!) by completing projects in various categories (‘events’) using various techniques (‘laurels’).

For further details and step-by-step instructions, see the Team PlanetJune FAQ.

About PlanetJune Crochet Patterns

What is ‘amigurumi’?

Amigurumi (or ‘ami’ for short) are crocheted stuffed toys. The word amigurumi (pronounced ‘ah-mee-goo-roo-mee’) is a contraction of the Japanese words amimono (‘crochet/knit’) and nuigurumi (‘stuffed toy’). Amigurumi may also be knitted, but they’re always crocheted here at PlanetJune!

Amigurumi come in many forms and styles, but they are usually characterized by being formed from single crochet stitches, and worked in the round. If you’re interested in learning more, see my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi, or read my beginner’s advice below for links to my online patterns and tutorials geared to beginners.

I’m a beginner – where should I start?

I’ve created many step-by-step photo and video tutorials that you can use to help you out, if you need it. If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll want to start with the Basics section, then move to Amigurumi Essentials. You can find them all at
You might also like to look at my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi. It’s a very useful reference book to keep at hand, as it includes:

  • A primer on the yarn, hooks, and stitches best for amigurumi, plus fun embellishments you can use to personalize your ami.
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials for getting started, increasing and decreasing, working in the round, changing colors, and more.
  • Expert advice on adding eyes, hair, jointed limbs, clothes, and other fun accessories to your ami.
  • Tips for following an amigurumi pattern, plus four start-to-finish patterns to give you a head-start on designing your own.

Or if you’re brand new to crochet (and not just amigurumi) you may prefer to start with my latest book, Idiot’s Guides: Crochet, which will guide you from the most basic principles of crochet through hundreds of ultra close-up, full colour photos – it’s the best way to learn to crochet short of taking from a personal lesson directly from me (which I’m afraid I can’t offer!)

I’m a beginner – which patterns are most suitable for me?

Don’t be intimidated to try my patterns as a beginner to crochet: almost all my designs are worked in only single crochet (the most basic crochet stitch!) with increases and decreases for shaping. My patterns always explain any special stitches or techniques required with complete photo tutorials, and the few intermediate level patterns are marked as such in the pattern descriptions in my shop.

As a beginner, I would advise staying away from any of the ‘fuzzy’ patterns or patterns that include colour changes, as those techniques are a little more advanced. Get comfortable with making single-coloured amigurumi first, until reading an amigurumi pattern, forming a magic ring and making an invisible decrease are easy for you; then you can add to your skills!

For beginners, I recommend PocketAmi Sets 1 & 2. They are specifically designed for beginners as they are easy and quick to make, with three sweet pocket animals included in each set!

If you’d like to get your feet wet with a free pattern, many of mine are very simple no-sew designs, which makes them great for beginners! You can use them to practice the magic ring, increasing, and decreasing (the basics you’ll need to make any amigurumi). Some perfect beginner options are:

And here’s a small selection of examples of other simple choices from my pattern catalogue. These have more pieces, so require some assembly, but the crocheting is no more difficult than for the one-piece patterns above:

And remember, all my patterns come with unlimited support available by email, so you can always email me with any questions, both before and after purchase!

Where can I get help with your patterns?
  1. I’ve created many step-by-step photo and video tutorials that you can use to help you out, if you need it. If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll want to start with the Basics section, then move to Amigurumi Essentials. You can find them all at
  2. If you’re having trouble with a PlanetJune pattern, but aren’t sure what you’re doing wrong, check my Amigurumi Troubleshooter to find which of my tutorials will solve your problem!
  3. If the troubleshooter doesn’t answer your question, please feel free to ask for further assistance in the PlanetJune Ravelry group, where your friendly fellow PJers are ready and waiting to help! This is the quickest way to receive knowledgeable help from a real live person. 🙂
  4. You can also email me directly for further assistance with any PlanetJune pattern. Please send me a photo of your work (if possible) together with a description of what’s going wrong, to help me diagnose what your problem may be. See my estimated email response times here.

    Please note: I can’t offer personal help with general crochet questions, or questions about patterns from other designers. If your question doesn’t relate to a PlanetJune pattern or tutorial, see my advice on where to get more crochet help (below).

(And, if you have other PlanetJune-related questions, please check the rest of this FAQ before you contact me, to see if I’ve already answered it here!)

Where can I get more crochet help?

If you have general crochet questions that aren’t related to PlanetJune patterns you’ve purchased, here’s how to find the answers:

  • For online help, see my main crochet tutorials index for all my video and photo tutorials.
  • For reference guides, I recommend my books: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi (for amigurumi) and Idiot’s Guides: Crochet (for all crochet).
  • For assistance with a specific designer’s patterns, please contact the designer directly.
  • For general crochet assistance, ask in an appropriate crochet-themed group on Ravelry.
  • For one-to-one assistance from me, I’m always happy to provide free customer support for my own patterns and tutorials (just email me with details of your question or problem). If your question doesn’t relate to a PlanetJune pattern or tutorial but you’d like my expert advice, I’m available for private consultation via email at a rate of $50 per hour of my time, with a half-hour minimum fee payable in advance (please email me with details of your question/problem and request a PayPal invoice for the pre-payment).
Which crochet terminology is used in PlanetJune patterns?

