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I can’t complete checkout.

You can pay immediately for your order using Stripe or PayPal. The answers to the most common problems with each are below.


  • Stripe (in Canada) can currently only accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. If you don’t have any of those cards available, please choose the PayPal option instead, as that will accept all credit/debit cards.


  • PayPal requires a shipping address before you can pay me (even though I don’t need it if you’re only ordering patterns!) If you don’t have a shipping address listed in either your PlanetJune account or your PayPal account, please add your shipping address to one or the other and then try to check out again.
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account, please make sure your name and billing address are spelled exactly the same way as they appear on your credit card statement, otherwise your credit card company won’t let PayPal proceed with your transaction.
  • If you do have a PayPal account but you’ve recently changed some of the details for your linked credit/debit card (e.g. you received a new card with a new expiry date, or moved house and so changed your billing address), make sure you update your card details in your PayPal account.
  • If you have a PayPal account and your card details are up to date and you’ve entered your shipping address but you’re still experiencing difficulty in paying, it may be a temporary glitch at PayPal’s end. I suggest you wait a few minutes and try again, and then, if it still doesn’t work, contact PayPal customer support for assistance (and copy and paste the error message into your email so they can help pinpoint your problem).

Still having problems?
If, for some reason, you cannot pay via either Stripe or PayPal, most of my patterns are also available to purchase through my Etsy shop, where you can also pay directly with any credit or debit card. Although this option doesn’t give you an instant download or my standard discounts, once I’ve processed your order, your patterns will be available for you to download from your PlanetJune account as usual.

  • To find the patterns you require, look for the ‘Search items’ box partway down the page.
  • (If you have problems locating specific patterns or sets in my Etsy shop, please email me with details and I’ll send you the links!)

Other Payment Options

  • ACH (US only): If you’re in the US, you can send your payment straight to my US bank account with an ACH transfer, if that’s a feature your bank offers (some banks may charge a small fee for this, so check with your bank first if you’re unsure). Please email me ( with a list of the patterns you want and tell me you’d like to pay by ACH, and I’ll send you your total cost and my US bank account details for your payment.
  • e-Transfer (Canada only): If you’re in Canada, you can send your payment in CAD with an e-Transfer from your bank (some banks may charge a small fee for this, so check with your bank first if you’re unsure). Please email me ( with a list of the patterns you want and tell me you’d like to pay by e-Transfer, and I’ll send you your total cost in CAD and my details for your payment.
  • Cash/Check/Cheque/Money Order: Or, if you don’t want to pay online for any reason, you may send me cash, a check/cheque or money order (in USD or CAD only) by mail. Please email me ( with a list of the patterns you want, the currency you want to pay in, and tell me you’d like to pay by mail, and I’ll send you your total cost and my mailing address for your payment.

For any of these payment methods, I’ll process your order once your payment has cleared and email you to let you know your patterns are ready to download!

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