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My purchases don’t show in my PlanetJune account.

There are two reasons why patterns may be missing from your PlanetJune account: A) you accidentally created two PlanetJune accounts and have orders in each, or B) you received the missing patterns by email.

A: Two PlanetJune Accounts

You may have accidentally created two PlanetJune accounts if:

  • You changed your email address and made a new PlanetJune account instead of updating the email address on your old account.
  • You checked out using the PayPal Express Checkout and use a different email for PayPal than you use for your PlanetJune account. In this case you’ll have a second PlanetJune account under your PayPal email.
  • You checked out using the PayPal Express Checkout and paid with a friend or family member’s PayPal account. In this case the order will be in a PlanetJune account with the PayPal account holder’s name and PayPal email address.

If any of these reasons (or any other) apply to you, please contact me with details of your two accounts and which one you’d like to keep, and I’ll merge the accounts for you. If you’re not sure of the details for your second account, please contact me with whatever details you can remember and I’ll try to track down the other account!

B: Emailed Patterns

There are a few reasons why you may have received patterns by email instead of automatically through your PlanetJune account, for example:

  • You commissioned a pattern prior to 2013.
  • You won a pattern (through ‘Review and Win’, a CAL prize, etc) prior to 2013.
  • You ordered patterns prior to July 2008 (when I replaced my PayPal shopping cart with my fully-featured shop).
  • You ordered patterns through Etsy (or another online storefront) prior to May 2015.

If any of these (or another reason) apply to you, I’d be happy to add the missing patterns to PlanetJune account, so you have access to any updates and can download another copy whenever you need to.

So I can add your patterns, please follow these instructions:

  1. If you don’t already have a PlanetJune account, create one now.
  2. Make a list of all your missing PlanetJune patterns (one per line, please) together with where you bought/won them (for each pattern, just put Etsy, commission, which contest, etc). I need this info so I can verify your purchases.
  3. Email me (that’s To:, Subject: Missing Patterns) and include:
    • The list of your missing patterns and where you bought/won them from
    • If you ordered through Etsy, your Etsy username
    • The email address you use to login to your PlanetJune account (if different to the one you’re emailing me from)

Once I’ve received your email, you’ll be able to download your patterns from your PlanetJune account as soon as I notify you that the new order has been created, and at any time in the future. 🙂

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