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The Essential Guide to Amigurumi: Crochet Toy Techniques from Basics to Advanced: right-handed/left-handed ebook by June Gilbank

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The Essential Guide to Amigurumi by June Gilbank is available in right-handed and left-handed versions. (Scroll down for links to the paperback, and details of the paperback and ebook bundle.)

The ultimate guide to crocheting super-cute toys!
This comprehensive guide is your all-in-one resource for mastering the art of amigurumi. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, June’s expertise will guide you through step-by-step instructions, tips, and patterns to bring your crocheted toys to life.

Packed with detailed photos and clear, concise instructions, this book includes:
●    Easy-to-follow tutorials for essential stitches and techniques
●    Practical advice on assembling and customizing your projects for professional results
●    Advanced tips and techniques to build your skills and improve your creations
●    Expert guidance for adapting an amigurumi pattern into your own one-of-a-kind creation or creating your own designs
●    Two chapters of adorable start-to-finish patterns, so you can practice everything you learn across a range of projects

This book is available in two versions:
●    All the text and images in the Right-Handed Version are for crocheters who hold their hook in their right hand.
●    In the Left-Handed Version, the demonstration photos are mirror-images, and references to left/right and clockwise/counterclockwise are similarly reversed. 


Part 1: Amigurumi Basics
  1: Tools and Materials
  2: Crochet For Beginners
  3: Amigurumi 101
  4: Changing Colour
  5: Stuffing, Assembly and Finishing
  6: How to Follow an Amigurumi Pattern
Part 2: Customizing Amigurumi
  7: Beginner Patterns
  8: Resizing Amigurumi
  9: Eyes
  10: Embellishments
  11: Fuzzy Amigurumi
  12: Amigurumi Hair
  13: Hidden Structure and Support
  14: Technique Upgrades
  15: Intermediate Patterns
Part 3: Designing Amigurumi
  16: Why Design Amigurumi?
  17: Designing with Basic Shapes
  18: Continuing Your Design Journey


Right-handed version: ISBN 978-1-7388972-2-3
Left-handed version: ISBN 978-1-7388972-3-0
© 2023 June Gilbank
First published 2023 by Turtle Beach Press

The Essential Guide to Amigurumi ebook is a 200 page full-colour high quality PDF file. The filesize is around 34Mb.

As with all PlanetJune patterns and ebooks, your single-user licence includes access to any future updates (the download button in your order will automatically link to the latest version if there's a new edition of this book in the future). 

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The Essential Guide to Amigurumi: Crochet Toy Techniques from Basics to Advanced: right-handed/left-handed ebook by June Gilbank :

USD $20.00

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