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What is the difficulty level of your patterns?

I don’t assign difficulty levels to my patterns, as it’s very subjective depending on your previous crochet experience! What another crocheter considers ‘easy’ may be a completely unknown technique to you. Once you’ve mastered it, you may also consider it ‘easy’ in future, but, until then, it may not be easy at all.

For any specific pattern, I recommend you read the information I provide in the pattern descriptions in my shop. As general advice, here are some pointers to help you determine how difficult you may find my patterns.

Amigurumi Patterns

Don’t be intimidated to try my patterns as a beginner to crochet: almost all my amigurumi designs are worked in only single crochet (the most basic crochet stitch!) with increases and decreases for shaping. All the basic techniques you’ll need are available as tutorials from and my patterns always explain any special stitches or techniques required, through complete photo tutorials. The few intermediate level patterns are marked as such in the pattern descriptions in my shop.

(If you’re an amigurumi beginner, I’d also advise staying away from any of the ‘fuzzy’ patterns or patterns that include colour changes, as those techniques are a little more advanced. Get comfortable with making single-coloured amigurumi first, until reading an amigurumi pattern, forming a magic ring and making an invisible decrease are easy for you; then you can add to your skills!)

Accessories Patterns

All my PlanetJune Accessories patterns are designed to be teaching tools for the techniques they include, as well as showcasing the beauty and variety of crochet. All my accessories patterns assume no crochet knowledge beyond the basic stitches (ch, sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr).

All the patterns include full written instructions, photos, illustrations, and large, clear charted stitch diagrams (where needed); options for right-handers and left-handers (including right- and left-handed stitch diagrams where appropriate), and, as always, are backed up by unlimited support by email, should you have any questions.

So don’t feel intimidated if you’ve never moved beyond amigurumi before – my patterns are specifically designed to teach you all the techniques you need to be able to complete them. (For experienced crocheters, the patterns are all modular, so you can save paper and ink by printing only the parts you need, and ignoring the additional instructions if you don’t need them!)

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