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The Punchneedle Handbook - an Embroidery ebook by June Gilbank

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The Punchneedle Handbook: Miniature Punchneedle Embroidery Basics & Beyond is an original ebook by June Gilbank.

This 2nd edition is fully revised and updated, with a clean, space-saving layout that allows for larger photos throughout and additional content. And, most importantly, it's now available in 2 versions: right-handed and left-handed - you can select the version you need!


The Punchneedle Handbook was designed to be a go-to reference book for all your punchneedle questions, whether you're a complete beginner or you're looking for ways to improve your technique.

You'll find everything you need to know to get started in punchneedle embroidery, from equipment advice to detailed instructions on how to punch, and tips and techniques that will help you to create beautiful punchneedle embroideries in no time.

The comprehensive troubleshooting section covers 8 common problems you may see in your finished embroideries, together with easy methods to fix them and tips on how to prevent them from happening in future.

With ideas and techniques for how to finish your work and turn it into eye-catching wallhangings, appliques, cushions and more, The Punchneedle Handbook is the only miniature punchneedle book you'll ever need!

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Reviews (of the 1st edition):

The book is brief, clear, direct, logical. It includes everything you need to know to get started. And, best of all, June tips us off to the most common errors and explains how to avoid or correct them. I know exactly what I was doing wrong now (several things), and I can’t wait to try it again.
Excerpted from CraftGossip review

June has done a bang-up job of outlining everything you need to know to get started with this craft: how to prepare your materials, how to thread the needle and punch stitches, how to get perfect outlines and color effects, and how to troubleshoot problems while you’re learning. June also covers the basics of finishing your work and preparing it for incorporation into other crafts. It’s all illustrated with nice, clear photographs.
Excerpted from Craftypod review


  Why Punchneedle?
  Scope of this Book
Punchneedle Basics
  Transferring Patterns
  Hooping the Fabric
  Preparing the Floss
  Anatomy of a Punchneedle
  Threading the Needle
  How to Punch
  Visual Example of the Punchneedle Process
Beyond the Basics
  Creating the Perfect Outline
  Punching Fine Detail
  Colour Effects
Troubleshooting and Easy Ways to Fix Mistakes
  No loops are formed when I punch
  Threadbare patches
  Stitches in the wrong place
  Line of too short stitches
  Loop punched through another loop
  Extra long loops
  Indistinct outlines
  Curled up fabric
Finishing Your Work
  Care Instructions
  Joining Embroideries Together
  Adding a Fabric Border


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The Punchneedle Handbook - an Embroidery ebook by June Gilbank :

Starting at: USD $12.00

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