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Punchneedle Supplies

I often get requests for recommendations for punchneedle tools, fabric, and other related supplies. In this post, I'll show you the exact supplies I use to create all my punchneedle embroideries, and give you my top tips for the most useful supplies and the best prices!

Punchneedle Tool

I use the Ultra Punch tool (previously sold as Cameo Ultra Punch) and I highly recommend it. The long handle is comfortable to use, and the tip is strong, sharp, and punches much more smoothly than less expensive models. (However, if you'd like to see alternative tool options, I've written about a few in my Punchneedle Tools post.)

punchneedle supplies

Tip: The complete Ultra Punch set including small, medium and large needle tips is often less expensive than just the medium tipped punch alone, so I recommend you check the prices - you may actually save money by buying the additional tips, even if you don't plan on using them! (The company is now under new ownership, so I'm not sure if the medium-only punchneedle is even available any more.)

Needle Threaders

Although your punchneedle will come with one or two threaders, the threaders are so fine they're easy to lose or temporarily misplace (although I have a tip to help with that in The Punchneedle Handbook). They are also quite delicate, being made of such fine wire.

punchneedle supplies

Tip: You can't use a punchneedle without the threader, so I'd recommend adding an extra set of threaders to your order - you'll be glad to have them when you're ready to punch and can't find the threader!

Fabric: Weaver's Cloth

It's essential that you use a tightly-woven, non-stretchy fabric as your base for punchneedle. