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an elephant tale

Baby Elephant was bored. He wanted to play with his family, but he didn’t know where they were.

He walked through the jungle until he spotted someone. “Aha! Here’s one of my family!” he thought…

But it wasn’t an elephant at all! “I’ll help you find your family,” said Hippo, and they walked on through the jungle.

Soon, they spotted something. “I think I see my family,” called Baby Elephant…

But it wasn’t an elephant, either! Rhino had a big scary horn, but he was friendly and offered to help look for the elephant family.

They walked on until they spotted two more animals. “Are they your family?” asked Hippo and Rhino. But Baby Elephant wasn’t sure…

But, this time, it was his family! The elephants and their new friends celebrated together for the rest of the day.


In case you hadn’t guessed from the above, I’ve been working hard on some new designs, and now I can finally unveil big brother Elephant and pals, the Hippo and White Rhino:

AfricAmi by PlanetJune
Click for larger picture

The Elephant, Hippopotamus and Rhinoceros are all made with bulky weight yarn (like the AquaAmi), and are each about 6″ long. The three will form Set 1 of a new range, once I have written up the patterns. I’m going to call them AfricAmi, which gives me plenty of scope for future animal designs – there is a lot of interesting wildlife in Africa! Do you like the name?

I also painted a new backdrop to stage these guys. It took a lot of painting to get the background to stop looking like a big green board and starting to look a little bit like foliage, but I think the end result was worth it.

I hope you enjoyed the story! And look out for the AfricAmi patterns… coming soon to the PlanetJune store 🙂

UPDATE: Looking for the patterns? You can find the AfricAmi Set 1 crochet patterns in my shop.


  1. Lisa said

    very good, your job is beautiful, congratulations !

  2. Emma said

    I love these cuties! The story is adorable, and you did an amazing job!

  3. kris said

    hmmmm – hehehe

  4. Hope said

    Very Cute!!!!!

  5. Linda said

    I never heard of the Discworld novels, but I do think that you should make this into a children’s book, complete with your photographic illustrations, and sell it with the pattern (or a kit) included in the back. The idea of a children’s book that kids and mom’s could craft together is an amazing thing — I am a homeschool mom and would have loved to find such a thing when my kids were little — a teaching moment!

  6. E-J said

    I’ve never read the Discworld novels but your work is absolutely superb! Terry Pratchett should have made you his official Discworld crocheter 🙂

  7. Jessica said

    Wow–these are so darling! I’m in love with that elephant.

  8. Susan said

    Oh my! These are so cute! I love the story and your background is fabulous! (lots of exclamation points here!) 😀

  9. Melissa said

    You know, I’m reassured to see that I’m not the only one who plays with my own toys… 🙂

  10. June said

    Thank you, everyone, for your sweet comments! I’m so glad you like the new set!

    Anna, you can sign up for the mailing list here: 🙂

  11. Anna said

    Oooh those are amazing! I will so be buying that pattern set! Is there a mailing list? Because I forget things all the time! I highly anticipate a giraffe!

  12. maizee said

    What a nice post and darling little animals. The story is perfect. You should add it to your pattern. It would be really nice for naptime or bedtime along with all those little cuties. When my kids were growng up they loved being read to. They would have loved playing with all those little guys. I’ll be waiting along with everyone else for your pattern to come out.

  13. Donna said

    I can’t wait for the patterns to come out! They are soooo cute!

  14. Kari said

    LOVE your new background painting – very realistic! In fact, I’m totally in awe of the step-up you’ve taken with your photography over the last year. And the story to go with it – too cute!!! I’m sure you’ll do well with the new patterns!

  15. Amanda said

    😀 Awww! I love them! Elephants are my FAVORITE. I actually crocheted a head out of fleece a while back for my sugar gliders to sleep in:

    Its hard to get those big ol’ ears to work right! I LOVE your hippo’s ears! EEP! Tiny!

    Any hope for a “Australia-Ami”? I would LOVE to see a kangaroo!

  16. Clare said

    I just loved your little story, it made me smile! 🙂

  17. Rebekah said

    Oh my goodness! I just love them! You are one amazing and creative woman! I am dying to buy the patterns! Cant wait!

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