All PlanetJune patterns are clearly written in English language, using standard (US) crochet terminology. To prevent confusion, every PlanetJune pattern includes a table of abbreviations used within the pattern that shows the standard stitch names and their equivalent stitch names in UK crochet terminology. For example, my sc (a single crochet in standard/US) is a double crochet stitch in UK/Aus terminology.

For more information about the terminology differences in different countries, how to convert patterns, and terminology tips, see my article Crochet Terminology.

Do your patterns work for left-handers?

PlanetJune patterns all work equally well for left- and right-handed crocheters – the only difference is that the finished result will be a mirror-image, depending on which hand you hold your hook in. Most patterns are symmetrical, so this rarely makes a difference, but, if you crocheted a dog who has a coloured patch over his right eye in the pattern (for example), your lefty-crocheted dog would just have the patch over his left eye instead.

In general, to convert a pattern to left-handed, the only things a lefty should switch are the words left and right and the words clockwise and counter-clockwise (UK: anti-clockwise). But PlanetJune patterns are lefty-friendly: I always specify any left-handed differences within the pattern, so you don’t need to worry about making any changes.

All PlanetJune crochet tutorials have left- and right-handed versions, and any special techniques in my individual patterns are also shown with left- and right-handed photos, for clarity 🙂

What is Donationware and why should I pay for it?

My ‘free’ patterns are all available as Donationware: for any donation of a dollar or more, you’ll receive a nicely formatted PDF of the pattern that’s easy to print, or to save to your computer or mobile device. The PDF version may also include extra tips and bonus content (the pattern description will indicate if/what bonuses are included). If you can’t or won’t pay, or would like to try before you buy, all my Donationware patterns are available to view in full, linked from my Free Patterns page.

Your donations help to support the content I provide at PlanetJune. PlanetJune is ad-free – instead of forcing you to view adverts you aren’t interested in, I prefer that you choose to pay for my free patterns, tutorials and advice that you find helpful. Donations go to fund my expenses (my web server and yarn for new designs) and to support me so I can afford to continue to provide you with my crochet expertise in the form of new patterns and tutorials.

All donations are very gratefully received, whether you can afford only a dollar or have the means to offer a much larger contribution – every dollar counts! In fact, receiving donations is one of the most meaningful parts of my business: if I can help you enough that you choose to reward me when you aren’t obliged to, that proves I’m making a real difference with my life and my choice of career. Thank you for your generosity 🙂

What is your Pattern Re-release project?

I’ve updated my entire back catalogue of patterns with extra information and tips and a new space-saving layout. I re-released them in batches as they were ready; this project is now complete and all patterns are now updated. Please see the Pattern Re-Release FAQ for more details.

When will you publish a book of your patterns?

I won’t ever publish a crochet pattern book – I’ve always turned down offers to write them and can’t see that changing in the future. PlanetJune is my livelihood, so I can’t do anything that would compete with that – my pattern shop is how I earn my living, so if you like PlanetJune patterns, buying the PDFs directly from me is, and always will be, the only way to get them!

I have published two crochet reference books: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi (the definitive reference guide to amigurumi techniques) and Idiot’s Guides: Crochet (the essential guide to learning crochet stitches and techniques). For each of these, I designed new patterns that are available exclusively in the books and allow you to practice the techniques I teach in each book.

I’ve found a mistake in your pattern – what should I do?

Please email me with details if you think you may have noticed a mistake in one of my patterns. Although I take extreme care to ensure that all PlanetJune patterns are clear, well-explained, and free from errors, I am only human and there is a possibility that something may occasionally slip past me.

Note: If you purchased the pattern a while ago, re-download the pattern from your PlanetJune account first, to make sure you have the most recent version of the pattern. Any corrected or updated versions are immediately uploaded to your account, so you’ll always have access to the latest version of all patterns you’ve purchased from PlanetJune.

If it turns out that you’ve made a mistake or misunderstood something in the pattern, I can set you back on the right track so you can complete the pattern. In the rare case that there is a mistake, I’d be very grateful to be made aware of it so I can correct the pattern – making sure my patterns are clear and accurate is a top priority for me.

Either way, contacting me with your possible concerns is a win-win situation for you, so please don’t feel shy about reaching out if you’re unsure about anything in my patterns!

Buying Patterns

How can I pay for my order?

You don’t need a PayPal account to be able to order from my shop – I use PayPal as my credit card processor, so, provided you have a credit card (or even a debit card), you should be able to order without having a PayPal account, by providing your card details and billing address on the PayPal screen (this won’t create a PayPal account, just process your credit/debit card payment).

As I’m currently located in South Africa, I have no way to accept payments of cash, check/cheque, money order, or direct bank deposit (unless you’re in South Africa too, and want to pay by EFT – email me and we can sort that out).

Can I pay in my own currency?

All my prices are in US dollars (USD). Don’t worry if you’re in another country and don’t use USD; you can still buy from my shop with no problems!

