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Turtle Beach Seafoam and Edging EXPANSION PACK crochet pattern

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Turtle Beach Seafoam & Edging is an original EXPANSION PACK for any of the Turtle Beach Blanket crochet patterns by June Gilbank.

What is an Expansion Pack?

  • An Expansion Pack is an add-on to an existing PlanetJune pattern.
  • The Expansion Pack lets you modify or add to the original pattern to create something else.
  • You cannot use the Expansion Pack alone - you must also purchase the original pattern in order to be able to complete the pictured items in the Expansion Pack pattern.

This Expansion Pack includes all the modifications required to add a puffy 3D seafoam effect and/or a squared-off edging to any of the PlanetJune Turtle Beach Blanket crochet patterns. 

Both these modifications can be added to a completed Turtle Beach Blanket, so if you’ve already finished your blanket, you can add the seafoam and/or edging at any point in the future!

  • Puffy Seafoam: Add a 3-dimensional effect to your Turtle Beach blanket with the puffy seafoam add-on. This includes right- and left-handed instructions in the pattern, and an exclusive video demonstration (with right- and left-handed versions), so you can watch it in action - you'll find the video links in the pattern!
  • Squared-off Edging: Use the edging instructions to square off the rippled top and bottom edges of your blanket, to give it a rectangular shape. (This edging can also form the base row for any deeper crocheted border.)

Yarn: Worsted weight yarn in any colour for the edging, or white for the seafoam

Hook: H US / 5mm 
Tip: To save money, if you haven't already purchased any of the Turtle Beach blanket patterns, don't purchase this item - buy it as an add-on when you buy any of the blanket pattern(s)!

The Turtle Beach Collection

This pattern is part of my Turtle Beach Collection - you can mix and match patterns within the collection to make your own custom blanket.

  • Mix and match colour schemes and stripe patterns with the Classic Blue and Teal Ombré blankets.
  • Add custom details (an edging and puffy 3D seafoam effect) with the Seafoam & Edging Expansion Pack (or the original donationware blanket pattern).
  • Add any combination of the original 3D stuffed baby sea turtles, the new flat appliqué turtles, and puffy or flat starfish.

Tip: For the best price, buy the multipacks of both blanket patterns and both sea turtle options!

See the entire Turtle Beach crochet pattern collection here >>

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Turtle Beach Seafoam and Edging EXPANSION PACK crochet pattern :

USD $2.00

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