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poll: new card designs

I’m running low on business cards again, so I thought it might be time to try out another new design. I’ve put a few together and I’d love to hear your opinion: Which do you like best? Which (if any) do a good job of representing me and my crochet patterns?

In case you’re wondering why there’s no information on the card, the back of all my cards looks like this:

planetjune business card: back

Here are the three potential designs for your viewing pleasure:

planetjune dinosaurs card

planetjune bears card

planetjune pocketami card

Please cast your vote in the poll below (check as many options as you like!):


Anything else to add? Please feel free to leave me a comment too. Don’t worry, I’m not emotionally tied to any of the designs, so criticism won’t upset me. Thank you so much – I really appreciate your opinions!

Edited to add: Please, if you vote ‘None of them!’, let me know in the comments what I could do better! If I don’t know what you don’t like, I won’t know how to fix it…


  1. Cora Shaw said

    I love the bears design.


  2. Lalena said

    I think the dinosaurs show how beautifully all of your patterns are shaped, but to me the yarn color makes them look more simplistic than they are. The bears are of course adorable, but don’t immediately look like crochet due to the great fuzzy yarns. I would rather see you use a picture that showcases the realistic shaping and attention to detail that makes your entire website stand out. Unfortunately, with the great how-to articles, supply store and your awesome patterns, you almost need mini pamphlets to do yourself justice.

  3. Resmi said

    I voted for ‘None of them’. I would suggest that you club together some varieties of things you make, like, a bear, dog, and a dinosaur. Something similar to the third one. This will let the receiver know that you are capable of crocheting nearly anything… 🙂

  4. June said

    I just wanted to thank you all for such helpful feedback! Although there’s a real range of opinions, overall they give me a good idea of some of the mistakes I’ve made in all these designs (too busy, not enough ‘June’ personality, don’t show off my designs at their best) and so I’m going to scrap all of these and start again. I’m not a professional photographer or graphic designer, and this side of the business doesn’t come easily to me, but I think I can do better!

    Thank you for saving me from making a mistake by ordering one of these designs! I’ll show you the next batch of ideas too, and hopefully the reception will be more positive next time around 🙂

  5. Rose said

    Where do order your cards from?

  6. I went for dinosaurs because I think it’s the hippest of the three. Teddy bears seemed a little old-fashioned, and don’t represent the uniqueness of your designs (teddys are everywhere in knitting and crocheting). The pocket amis are of course cute, but I agree with another commenter, they don’t reflect the realism in your designs.

  7. T said

    I agree in that I’d love to see a more varied design, perhaps.

    Something that represents more of what you are rather than a single genre.

    PlanetJune is much more than Dinos or Bears or Amis or even the three put together!… does that make sense?

  8. Cathy K said

    I had a hard time between the dinos & the bears. I chose the dinos because the creatures are great & mostly because your name shows clearly/boldly.

  9. Rose said

    I checked none of them cause I think it would be better if the patterns were more varied instead of a certain thing like bears or dinosaurs. but other than that I would vote for bears.

  10. melissa said

    oh i love them all june!
    you can actually get all of your designs made in one order for a very reasonable price at
    i do not think i can choose just one!

  11. Tamara said


    I chose none. I love all of your designs, they look so real!
    Maybe a couple different animals like the hedhog, turtle, dog.
    I love the dinosaurcard most! But maybe it is an idea to make different cards for different interests? Difficult! Succes!!!

  12. Katherine said

    I chose the ‘dinosaur’ one and ‘none’. I think the dinosaur one is the best one there, but none of them are paricularly attention grapping – they don’t have oomph! You don’t have to show the WHOLE of a design in the card… you could have a partial print… something to draw someone in as opposed to ‘this is what I do’. I hope that makes sense!

  13. linda p said

    i chose the dinos, because they show a little more detail and construction than the amis. there are, perhaps, too many amis to focus on one, and the bears aren’t obviously crocheted (I mean, they are, but teddy bears have so many connotations and to a non crocheter…it might not be obvious). Anyway, I like the dinos, but it would be fun it you had a little more going on in the background. I like that it’s not clutter, but an environment (plants, leaves, whatever) might make it more visually enticing.

  14. Wendy said

    Ah, I was going to suggest Moo as well! I’m not sure why none of them jump out at me (although I do love the dinos, and have the patterns). Good luck with choosing!

  15. Rachel said

    I love the dino card; to me it just SCREAMS PlanetJune! 😀

  16. Monica Harry said

    June, I like the dinosaurs the best because they have the most June-personality. The bears and the PocketAmi are adorable, but the dinosaurs (especially the Brachiosaurus) are just over the top. 🙂

  17. Lynne said

    Have you tried doing a three panel with 3 completely different designs. So, they don’t have to stand next to one another and have chemistry. haha Like a ground hog, dinosaur and one of your adorable dogs.

    • June said

      I do like that idea, but I think it might be a bit small and busy for a standard business card. I might try it though and see how it looks – thank you!

  18. Holly Days said

    I’m loving all your patterns

  19. Haley J. said

    I chose none of them, though I waffled over the third design quite a bit. I thought it could be neat if you created a set of cards, maybe over at mini moo (I use those and love them) that each feature a single design on them. The link for them is here:

    • June said

      That’s a great idea, Haley, I love moo cards, but they are too expensive for me – I get through a lot of cards with all the orders I send out! Also, I use my cards as part of my packaging to make sure my Detail Stuffing Tools don’t get broken in the mail, so I need full-size cards 🙂

      Every time I reorder, I get a new design: so far I’ve had my Guinea Pigs, Discworld (sea turtle and elephants), and Gecko.

      I’m sensing (from the comments I’ve had, the general lack of comments, and the number of people who’ve checked ‘none of them’) that there’s no ‘wow’ factor to any of these designs… Maybe I’ll have to go back to the drawing board! I really appreciate getting this feedback before I waste my money on a design nobody likes 🙂

  20. handmedown said

    I voted for the bears cause I like them. But I also feel a design that had a bear, a dino, a groundhog or turtle and an ami figure would cover the scope of your designs most completely.

  21. Melissa said

    I love the dinosaur one! I also think you should have one with more unique animals on it, everyone makes bears. The seal, turtle, lizard, frog, etc are all unusual animals that many people don’t try to design! You could also do one with dogs on it since those are such a big part of what you do. I’m sure whatever you pick will turn out great though =)

  22. Phyllis said

    I chose the dinosaurs because I think the part of your design that I love most is the realism you put into them… and I think the dinosaurs (of your three options) show that aspect off the best!

    • Karen McCleary said

      I chose the bears as I feel they are universal and will pull the wider audience of people in to check out your designs.

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