  • If you have a PayPal account, PayPal will automatically convert the price to your own currency before you complete payment.
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account and pay by credit card instead, your credit card company will convert the price and charge you the appropriate amount in your own currency on your credit card bill.
I’ve bought a pattern – how and when will I receive it?

Your PlanetJune account gives you unlimited access to all your PlanetJune pattern purchases, in case you ever need to download another copy, or if there’s an update to the pattern.

All patterns bought from the PlanetJune shop ( are automatically available for immediate download from your PlanetJune account as soon as you have completed your order and payment. (Need help with that? Read the download instructions.)

  • If you paid using PayPal Express Checkout and did not create a PlanetJune account, one was automatically created for you. (If you don’t see the email with your temporary password, please check your Spam folder.)
  • If you paid by PayPal eCheck (this usually happens when you send payment via your bank account or debit card instead of a credit card), your patterns will be avilable as soon as your eCheck clears through PayPal, which usually takes a few days – check your PayPal account for the expected clearing date.

Note: if the pattern still appears in your shopping cart and there’s no record of your order in ‘My Account’, that means your order was not completed (check your PayPal – you’ll see that no payment was made to me). Log back in to your PlanetJune account, go to checkout again and you’ll be redirected to PayPal so you can pay. Once payment is complete, you’ll be returned from PayPal back to my shop, where you’ll be able to download your pattern immediately.

If you bought a pattern from my Etsy shop, it will be downloadable from as a PDF file once I have processed your order. If you don’t already have a PlanetJune account using the email address you use for your Etsy account, I’ll create one for you using that email (unless you request the account be created with a different email address). I’ll email you with your download details when your order has been processed, within 24-48hrs of payment wherever possible. Please remember to check your Spam folder if you don’t see my email. I recommend that you purchase from my own shop in future, so you won’t have to wait to receive your patterns!

I’ve bought a pattern – what may I do with it?

By purchasing any PlanetJune patterns, you are not buying a copy of a pattern; you’re buying far more: a perpetual single-user licence for the pattern.

Your licence entitles you to:

  • Unlimited customer support from the pattern designer (that’s me: June Gilbank).
  • Unlimited copies of the pattern (for your personal use only): if you lose the pattern in 1, 5, or 10 years and want another copy, you can simply download it again from your PlanetJune account! (If you have any purchases missing from your PJ account, e.g. from Etsy orders, a contest prize, etc, just contact me with the details and I’ll add the missing patterns to your account for you.)
  • Free access to any errata or revisions to the pattern.
  • Make as many items from the pattern as you wish.
  • Do whatever you wish with items made from the pattern (if you choose to sell them, please give me credit as the pattern designer, as specified below).

Your licence is non-transferable and PlanetJune patterns may not be shared, passed on to others, re-sold, or redistributed in any other way.

Can I send your patterns as a gift?

There are two ways in which you can send my patterns as a gift:

  • Buy a PlanetJune Gift Certificate. These are available in multiples of $5, but once you’ve bought them you can send any amount to your recipient – it doesn’t have to be the full value of the Gift Certificates you’ve purchased. If you prefer, you can send the specific value of the pattern(s) to your recipient and keep the rest as a balance in your account, to spend yourself or gift to someone else at a later date!
  • Ask me to send the pattern(s) directly to the recipient. If you’d like to do this, please follow these instructions:
    1. Add a note to me at checkout to say that your order is a gift. Please include in your note the recipient’s name and email address and any personal message from you.
    2. Do not download the pattern(s) after completing your order.
    3. I’ll transfer the pattern(s) to your recipient’s PlanetJune account (I’ll create an account if they don’t already have one), email your recipient with a notification and your message, and then email you to confirm the patterns(s) have been delivered!
May I sell items I’ve made using your patterns?

Yes, you may sell items made from my patterns, provided you comply with the following:

  • The items must be 100% handmade by you, the purchaser (no production-line allowed)
  • Any items for sale must state in the item description that they are based on my pattern (by ‘PlanetJune’ or ‘June Gilbank’ or both) and preferably with a link to my website (
  • Any items you sell based on my patterns must feature only your own photographs of the item you have made to sell. You do not have permission to use my photographs to help sell your work.

If you’re not sure how to price your items fairly, see my Pricing Amigurumi article for my pricing tips.

If you have an online shop where you sell items made from my patterns, you’re eligible to be included in my list of PlanetJune-designed toy sellers, and get some free publicity for your shop. (See the bottom of that page for details of how to sign up – it’s 100% free; my service to you!)

Can I buy your patterns through Ravelry?

All my patterns are listed on Ravelry so, if you’d like to keep track on Ravelry of which PlanetJune patterns you own, simply find the appropriate patterns and click ‘add to library’ from the pattern page (in the same way as you can add the books and magazines you own). The patterns will be listed as ‘Single Patterns’ in your library.

However, I do not sell my patterns through Ravelry as I don’t sell PDF copies of crochet patterns, I sell perpetual single-user licences for my patterns, which give you far more! All pattern licences are processed through the PlanetJune shop, and they offer you all of my licencing perks (including unlimited downloads, free updates, customer support whenever you need it, etc).

