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The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi - a crochet ebook by June Gilbank

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The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi is an original crochet ebook by June Gilbank.

Giant Amigurumi are big, squishy, and cuddly. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can crochet such a large toy! Giant amis are perfect as nursery decorations, super-snuggly toys, or decorations everyone will be talking about. Add a spark of life to your amigurumi animals with my giant dimensional crocheted eye patterns, or whip up a super-sized plant 

About this eBook:

You can upsize almost any amigurumi pattern with the techniques in The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi and get an irresistibly cuddly, adorable result. Take a normal amigurumi pattern and enlarge it by 3 to 4 times to make a giant huggable amigurumi! All you need is your favourite pattern, a 15mm hook, and a super-bulky yarn, and you’ll be ready to start.

With The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi, I’ll guide you through every step along the way, from choosing your materials and learning how to work giant stitches and a better way to make a secure magic ring, to stuffing, assembly and embellishment, troubleshooting, and more. Everything is explained in detail, with clear, close-up photos and instructions.

You might think there’s nothing more to giant amigurumi crochet than choosing a large enough hook to go with your extra thick yarn, but every stage of making a giant amigurumi is slightly different from what you might expect, and I’ve designed this book as a comprehensive reference guide that covers everything from the absolute basics to tips for fixing problems and making complex amigurumi.

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi also includes patterns and assembly instructions to make my realistic ‘shiny’ crocheted eyes in all sizes – the perfect finishing touch to your giant amigurumi. They look just as round, shiny and appealing as plastic eyes, but are child-friendly and easy to stitch into place.

And this ebook also includes my Tiny Whale pattern as a bonus, so you can get started right away with a simple introduction to giant amigurumi crochet. As examples, I've crocheted up several other PlanetJune classic patterns using the techniques from this book, so you can see how they compare with the standard-sized amis. (Please note: the other amigurumi patterns are sold separately.)

To keep it relevant to you, this ebook is available in two versions, for right-handers and left-handers. Choose your version knowing that all the photos will show you exactly what you need to do from your perspective for every technique! 

As with all PlanetJune patterns and ebooks, your single-user licence includes access to any future updates (the download button in your order will automatically link to the latest version if there's a new edition of this book in the future). 


  Introduction to Giant Amigurumi
  About This Book
Chapter 1: Before You Begin
  Choosing a Hook
  Choosing Yarn
  Scaling Further Up and Down
  Best Pattern Candidates for Giant Amigurumi
  Calculate Yardage for a Giant Amigurumi Pattern
  Yarn: Two Strands from One Ball
  Holding a Giant Hook
  Tips for Making Giant Crochet Stitches
Chapter 2: Pattern Modifications
  Secure Magic Ring
  Increasing: Invisible Increase
  Tips for Changing Colour
Chapter 3: Assembly & Finishing
  Lining a Giant Amigurumi
  Threading a Yarn Needle
  Stitching Pieces Together
  Weaving In Ends
Chapter 4: Eyes & Embellishments
  Giant Crocheted Eyes
  Adding Embellishments
Chapter 5: Adding Stability
  Stiffening Flat Pieces
  Adding Rigidity to Stuffed Pieces
  Straightening Curled Edges
  Flattening Double-Layer Pieces
  Replacing Wired Limbs etc
Chapter 6: Yarn Wrangling
  Winding Yarn
  Yarn: Three Strands from One Ball (Magic Ring start)
  Yarn: Three Strands from One Ball (Chain start)
Chapter 7: Patterns
  Giant Crocheted Eye Patterns
  Tiny Whale Pattern


The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi ebook is a 55 page PDF file. The filesize is around 9Mb.


What do I need to crochet giant amigurumi? The only special materials you need are a 15mm crochet hook and a super-bulky (#6) yarn. (For best results, I recommend a super-bulky chenille-style yarn such as Bernat Blanket.)

How large are giant amigurumi? Around 3.5x the size of the original. The exact size will vary depending on your gauge, exactly which yarn and hook combo you use, and how exactly you assemble the pieces (for both sizes). But you can count on a result that's between 3 and 4 times larger than a standard worsted weight amigurumi in each dimension.

What if I don't want to go quite that large? The book also includes instructions for making mini giant amigurumi, using the same Giant Amigurumi techniques but with an 8mm crochet hook, to give you an ami that's a little over twice the size of a standard amigurumi.

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The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi - a crochet ebook by June Gilbank :

USD $12.00

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