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Succulent Collections 3 and 4 - EIGHT crochet patterns

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A crocheted succulent never needs watering, never dies, and is always in peak condition. With these collections, you can make 8 different realistic succulents in individual pots, or a beautiful succulent garden arranged in one large crocheted pot. It's the perfect thing to brighten up your window, or to give as an unusual and thoughtful gift.

Succulent Collections 3 and 4 are original crochet patterns by June Gilbank. 

Both also include full patterns and assembly instructions for both the individual-sized pot pattern and the larger cactus garden pot pattern:

Succulent Collection 3 includes patterns for 4 different succulents: 

  • Conophytum Burgeri 'Burger's Onion'
  • Peperomia 'Trailing Jade'
  • Crassula Capitella 'Red Pagoda'
  • Aloe Vera 'Medicine Plant'

Succulent Collection 4 includes patterns for 4 different succulents: 

  • Monilaria Moniliformis 'Bunny Succulent'
  • Callisia Navicularis 'Chain Plant'
  • Sedum Burrito 'Burro's Tail'
  • Echeveria 'Mauna Loa'

Both also include full patterns and assembly instructions for both the individual-sized pot pattern and the larger succulent garden pot pattern:

  • An individual succulent makes a quick and sweet gift.
  • Two or three (or more) individual succulent pots look great arranged in a line along your windowsill.
  • The larger succulent garden makes a beautiful decoration - and you'll never have that problem where one of the collection dies and you're left with a big empty space in the pot!

Details: each pattern is 18 pages long and includes dozens of step-by-step photographs and explanations so you can crochet perfect succulents of your own. They also include two appendices (for right- and left-handers) with a detailed step-by-step photo tutorial for the decorative textured zig-zag pattern on the large pot.

Yarn: worsted weight yarn in at least one shade of green (succulents); red and beige (contrast colours); purple, white and yellow (flower);brown (soil), and any colour you like for the pot. 

Hook: US E / 3.5mm

Individual succulents are approx 3" wide by 3.5-5" tall (including pot)
Succulent garden is approx 5.5" wide by 5" tall (including pot)

And you can mix and match the patterns with Cactus Collections 1 & 2  and Succulent Collections 1 & 2 to create your own custom garden!

See projects made from these patterns here:

Succulent Collection 3:

Succulent Collection 4:

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Succulent Collections 3 and 4 - EIGHT crochet patterns :

USD $14.50  USD $13.50

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