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new stitch markers for crochet

I have a new item available in my shop today: stitch markers for crocheters. The regular ring-shaped stitch markers used by knitters are no good for crochet, as there’s no way to remove the marker from the stitch without cutting it off! Stitch markers for crochet need an opening so they can be slipped off the stitch when you have finished with them.

I’ve been using Susan Bates aluminum stitch markers, but they are expensive (a couple of dollars each) and I keep losing them! Using a scrap of contrasting yarn can leave fibres of the wrong colour on your work. I’ve used coilless safety pins too, but the point of the pin is so sharp that it’s easy to split the yarn by mistake.

Now I’ve managed to source these wonderful plastic stitch markers for you! They look like a cuter version of a coilless safety pin and come in 5 translucent colours.

stitch markers for crochet at planetjune
Aren’t they adorable?

These 3cm (1.2″) long stitch markers open and close like a real safety pin, so you can be sure that your marker won’t fall out in transit. The plastic tip is rounded so it won’t split your yarn. And, best of all, I’ve managed to get a great price for you – they are so inexpensive that if you do lose one, it won’t be the end of the world!

Crochet stitch markers are now available from my shop for $0.50 each, with big discounts if you buy in bulk:

  • Save 30% when you buy 3 or more
  • Save 40% when you buy 10 or more

It’s always useful to have a few spare stitch markers on hand to stop your UFOs (UnFinished Objects) from unravelling, until you get around to working on them again! And these markers would make great mini gifts for your crocheter friends too, so why not stock up and save?


  1. Susan said

    Please tell me how I can buy some of the crochet markers (plastic safety pins) that I saw on this site.


    • June said

      Susan, I’ve just moved from Canada to South Africa, so I’ve had to temporarily close the sections of my shop that involve shipping physical items, including the stitch markers, while I get settled and organised! Please sign up for my Eyes, Tools and Accessories email list to be notified when these sections are up and running again.

  2. Carlotta Fortner said

    Oh, finally at last, I have been looking for this coilless safey pin marker as I’m new to making the sock or socks. I’m tried to make a pair of socks for a widow which her feet is so big that is no shoes to fix her feet. I did finished her a pair of booties. I only did just the top of the sock so far. I’m waiting for someone to measure her feet but this winter no one had measure her feet. The only problem is she lived in another town of center-south Ky & I lived at Western KY. I would like to stay with her for few days until I finish making the socks for her, may be this spring or before spring. Right now I’m working on a granny afghan for the orphan children of Ky or around the areas. The name of the program is”The bag of Love” – my very own, said the child.. I wonder if somebody can donation yarns for them. I have maked so many that I have lost counts on the afghan for the children from babies to 17 years old. Right now I would like to order these pin markers. Thanks.

  3. June said

    Ann, great question! Here are several reasons why you might need a stitch marker:

    • If you’re crocheting amigurumi, which are worked in a continuous spiral, there’s no way of knowing when you get to the end of a round, so you wouldn’t know if you’ve made a mistake until you get to the end of the pattern and have a strangely-shaped result. By slipping a stitch marker into the first stitch of each round, you know that when you get back around to the stitch with the stitch marker, you should be moving onto the next round.
    • If you put your work down unfinished and the working yarn gets snagged on something or a playful cat decides to grab the ball of yarn, all your work can unravel! By placing a stitch marker into the working loop, your work won’t unravel even if the yarn gets tugged.
    • In more complex patterns, e.g. socks, several stitch markers are often used to mark points where the pattern changes, e.g. each side point and the centre front, to make it easier to follow the pattern when you make the complicated parts like the heel of the sock.

    So stitch markers are a very useful piece of equipment to have around!

  4. Ann said

    Being a newbie at crocheting, I was just wondering why does one need a stitch marker when they’re crocheting?

  5. Kira said

    OMG those are soo cute and the colors are great! Love them!

  6. Denise said

    Those are adorable! Now I’m kind of hoping I’ll lose some of my markers so I can order those.

  7. Reba said

    Those are so cute! I must buy them!

  8. These are fantastic and super cute to boot!

  9. melissa said

    hi june!
    oh these are wonderful!
    i am off to shop! thank you for finding and sharing them!

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