Can I buy a printed copy of your patterns?

I have no way to offer printed patterns to you at a reasonable price – as I’m living in South Africa at the moment, the cost of printing and shipping printed pages to you would be ridiculous (it would more than double the price of each pattern!), and the package may well take weeks to arrive, assuming it doesn’t get lost in the post.

If you would like a printed copy but don’t have a printer, you could ask a friend or family member to print your patterns for you, or you could take the PDFs to a print shop (or your local library, probably) and get them printed there. Any of these options would be far cheaper than having me print and post them, and you’d get them much more quickly too!

Where can I buy your books?

You can buy my two crochet books in paperback from your local bookshop, or online – both in paperback and Kindle ebook format – through Amazon. (I’ll also receive a small commission if you buy from Amazon – thank you!) Click through for more information and links to buy:

Note: Although I can’t offer signed copies, you can order a free signed bookmark from me to keep with your book – the next best thing!

The original print edition of my papercraft book, Paper Chains & Garlands, went out of print in 2010, but I’ve now re-released it as an ebook in a handy PDF format including 10 pages of printable templates, exclusively from PlanetJune:

And my punchneedle embroidery ebook is also available to purchase online in PDF format, exclusively from PlanetJune:

Yarn (and Hooks) for Amigurumi

What is ‘worsted weight’ yarn and do I have to use it?

Most amigurumi patterns are worked in worsted weight yarn. For information about worsted weight yarn, alternative names for it in other countries, substituting different yarns, and some international stockists, see my article Yarn for Amigurumi.

Which yarns do you use for your amigurumi?

You’ll find a brief rundown (with examples) of my 3 favourite yarns at the top of this post – I use one of those three for the majority of my amigurumi designs.

It really doesn’t matter which yarns you use – you absolutely don’t have to use the same yarns as I did to get beautiful results! When I create a design, I never mix lighter and heavier yarns within the same design, so you can substitute any yarn and end up with a good result. See How do I choose/substitute yarn? (below) for helpful advice.

Where can I find the yarn that you used in your pattern sample?

The specific yarns I used to make my samples are just included in the pattern for reference. Yarns are often altered and discontinued by manufacturers, and, particularly if the pattern is a few years old, you may not be able to find the exact same yarns I used. Contact the manufacturer for assistance if you’re looking for a specific yarn (here are the websites for the brands I usually use for amigurumi: Bernat, Red Heart, Lion Brand).

However, my patterns are designed to work in any yarn (provided you choose an appropriately-sized hook for your yarn – see my Resizing article for details). See How do I choose/substitute yarn? (below) for helpful advice on choosing a substitute yarn.

Note: For patterns that use many different colours of yarn but the exact shades aren’t important (e.g. a plant pattern where you can choose to make all the components in different shades and they’ll still look great) I may just list the yarn names in the pattern, and not all the exact shades I used. If you’d like a complete list of the specific yarn colours I used for a pattern, I always try to list them in full in my project listing for that pattern in the Ravelry database, so you can look there. (If you find my rav project is missing those details, please let me know so I can add them!)

How do I choose/substitute yarn?

The beauty of my amigurumi patterns is that (with the exception of the Fuzzy Friends patterns – and yarn substitution guidance is provided with each of those patterns), you can substitute any yarns that are conveniently available to you.

To make a good yarn substitution:

  1. Look for a yarn that’s conveniently available to you and has an appropriate colour for the design you want to make.
  2. If the pattern uses more than one colour, use the same weight (thickness) of yarn for each colour within a piece. (A cautionary note: see my worsted weight yarn comparison for details of how much variance you can get, even within yarns all marked as ‘worsted weight’, so do try to find similar yarns for each colour.)
  3. Use an appropriately sized hook for the yarn you’re using and how tightly you crochet (too small and you’ll split the yarn or find your stitches too difficult to work back into; too large and your amigurumi will have large holes between the stitches where the stuffing shows through).
  4. You can even substitute yarn of a different weight, provided you use an appropriately-sized hook (see point 2, above) and understand that you will end up with a correspondingly larger or smaller result. See my Resizing article for more information and examples on scaling an amigurumi pattern to be larger or smaller.
Which is the best type of crochet hook for amigurumi?

Crochet hooks come in two main styles (in-line and tapered) and different people prefer different styles. For more information about the differences between them, which my favourite is, and how to source hooks internationally, see my article Crochet Hook Styles.

Commission Requests

Can I commission you to design a pattern?

I’ve started a new crowd-sourced commissions process, where you can pledge an amount of your choice towards the commission of a new design. When the design is fully funded, I will create the design for you! I’m using this method so I can get a feel for which designs will be popular and be paid a fair price for my work in creating the design without charging any one person excessively.

