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Amigurumi Discworld

I get a lot of questions about my amigurumi Discworld, both from people wanting to buy a completed Discworld, and from those looking for a crochet pattern, so I thought I’d put this page together, with links to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about my Discworld 🙂

amigurumi discworld by planetjune

As a lifelong fan, I created my Discworld from March-August 2008. I sent the photos to Sir Terry’s agent Colin, to ask if there was any possibility that Terry could see my Discworld. Colin kindly agreed to show the pics to Terry, and replied:

He gave a quiet laugh and said, ‘Well, if you’re going to crochet Discworld then that’s the way to do it!’

Yes, that moment was one of the highlights of my life. 🙂

Looking for a finished Discworld?

I made my amigurumi Discworld for myself as a one-off fan art piece and it represents about a week’s worth of full-time work. If I were to make another one, the price tag would have to be astronomical to cover my time. Even if you were willing to pay that price, I couldn’t sell a Discworld to you (as that would be unlicensed merchandising), so please don’t ask me to make one for you – I just can’t do it.

Looking for a Discworld pattern?

If you crochet, or know someone who does, you may buy my AquaAmi Sea Turtle pattern to make Great A’tuin, and my AfricAmi Elephant pattern to make the four world elephants. (To get the proportions right, you’ll need the bulky option for the turtle and the worsted option for the elephants – or hold 2 strands of worsted together to make the turtle, as bulky yarn is approx twice as thick as worsted. See the patterns for the corresponding hook sizes.)

turtle1     africami_elephant

However, I can’t share a pattern for my Disc without permission (which I have, to date, been unable to obtain). But, below, you’ll find my suggestions for how you can create your own Disc without a full pattern (note: all stitches are single crochet, amigurumi-style, in worsted weight yarn with an E US/3.5mm hook):

amidiscworld4 discworld_plan1

    • Advanced version (above, left): Crochet a circle, replicating my Disc as closely as you can by referring to my photos in my Discworld update post, plus the Discworld Mapp (or a google image search) for reference for the size and position of the Disc’s landmasses. Change colour as you crochet the top circle of the Disc, to crochet the landmasses as you go. Note: This is an advanced method! I can’t share any more details without providing a pattern, which I do not have permission to do, so please don’t ask me for assistance with this – if this is beyond your skill level, try the simpler version below instead.
    • Simple version (above, right): Crochet a plain blue circle (using the photos of my Discworld for a rough size reference). Add the land masses to the top circle (using my photos, the Discworld Mapp, or a google image search for reference) with freehand crochet patches, embroidery (e.g. one cross stitch over each sc stitch), felt shapes, or fabric paint (see Chapter 10, Embellishments, of my Essential Guide to Amigurumi for further advice on these techniques).
  1. Crochet a second plain blue circle of the same size as your Disc top.
  2. Begin to crochet the two circles together around the outside edge. When you get to about halfway around the Disc, insert a circle of plastic or cardboard between the two circles so the disc won’t sag. Finish crocheting the two circles together and finish neatly with an Invisible Join.


My Amigurumi Discworld was nominated for three Ravelry Bobby awards: Geekiest Pattern, Coolest Toy, and Best Personal Pattern Project.


  1. Mark Garvey said

    i am a huge fan of sir Terry Pratchet..i met him in 2011 at the convention in Madison. i make balloons of … well.. almost anything.. but made a lot of Disc world designs that i made up on the spot.. including Nac mac Feegles. and a life size Lady Sybil.. i have a Shelf of Disc world characters in my apartment that i have designed and made. so launching a “Great A’tuin” should be fun.. thanks.

  2. Suzanne said

    I made a Discworld as a going away present for a good friend who is an avid Pratchett fan. It went over a treat, and I wanted to share it with you and say thanks for the inspiration. I added the rimfall and Cori Celesti, and my husband also insisted that the elephants should have tusks. I gave you credit for the patterns, and if you’d like me to add a link or more information, I’d be happy to.

