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Ravelry is a free community site and yarn and pattern database for knitters and crocheters. In the PlanetJune group on Ravelry, you'll find crochet-alongs, pattern support, crochet chat and socialising in a friendly and helpful environment - please join us there!
Who is PlanetJune?
Hello! My name is June Gilbank, and I'm a crochet pattern designer, crochet and craft book author, and multi-crafter. My crochet specialties are cute and realistic nature-inspired designs and elegant accessories, and I'm committed to creating exceptionally clear, accurate patterns and tutorials.

PlanetJune is a one-person business, so you'll find everything 'June' here: my crochet patterns and tutorials, my punchneedle embroidery range and other craft tutorials, and even the occasional post about my other passion, wildlife and nature!
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