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fimo medallions


I’m in the UK this week, visiting my family, but that doesn’t mean I’m not making anything…

Mysterious Cities of Gold was one of our favourite TV shows when my sister and I were young, and we still love it now (and it’s finally been released on DVD!)

From the DVD synopsis: In the year 1532, a Spanish orphan named Esteban joins a party of Spaniards in their search for one of The Seven Cities of Gold in the New World, hoping to find his father. They are joined on their quest by Zia, an Incan girl, and Tao, the last descendant of the sunken empire of Hiva.

My sister is going to a costume party as Zia, so she asked me to make her a sun medallion for her costume. I decided to make one for myself at the same time – making two is as easy as one. We went out for supplies (a package of FIMO, gold paint, spray varnish and a leather cord) so I could try to reproduce these medallions from the series:

MCoG medallions

To make them, I rolled out the polymer clay and cut it into a circle shape. With the help of a Google image search, I found a picture of the medallion’s pattern, and printed it at the same size as my circle for reference. I carved the pattern with deep, wide cuts so they would show up in the finished piece, made a hole at the top for the cord, and baked it. After baking. I sanded it lightly to knock off any sharp edges, then painted it with three coats of Venetian Gold paint (making sure the paint got into all the lines of the pattern). I sealed the paint on all sides with spray varnish, and then threaded the cord through when it was all dry. And here’s the finished result:

MCoG medallions


  1. Tanya said

    Hi June,

    The Mysterious Cities of Gold was my favourite show when I was younger also. Are you making any more of these Medallions? They are absolutely fantastic & look better than the one I bought off Ebay a year or so ago. Would you be interested in making me one & I could pay you for it?

    Kind Regards, Tanya.

  2. Misty said

    The medallions are fantastic! I used to love that show as a kid and I never hear anyone mention it. For a while, I thought I was the only person who watched it. Good to know I’m not alone! I wonder if I would enjoy the show as much today as I did when I was younger?

  3. dawn said

    Aren’t I lucky having such a great sister?! 😀 Thanx June. I will send you pics of the finished Zia look when I have the rest of the costume. XxxxxxX

  4. jessica said

    they look just like the picture, I bet it will be a hit at the party

  5. jessica said

    looks like fun.
    how neat, they came out so well.

  6. Robyn said

    I think these look great. I would also like to see the finished costume. I am not to familiar with this cartoon though. Probably because I live in the US. Or I spent too much time watching The Pink Panther one of my all time fave cartoons. Maybe you could make a Fimo Pink Panther. Now he’d be cute to see. Good job yet agin!

  7. IdaDown said

    Love them. I am a Fimo gal from way back. A gentle rub with mica powders (over the paint) gives a nice effect too. Would love to see the whole costume.

  8. kris said

    you can take the girl away from her craft room but can’t take the crafting away from the girl! haha. glad you are keeping busy. just wondering did you get snow too?
    enjoy your last couple of days. talk soon
    ps the head is done and stuffed – perfect? no way!!!!!

  9. Brie said

    I have been watching MCofG all day. My favourite series ever – How on the same wave length are we?

  10. Jana said

    PS! How is the Sea Turtle coming?

  11. Jana said

    Very nice, June! You are practically at my back door! 🙂 I was looking for something in my craft drawers and found this super light sculpy that I bought when I was home at Christmas! I had forgotten about it. You make me want to break it out and play! Very busy with my amigurumi, but a change might be nice for a day or two! Spring break is three days away, and then I will have 7 days to “play”! Where are you in the UK? My friend Martin (who kindly brought me back a bag of fiberfill from his trip home!) is from the Forest of Dean area.
    Enjoy your trip home!

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