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Poison Dart Frog & Singing Frog - TWO amigurumi crochet patterns

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This listing is for two original crochet amigurumi patterns (Poison Dart Frog and Singing Frog) by June Gilbank. 

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This frog is based on the 'Blue Jeans' colour morph of the Strawberry Poison Dart frog (Dendrobates pumilio), a tiny tropical frog from the jungles of Central and South America. In real life, this little frog is only about 1" long, but the crocheted version is poison-free and a much more manageable size!
This Expansion Pack includes all the modifications for the Poison Dart Frog pattern required to crochet a 'singing' frog (with inflated vocal sac).

Yarn: worsted weight yarn in one or two colours, e.g red and blue

Hook: US E / 3.5mm

Additional info: You'll also need 3 pipe cleaners to make the legs poseable. The ends of the pipe cleaners are protected, but please be sensible and don't use this as a baby toy unless you skip the pipe cleaners and stitch the legs into position instead.

Size: approx 6.5″ long 

Eyes: 12mm

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Poison Dart Frog:

Singing Frog:

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Poison Dart Frog & Singing Frog - TWO amigurumi crochet patterns :

USD $9.50  USD $8.50

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