If the design you want isn’t on my commissions list, submit the form at the bottom of the Commissions page if you’d like me to add your suggestion to the options, or, if you’d like a design more quickly and are willing to pay the full cost of the design process, you can commission me privately. The cost for a private commission would vary depending on:

  • The size and complexity of the design
  • Whether you want exclusive rights to the pattern (very expensive!) or if I can also sell it in my shop
  • How popular I estimate the pattern will be (I’ll reduce my price if I think I’ll be able to sell lots of copies)

Before you contact me to request a commission, please consider these points:

  • Please don’t ask me to design a pattern for a trademarked character (from film, TV, video games, comic books, etc) – it’s illegal to sell patterns of trademarked characters without a licence from the trademark holder. (If you’re the trademark holder and would like to commission an official crochet pattern of your character, that’s a different matter, of course – please do get in touch!)
  • Patterns I create will be in my style – realistic, cute, clean lines, understated. Please look at my existing designs to get an idea of my general aesthetic and see if you’d like to see your idea crocheted in my style. If not, I’m not the right person to commission to bring your idea to life!
  • I value quality over speed: I won’t release a design until I am 100% satisfied with it. From research, through design, crocheting, pattern writing, photography and editing, it will typically take at least a month for me to bring a new design to life, and potentially longer if I have prior commitments.

If all this sounds good, please email me with your ideas and we’ll start the conversation!

Can I commission you to crochet something for me?

I am a designer and writer, and my time is more than filled with creating new designs, running my shop and blog, and providing assistance to my customers. My process is very time-intensive as I take so much care to make my animals to a very high standard and to give the finished animals the cutest face and personality possible. I refuse to compromise on quality, so, unfortunately, I can no longer accept any commissions for finished items as there aren’t enough hours in the day!

As I do allow sales of finished items based on my designs, you may be able to commission a piece from one of my customers. I’m compiling a list of customers with online shops selling PlanetJune-designed toys that they’ve crocheted, so I suggest you look there! (Please note that although other people work from my patterns, they will not create exact replicas of my work – this is the nature of handcrafts, that no two pieces are exactly alike. Please also note that I make no claim as to the quality of their work or how it compares with my original designs; I cannot be held responsible for others’ work, so I suggest you look carefully at the crocheter’s previous work before deciding whether to commission them.)

Can I buy the Discworld/Reepicheep/orang utan (etc) you crocheted?

I’m afraid not! These are one-of-a-kind art pieces that take me weeks to create. The originals aren’t for sale and they aren’t intended to be reproduced. I create them out of love for the subject and I hope you’ll enjoy my photos of the finished artworks. (Also, there’s the issue of licensing with trademarked characters such as the Discworld and Reepicheep – I can’t make a profit on unlicensed merchandise; it wouldn’t be legal.)

Can you make a pattern for your Discworld/Reepicheep/orang utan (etc)?

I’m afraid not! Although most of my designs are specifically created with the intention to produce easy-to-follow patterns from them, I sometimes crochet art pieces which are one-of-a-kind pieces and a) far too complicated to make into patterns and/or b) fan art involving trademarked characters such as the Discworld and Reepicheep (I can’t make a profit on unlicensed merchandise; it wouldn’t be legal).

But, you can buy patterns for some of the non-trademarked elements of my art pieces, e.g. Discworld’s Elephants and Sea Turtle, Reepicheep’s Water Lily, Columbo’s Dog

Can you make a video/tutorial for a certain crochet stitch or pattern?

I’m creating a reference library of crochet tips and techniques, demonstrated through photo and video tutorials, and I’m always happy to hear your requests and ideas for new tutorials I can make! Please contact me with your requests.

Please be aware though that I create my videos to support my own patterns. Each one takes me several hours to film and edit, and nobody pays me to make them – I just create them as a service to help my customers. I’m afraid I only have time to make videos that demonstrate techniques I use in my designs. Of course, my future designs may require different techniques, so I may still be able make the video at a later date when it’s needed to support a new pattern!

Order Troubleshooting

How do I download patterns?

You can download your patterns as PDF files from your PlanetJune account (see for instructions).

How do I view and/or print my patterns?

PlanetJune patterns are available as PDF files. All computers, smartphones, tablets, etc should be able to automatically open PDF files. If not, you can download the free Adobe Reader software to open them.

If you’d like to print your patterns, all PlanetJune patterns are sized to print onto either Letter or A4 sized paper, so you won’t get any edges cut off, no matter which country you live in! Or, of course, you can save money on paper and ink and view the patterns on-screen, from your computer or mobile device.

I can’t view and/or print my patterns.

Make sure you have a PDF reader (for example, the free Adobe Reader software) installed on your computer or mobile device.

  • If the text appears to be scrambled or unreadable on your screen (and also if you try to print it), please download the file again from your PlanetJune account.
  • If you can read the pattern on screen but it looks scrambled or unreadable when you print it, please try restarting your computer and turning the printer off and on again, then try to print the pattern again.
I can’t complete checkout.
  • PayPal requires a shipping address before you can pay me (even though I don’t need it if you’re only ordering patterns!) If you don’t have a shipping address listed in either your PlanetJune account or your PayPal account, please add your shipping address to one or the other and then try to check out again.
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account, please make sure your name and billing address are spelled exactly the same way as they appear on your credit card statement, otherwise your credit card company won’t let PayPal proceed with your transaction.
  • If you do have a PayPal account but you’ve recently changed some of the details for your linked credit/debit card (e.g. you received a new card with a new expiry date, or moved house and so changed your billing address), make sure you update your card details in your PayPal account.
  • If you have a PayPal account and your card details are up to date and you’ve entered your shipping address but you’re still experiencing difficulty in paying, it may be a temporary glitch at PayPal’s end. I suggest you wait a few minutes and try again, and then, if it still doesn’t work, contact PayPal customer support for assistance (and copy and paste the error message into your email so they can help pinpoint your problem).
I didn’t receive an order confirmation.

