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my book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi

I can hardly believe I’m finally getting to write these words: my crochet book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi, is out today!* It’s been a very long process that’s taken me to this point, and part of me still doesn’t believe it’s real, although I do have this proof:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amigurumi by June Gilbank
Yay! Look what I made – it’s really real!

I’ll be sharing more information about the book over the next few days/weeks, but, as there seems to be a lag somewhere between the publisher and Amazon’s website (their current description is about a year out of date!), I’ll share the correct ‘blurb’ copy that should be there:

Amigurumi (pronounced ah-mee-goo-roo-mee) is Japanese for “crochet (or knit) stuffed toy.” Although the concept originated in Japan, the amigurumi craze is taking over the world in waves of crocheted cuteness! From adorable fuzzy critters, to sweet-looking fruits and vegetables, to quirky comic book and cartoon characters – if you can imagine it, you can crochet it!

Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or have never taken hook to yarn, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi shows you everything you need to know to hook your own delightful amigurumi. This helpful guide includes:

  • A primer on the yarn, hooks, and stitches best for amigurumi, plus fun embellishments you can use to personalize your ami.
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials for getting started, increasing and decreasing, working in the round, changing colors, and more.
  • Expert advice on adding eyes, hair, jointed limbs, clothes, and other fun accessories to your ami.
  • Tips for following an amigurumi pattern, plus four start-to-finish patterns to give you a head-start on designing your own.
  • A full-color insert with inspirational photos of the finished ami patterns featured in the book – and more!

I’ve spent the past few days making a fun (and deceptively time-consuming to produce!) little book trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Click through to see a larger version of my book trailer at YouTube πŸ™‚

All the amigurumi you see in the video are made from the patterns in the book. These are exclusive patterns that I created for the book – you won’t find them anywhere else.

All along, my plan for this book was to create the definitive reference guide to amigurumi techniques, not just another pattern book, and I hope that’s what I’ve achieved. I’ve put a lot into this book, and I hope that you’ll get a lot out of it, whatever your skill level or experience with amigurumi. It’s the only book of its kind, and I really hope you’ll enjoy it – and please let me know if you do!

If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, they should be in bookstores any day now, if not already, or you can order online from such fine retailers as, Barnes & Noble, or


* UK folks, looks like you’ll have to import a copy or wait till December to get your hands on a copy πŸ™
I expect the delay is while they translate it (back) into British English and into UK crochet terms – just guessing…


  1. Lily said

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Lily said

    Hey again! Um I was just wondering if I should start with something easier than your Amigurumi like maybe making a simple scarf or something. And where should I learn the basics? Thanks πŸ˜€

    • June said

      Lily, please see my FAQ – I have lots of beginner advice there πŸ™‚

  3. Lily said

    I can’t wait to get one of your books!!! Guess how i came a across your website? I was doing a beluga whale project for school and It came up with a picture of your ami whale and they were so cute. So I clicked on it and now am writing this!! I am 13, never crotchet before but am SO willing to have a go now that I’ve seen this. U r amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!!! πŸ˜€

  4. nanaprita said

    Hi! Does it sell in ebook? If yes, can you tell me the ebook seller links?? thanks

  5. I have ordered your book through our local bookstore in the Philippines.
    Hopefully my hands are coordinated enough to learn how to do amigurumi crochets !
    Thank you!

  6. Annelie said

    Wow! I thought I had to order it from Amazon, but then I was so surprised to see that it was available here in Sweden already! I can’t wait to get it home, I really really loved your smart “invisible decrease” !

  7. Kalan said

    Huzzah! Excitedly awaiting the arrival of your book =)

  8. Jenna said

    Congrats!! I can’t wait to purchase it!! πŸ™‚

  9. Kaylynne said

    Hi June,
    I just rec’d my copy of your book yesterday in the mail from Amazon. I was so glad that they didn’t waste any time shipping it out. I live in a small town and knew this would be my best option to pre-order it. It was so fun to open the box and see your book, even though I knew it was coming it was a great surprise and made my day. I have skipped all through it and can’t wait to just read every bit cover to cover. I am hoping that I will finally be able to accomplish an “ami” project that actually works. Thanks a bunch for all of your efforts and attention to the details that is what makes you so great to follow and learn from!!! Congratulations!!

  10. Congratulations, June! I loved your very creative You Tube trailer!! And I can’t wait to get my hands on your book. Now you can take a breath and enjoy seeing your all your hard work in book form! Congrats!!

  11. Astaryth said

    Congrats!!!! YEAH!! I actually added this to my e-book list So cool it is being released electronically also.

    The little movie you made was adorable πŸ™‚

  12. Rebecca said

    Hi June,

    What a fantastic video!! I love it, great music, great content, very entertaining.
    Congratulations, its very exciting.

  13. Johanna said

    Love the video! That looks like it certainly took quite some time to make. My book shipped last night (I preorder back in March). I can’t wait!!!! I cannot even begin to imagine how you must feel! Congratulations!

  14. Patti Jo said

    I’m super excited this about this book and just placed my order for it. I purchased your dinosaur patterns and I am having a blast making them! I’ve even been inspired to try making some additional dinosaurs based on some of the techniques you use in your patterns. Right now I’m in the process of creating and open mouth for the Tyrannosaurus Rex and have ideas on how to make an ankylosaurus. This book will help me even more in that endeavor. I’m excited to learn from someone who makes such great patterns!

  15. becky said

    This is so awesome i might have to make a triop t o the book store this weekend. your video is so cute πŸ˜€

  16. Jazz said

  17. I am so excited for you, June. (One of my deepest secret dreams is to publish a book, but knowing someone who has one published is a good second.) I’m still waiting for Chapters to ship mine. Hopefully I’ll get it in time to get it signed? πŸ™‚

  18. Petra said

    This is great! I am off to order a copy from Amazon.

  19. melissa said

    hi june!

    i am so excited for you!
    you are amazing! i cannot wait to get my copy!


    πŸ™‚ melissa

  20. Natalie said

    Wow, congratulations! Love the little video clip, you must be indescribaby excited about your book release!! I live in the UK & just don’t get why we call a dc a sc… We don’t even HAVE a sc… I always use US terms so may just have to import a copy πŸ™‚

    • June said

      I know, it’s stupid really! I don’t know of any amigurumi pattern writers who use the UK crochet terminology – in this internet age, it’d really make sense to standardise crochet terms. charge $8 for delivery to UK/Europe so that’d make my book come in at just under $20 (still a pretty good deal!) – and you wouldn’t have to wait another 2 months to get it, either!

  21. kris said

    time for a book party???? lol

    • June said

      Yep, everyone come over to my house tonight! LOL

  22. Michelle said

    Congratulations! You must be so proud and excited. I’m so happy for you!

  23. Stacey Trock said

    Congrats June!
    My guess is that the delay for the UK release is just one of those weirdo book things… it took an extra month for my book to be released in Canada, and they didn’t do any translating (exact same copies).
    But- just like how movies get released in different countries at different times, books do that too… one of the mysteries of life πŸ™‚
    So excited to see your book!

    • June said

      True, like movie release dates! Actually, the UK/Australia are a little different though: a “single crochet” to us is a “double crochet” to them, so releasing a book without translation would lead to some strangely misshapen amigurumi πŸ˜€

  24. I am so looking forward to this book! I ordered it and it is on its lovely way to my house in the USA. It will be one of the first things I read when I go home for vacation!!

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