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more origami stars

I can’t stop making these stellated icosahedra! (Alice, it’s all your fault!) I’ve been casting about for different papers to make them from, with some interesting effects.

I just finished this one made from an origami pattern that I downloaded and printed onto regular paper – I wanted to review the paper for Folding Trees (you can now see that review below), and when I coincidentally ended up with 30 squares of the paper, it seemed like a sign that I should make them into a stellated icosahedron (the exact number you need to make this shape):

And my Easter egg this year was a box of mini individually wrapped chocolates. The wrappers were such pretty colours, I decided to trim them into squares and make them into something… It took me a while to eat all 30 chocolates, so I’ve only just finished it! The result wasn’t quite what I expected – the outside looks like a Milka advert:

All the bright colours ended up on the inside of the star, where nobody will ever see them (except in this photo):

I still like the end result though – and Milka does make lovely chocolate, so there are worse things to inadvertently advertise 🙂

Here’s my modular origami collection to date:

(Joanna, the top left star uses some of the Japanese papers you gave me – thank you!)

Next, I think I need to find some different designs to fold…

Review: Print Your Own Origami Paper

This review originally appeared on my old papercraft site, Folding Trees.

I’ve come across several sites that offer printable origami patterns. Origami paper can be expensive and/or difficult to find, so to be able to print your favourite designs on demand sounds like a great solution. But what’s the print quality like? And how does it hold up to being folded into origami? Let’s find out…

In progress

printable origami paper review 

First impressions: looks good! Although it doesn’t have the texture or richness of the best origami papers, the pattern was distinct and the colours were lovely. The pattern I downloaded was a 8.5×11″ pdf file, so it filled an entire sheet of paper when I printed it onto regular white printer paper.

I decided to cut it into smaller squares, and I calculated that I could make 30 (5×6) 4cm squares from one sheet of printed paper – what a bargain! (Tip: a paper cutter is invaluable to speed up this stage!)

printable origami paper review

After cutting it into squares, it still looks great, but the real test is in the folding. I like to strongly crease my folds with my fingernail, and I thought this homemade origami paper might develop white lines along the folds after creasing…

Finished piece

printable origami paper review

No problem! No white lines, and the paper stood up well to folding. The paper was probably slightly thicker than regular origami paper, but it still came together well.


Print only the designs and colours you like, on demand, at any time.


I folded all 30 of my 30 squares into one stellated icosahedron – I’m addicted to making them!

Level of difficulty

easy/kids to print the paper (I’m not rating the folding as that’s not the point of this review!)




low (recycle away) – as long as you already own a printer, this is essentially free!


Here are some free patterns that you can use for all types of printing projects. And here are some sites with origami paper patterns available to download and print:


  1. jessica said

    love these. they are fabulous.

  2. Clare said

    Hi, I enjoy reading your blog and I have selected it to receive an Arte Y Pico Award. I have placed a link to your site and further info. here:
    Best wishes

  3. kris said

    the one thing we don’t have in common – those thirty chocolates would have been gone in 2 days! lol

    i do have to try my hand at that one day soon! if i can ever put my crochet down.

  4. eve said

    Ha ha!! They are so lovely, yes I can confess I am a modular origami addict too!!

  5. futuregirl said

    The inside of that star is super cute … darn those graphic designers at Milka. 🙂 I *do* like the green and purple mix, though.

    I made them for months and months when I was addicted. I still have my black and blue set adorning the guest bathroom.

  6. Josefin said

    Ooh, what a lovely stars you have made! And I havent even tried the lucky star yet… I guess I will look how to make it, and then do a couple. And I am gonna try the bird, that you will need 1000 of. Then I have made a little for the big thing. 🙂

    So much craft to do and try, and not even close to enough time! ^^

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