Please check your Spam folder, and add to your contacts or safe list so you’ll receive future emails in your inbox.

I didn’t create a PlanetJune account – how do I log in?

If you didn’t create a PlanetJune account, and used the PayPal Express Checkout, my shop would have created an account, and a temporary password, for you. You should have received an email with the password – if you didn’t receive it, it’s probably in your Spam folder.

Please check your Spam, and if you don’t find the email, click ‘Forgot your password?’ from the login screen, enter your email address (the one you used with your PayPal account) and my system will send you a new temporary password (again, check your Spam if you don’t see the email). You can change your password to something you’ll remember once you’ve logged in!

My purchases don’t show in my PlanetJune account.

There are two reasons why patterns may be missing from your PlanetJune account: A) you accidentally created two PlanetJune accounts and have orders in each, or B) you received the missing patterns by email.

A: Two PlanetJune Accounts. You may have accidentally created two PlanetJune accounts if:

  • You changed your email address and made a new PlanetJune account instead of updating the email address on your old account.
  • You checked out using the PayPal Express Checkout and use a different email for PayPal than you use for your PlanetJune account. In this case you’ll have a second PlanetJune account under your PayPal email.
  • You checked out using the PayPal Express Checkout and paid with a friend or family member’s PayPal account. In this case the order will be in a PlanetJune account with the PayPal account holder’s name and PayPal email address.

If any of these reasons (or any other) apply to you, please contact me with details of your two accounts and which one you’d like to keep, and I’ll merge the accounts for you. If you’re not sure of the details for your second account, please contact me with whatever details you can remember and I’ll try to track down the other account!

B: Emailed Patterns. There are a few reasons why you may have received patterns by email instead of automatically through your PlanetJune account, for example:

  • You commissioned a pattern prior to 2013.
  • You won a pattern (through ‘Review and Win’, a CAL prize, etc) prior to 2013.
  • You ordered patterns prior to July 2008 (when I replaced my PayPal shopping cart with my fully-featured shop).
  • You ordered patterns through Etsy (or another online storefront) prior to May 2015.

If any of these (or another reason) apply to you, I’d be happy to add the missing patterns to PlanetJune account, so you have access to any updates and can download another copy whenever you need to.

So I can add your patterns, please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a list of all your PlanetJune patterns that do not show in your PlanetJune account (one per line, please) together with where you bought/won them (for each pattern, just put Etsy, commission, which contest, etc). I need this info so I can verify your purchases.
  2. If you don’t already have a PlanetJune account, create one now.
  3. Email me (that’s To:, Subject: Missing Patterns) and include:
    • The list of your missing patterns and where you bought/won them from
    • If you ordered through Etsy, your Etsy username
    • The email address you use to login to your PlanetJune account (if different to the one you’re emailing me from)

Once I’ve received your email, you’ll be able to download your patterns from your PlanetJune account as soon as I notify you that the new order has been created, and at any time in the future. 🙂

When will you reply to my email?

Timeline: I try to respond to customer support requests on the following schedule (but please remember that the ‘PlanetJune customer support team’ is just me and I can’t always respond as quickly as I’d like).

  • Technical support – problems downloading purchases etc – 24 hrs
  • Pattern support – help with a pattern you’ve purchased – 48 hrs
  • General PlanetJune-related questions – 2 business days
  • Other questions – 5 business days

If you need my help regarding your order or have a question about one of my patterns, I’ll always respond to your emails! If you haven’t received a reply in a timely manner (see Timeline, above, for estimates), please remember to check your Spam folder for my email. Automated emails from my shop are sent from, but personal replies directly from me will come from my Gmail address (my name @ so please look out for an email from June Gilbank, not from PlanetJune!

If your question isn’t regarding customer support or pattern support, please see Where can I get more crochet help? (above).


Are your patterns available in my language?

Quality control is very important to me, and, until such a time as I am able to provide official translations of my patterns that are guaranteed to meet my standards for quality and accuracy (together with high quality follow-up pattern support in the same language – something I don’t foresee I’ll ever be able to offer), my patterns are only available in English (with standard/US crochet terminology).

If English isn’t your first language and you’re having trouble with a specific word or sentence in one of my patterns, try copying that part into Google Translate to translate it into your own language. Google Translate may not give a perfect result, but it’s usually clear enough for you to understand the meaning.

May I offer you my services as a translator?

While I do appreciate the thought (thank you!), I’ve had many offers to translate my patterns into various languages, but I just don’t have time to do justice to the resulting translations. Once I received the translated text, I’d still have to format each pattern for publication and create a supporting webpage for it – all of which is very time-consuming. And, once I started publishing any translations, I know I’d be swamped with requests for every pattern in many languages. With close to 150 patterns (and counting)in my catalogue, even in just a handful of languages, you can see why I just can’t consider this.

