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Paper Chains & Garlands is here!

Okay, you know you’re too busy when you forget that your first book was released 2 days ago and miss doing a post on the release date…

My papercraft book and kit, Paper Chains & Garlands, is now here! It’s available to purchase exclusively through Barnes and Noble.

Paper Chains & Garlands by June Gilbank (planetjune)
Front of box

I was hoping that I’d be able to sell signed copies through my site, but it turns out that the shipping costs for me to receive author copies from the US make that an impossible dream. So, instead, if you’d like to buy my book, I’d be very grateful if you’d click through from the links on my site, so I can make a tiny commission from your purchase!

Paper Chains & Garlands by June Gilbank (planetjune)
Back of box with pictures of all the projects down the left hand side

For those of you without a magnifying glass, the back of the box reads:

Paper chains and garlands make everything more festive! Turn your next celebration into a creatively crafted occation to remember. Create delightful decorations on themes that range from the seasonal (snowflakes, autumn leaves, cherry blossoms) to the decorative (pleated flowers, pinwheels, elephants). The illustrated instruction book by expert crafter June Gilbank shows you how to fold, cut, unfurl, and string chains and garlands like a pro. With tips on how to cut simple paper dolls as well as elegant Chinese lanterns, Paper Chains and Garlands is the perfect craft kit for expert crafters as well as beginners.

Paper Chains & Garlands by June Gilbank (planetjune)
Inside the box: the book, 4 rolls of paper chain paper and 10 sheets of double-sided garland paper

The book has full illustrated instructions for all 14 projects and includes full-size templates.

Paper Chains & Garlands by June Gilbank (planetjune)
Inside the book: pretty colours, and full instructions & illustrations by me!

I hope you’ll enjoy Paper Chains & Garlands. It’s a sweet little book and kit, and would make a perfect Christmas gift, if you’re thinking that far ahead!

If you’d like to buy it, please click through to Barnes & Noble now. It’s a total bargain at only $9.95, so don’t miss out! Thank you for your support πŸ™‚


  1. Cheryl said

    I would really like to buy your book but BN no longer has it. Can I buy it some other way?

    • June said

      Cheryl, I’m afraid it was available exclusively through BN and it’s been out of print for years now – I have no idea why they decided not to reprint it; I know it sold well! I’m sorry I can’t help πŸ™

  2. elisabeth gonzalez said

    This book/kit looks wonderful!!! I went to the link to order, however, and wasn’t able to order! I called our B & N and they are out of it. Any suggestions? I actually think I want to buy two, one for me and one for my little girl!

  3. June said

    Jackie, it’s available to purchase exclusively through Barnes and Noble. They do ship to the UK (worldwide, actually) but unfortunately the shipping costs are pretty high if you’re outside the US πŸ™

    I was hoping I’d be able to sell copies myself but it turns out the cost of having them shipped to me in Canada in the first place makes it too expensive for me to. So I’m sorry I can’t help – Barnes and Noble online is the only option for buying my book, unless you feel like a trip to the US!

  4. Jackie Webb said

    Is this book available in the uk? If yes can you tlll me when

  5. Darlene Connon said


    I’ve just ordered my copy….can’t wait to get it!!!!!

  6. Angelica Bays said

    Oooh! Congratulations!!

  7. Congratulations! Your book is so pretty and it looks so fun!

  8. LIndy said

    I’m thrilled for you:) Congratulations on your first book!

  9. That is incredibly cool and I will totally *squee!* when I see it in the store, congratulations!!

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