    • June said

      Good job, Suzanne! If you’d like to add a link so other people can find the patterns, that would be great: simply linking to is the easiest option 🙂

  3. Caren said

    i love love love your Discworld, and that Sir Terry even commented on it!! while i’ve only read the first few Discworld novels and saw the movie ‘Hogfather’ as well as ‘The Colour of Magic’ (the tv adaptation), i have a friend who really likes the series, so for the holidays this year, i made him a Discworld. 🙂

  4. Ammie said

    Thanks for the permission and information about how to link to this. I shared your photo in my podcast. Your project is beautiful!

  5. Skeptical_spatula said

    Your crocheted disc world is amazing! I’m just confused on one thing, if you made the patterns yourself, whose permission are you waiting on to share the disc pattern?

    • June said

      Thank you! And, regarding permission: Discworld is trademarked by Terry Pratchett, so I cannot publish anything using the name or likeness of the Discworld without a licence (or other permission) from the Pratchett estate.

      My sea turtle and elephant patterns alone are fine – I based those on real animals that are not trademarkable! – but my Disc itself is a different matter: I designed it based on the likeness of the actual Discworld.

      It’s (widely regarded as) ‘acceptable use’ for me to make one Discworld as a one-off piece of fan art, but publishing a pattern for my Disc (whether paid or free) without permission from the Pratchett estate would violate the Discworld trademark (as would selling completed Discworlds without a licence to do so).

      • Marisa said

        Can you call it ‘flat earth’ or reference the original Hindi legend? Anyone who knows the stories know it’s disc world but it’s also these other things.

        Just curious.

        • June said

          Yes and no: I could call it “flat earth” in the same way people avoid trademark infringement by calling a Harry Potter pattern “boy wizard” or whatever, but that’s just semantics (a boy wizard with a lightning scar on his forehead is clearly Harry Potter, even if you avoid naming him as such).

          The fact is that the landmasses – shapes and colours – are replicas of the Discworld Mapp, not just generic blobs of land from a Hindi legend, so it wouldn’t be ethical in my opinion (especially as I asked, and did not receive, permission in the past). The Estate of Sir Terry Pratchett now has very clear IP guidelines which say:

          [T]he Estate/Dunmanifestin and Narrativia will in some cases (and at their discretion) not object to the production in small quantities of genuine, fan-made craft items which faithfully evoke characters or places in Sir Terry

  6. Suzanna Mason said

    Hey June, this is lovely, I’m definitely going to make my own! Could you tell me how you attached the different pieces together? (Elephant to turtle, discworld to elephant)


    • June said

      As mine is just for display, I use pins (hidden behind the legs, two per elephant) to hold the elephants in place on the turtle’s back, and I balance the Disc on top. If you want them to be permanently connected together, you should stitch them together at all the points where they touch (stitch the bottom of each elephant foot to the turtle shell, and the bottom of the disc to the backs of all four elephants). If you keep your stitches within the points of contact and pull them tight to draw the pieces together, the stitches won’t be visible on your finished Discworld.

  7. Natascha Walters said


    Im am in awe of your talent. This is absolutely fantastic and must mean even more to you now after the departure of Terry.
    My dad is a Discworld fanatic and i would love to make him one but as i am new to crochet i doubt ill be able to. Did you make the world map yourself or did you find a tracing somewhere?
    Any tips would be welcome.

    • June said

      Thanks, Natascha. Please follow the link (in the Advanced version instructions, above) to my Discworld update post – that shows exactly how I did it – but, as a new crocheter, you’ll probably prefer to follow my Simple version instructions (also above) instead!

  8. Emily King said

    Hello June,

    Is it okay for to post a pic of this project on my blog and link back to here?

    All the best,


    • June said

      Absolutely, Emily – please do!

      For others with the same question, there’s no need to check with me provided you follow my linking policy 🙂

  9. Sally said

    I just love your tribute to the wonderful Terry Pratchett! May I put your crochet Discworld on my blog tonight (or very soon anyway?) 🙂

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