The other major reason that I don’t plan to ever offer translations of my patterns is that I can’t provide support for patterns written in a language I don’t speak, and providing patterns without any follow-up support available is not the PlanetJune way!

May I translate your free patterns and post them on my blog/website?

You are very welcome to translate any of my patterns for your own personal use, but you may not share your translations with anyone else, either online or offline. I make my living from selling my crochet patterns. My ‘free’ patterns are not entirely free: I provide them as donationware (so that you can choose to compensate me for my time in creating and sharing these patterns), and to introduce you to my work so you can be confident of the quality and clarity of my patterns before you choose to buy more patterns from my shop. As such, I cannot allow my patterns, or translations of them, to be published anywhere apart from on my own website:


May I teach a class using one of your patterns?

Yes, you are very welcome to use any of my paid or free (donationware) patterns to teach with, provided you notify me in advance and comply with my terms below:

  • Paid patterns
    You may use my patterns to teach classes, provided either:

    1. You purchase the pattern, and instruct each student to also purchase a copy of the pattern from prior to the class.
      — or —
    2. You purchase one copy of the pattern per student plus one for yourself and provide each student with the PDF file of the pattern and/or a printout of the entire PDF file, with instructions that the pattern may not be shared or passed on after the class.
  • Free (Donationware) patterns
    You may use my patterns to teach classes, provided either:

    1. You instruct each student to either purchase a PDF copy of the pattern from or see the pattern at its web address prior to the class.
      — or —
    2. You donate a minimum of $1 per student plus $1 for the pattern, and provide each student with the PDF file of the pattern and/or a printout of the entire PDF file, with instructions that the pattern may not be shared or passed on after the class.

    You may not share excerpts from the pattern or printouts of the web version with your students.

Which PlanetJune patterns are best for teaching with?

All PlanetJune patterns are very clearly explained and illustrated, but my smaller, easier patterns are usually more suitable for teaching with, as your students will feel happier if they can complete their project by the end of the class!

For this reason, I particularly recommend my PocketAmi pattern sets or any of my Donationware patterns, as these patterns are faster to complete and involve fewer techniques to teach than some of my larger designs. (See also my answer to which patterns are best suited for beginners, above.)


May I link to your pattern/tutorial on my blog?

You are very welcome to link back to any of the patterns, tutorials and posts on my site; you also have permission to include one of my photos with your link if you wish, provided you make clear that it’s my photo. You may not reproduce my entire pattern/tutorial/post content in full, but a link and one photo is fine.

For my crochet tutorials, you may link directly to specific tutorials, and/or to the crochet tutorial index at

May I link to your pattern/tutorial in my pattern?

You are very welcome to include a link referencing any of my crochet tutorials or patterns in your own patterns. (You may not, however, copy or otherwise reproduce any part of my patterns, tutorials or photos in your own patterns.)

To make this easier for you, all my free patterns and tutorials have a shortlink that goes directly to the pattern instructions and will look neater in your printed pattern (e.g. or There should be instructions on each pattern/tutorial page that include the relevant shortlink. If you don’t see the shortlink for the pattern/tutorial you wish to reference, please email me to ask for it!

For my crochet tutorials, you may link directly to specific tutorials, and/or to the crochet tutorial index at

May I include your pattern/tutorial in my pattern?

You may not copy or otherwise reproduce any part of my patterns, tutorials or photos in your own patterns, but you are very welcome to include a link referencing any of my crochet tutorials or patterns in your own patterns.

To make this easier for you, all my free patterns and tutorials have a shortlink that goes directly to the pattern instructions and will look neater in your printed pattern (e.g. or There should be instructions on each pattern/tutorial page that include the relevant shortlink. If you don’t see the shortlink for the pattern/tutorial you wish to reference, please email me to ask for it!

For my crochet tutorials, you may link directly to specific tutorials, and/or to the crochet tutorial index at

May I post your photos on my blog?

Pattern photos: You may post one of my pattern photos on your website, provided you credit me as the designer and provide a link back to my website so people know where to buy the pattern. You may not reproduce my entire pattern in full, but a link and one photo is fine.

Tutorial photos: You may post one photo from a tutorial to accompany a link to my tutorial, provided you make clear that it’s my photo, and include a link to the tutorial on my site. You may not reproduce my entire tutorial in full, but a link and one photo is fine.

Reviews & Advertising

Will you review my craft product?

I’m very happy to review craft books and products that may interest me and my readers. Please contact me prior to sending items for review and/or if you’d like to know about my readership statistics (I won’t post them here, as they change over time!).

Please be aware that my reviews are well-respected because I write honest, thorough reviews, stating my real opinion about the product; both good and bad points. I will not accept payment to write a review, or recommend a product I do not believe in.

Can I advertise on PlanetJune?

To avoid misleading my readers, I do not accept any paid advertising on PlanetJune. Any websites, products, or services that are mentioned on PlanetJune are done so as personal recommendations from me. If you’d like me to review your product/service instead, please see my Reviews FAQ answer.

May I provide guest content for PlanetJune?

All content on PlanetJune is written by me, June Gilbank. I do not accept any external content (guest posts, sponsored posts, etc).

Craft Business Advice

How do I set up an online shop?

If you’d like to sell your own patterns or handmade goods online, there are many options open to you. I’ve put together an overview of some of the major options with the main positive and negative points of each, so you can figure out which venue may be the best fit for you: Selling Crafts and Patterns Online.

How do I set prices for my finished amigurumi?

Setting prices for amigurumi – or any handcrafted items – can be very tricky. See my Pricing Amigurumi article for some pointers that may help you to set reasonable and realistic prices if you want to sell the amigurumi you’ve crocheted. (And remember, you may sell items made from any of my patterns, provided you give me credit as the designer – don’t forget to add your online shop to my Sellers List so I can refer people your way!)

How do design my own unique patterns/products?

In my article 3 Tips For Aspiring Designers, I’ve shared the three factors that I balance to produce my designs. Use these tips to understand the process of designing unique and original products. (These tips don’t apply to only amigurumi designers: this basic process applies to whatever you’re designing, be it patterns, handmade products, or inventions/designs to be commercially manufactured.)

How do I publish a book?

If you have a great idea for a book, there’s no one right way to go about trying to get it published. You can hire an agent to help you through it all and make sure you find a good publisher and get a good deal, but they’d take a cut of your fee (typically 10%), so you may choose to go it alone.

I’ve never actually approached a publisher – they came to me – but if you’re not that fortunate, the best way to try to get your book published is to submit a proposal to a publisher. To do that:

  • Find a publisher that produces the type of book you want to make.
  • Look for the submission requirements on that publisher’s website, and make sure you follow them exactly (the form of proposals is different for each publisher).
  • Make sure your proposal is complete and error-free – you only get one chance to make a first impression!
How do I get a pattern published in a magazine?

Go to the magazine’s website and find their submission guidelines. As with book proposals (above) the requirements vary for each publication, so make sure you follow the guidelines exactly or they may well throw out your submission.

Other Questions?

Please contact me with any other questions and I’ll add them to this FAQ!


  1. Cody said

    Hi June,

    Your patterns are amazing. I’m wondering how simple your patterns are. My wife and I have no crocheting experience but we’d like to give your designs a try. Would you suggest working on something easier first, or is it typically simple enough to jump right in to?

    I understand this is a completely subjective question, just thought I’d give it a shot. 🙂



  2. Andrea said

    I love your patterns but I can’t download them to my iPad! (not Safari-friendly) Why can’t we buy patterns directly into our Ravelry libraries, that way we would have online (paperless) access to our copy of the pattern at all times.

    I can download/save to my laptop at home and then print out the pattern, but that’s not generally how I work and it’s much more restrictive for when I’m traveling or just want to make something on a whim.

    Just wondering.

    • June said

      Andrea, I am sorry you feel inconvenienced! I have set up my own shop with my own download system so I have complete control over my patterns. If I used Ravelry instead, not only would I lose control over my patterns (they’d no longer stored on my own server) but I’d also lose $20 per month in fees and I’d have to raise my pattern prices to compensate for that! Ravelry is a good solution for small-volume sellers who don’t want the hassle of creating and maintaining their own shop, but I prefer to keep control over my patterns. I hope you can understand my reasons.

      As for your iPad, as I specify in my download instructions, you can download your pattern on your computer, unzip it, and then transfer the PDF to your iPad – it’s a small inconvenience, but not insurmountable. Your entire pattern library would barely make a dent in your iPad’s storage, and by storing the PDFs directly on your iPad, you’d also be able to access your patterns when you’re offline! 🙂

    • June said

      Following up on this, you can now download and unzip your patterns on your iPad using a free app such as iDownloads+. I’ve written a tutorial with full instructions: Open zip files on your iPad.

  3. maryethal said

    i appreciate your site so so much i have a broken foot and i have nothing to do but crochet ! and i have decorated my house with so so many of your ideas !!! keep up the good work !

  4. Jacqui said

    hi June,

    i’m a begginer at crochet and i have mastered single crochet (ie counting stitches, making the right stitch), but my patch has gone curvy. i think i have an issue with tension in the yarn, any tips for overcoming this?

    just curious,


  5. Brigitte Goodman said

    I just love your work, especially the terry-pratchett-disc-world-amigurumi. Can’t we see a bigger picture of it, it is so awful. Keep up your good work. Your voice and accent are beautiful so even people with little knowledge of English can understand your tutorials. Thank you! Brigitte from Austria

  6. marcia fry said

    How do I get the patterns for the lambs? Thanks

  7. Holly said

    I love your designs! I just wanted to ask about the commission designs- will those be available to purchase when they’re complete, or are they restricted to those who pledged for them? I’m particularly interested in the armadillo pattern, but it’s fully pledged!

    • June said

      Don’t worry, Holly – all my commissioned designs become patterns for sale in the shop as soon as they are complete. Sign up for my monthly newsletter and you’ll be notified as soon as it’s available 🙂

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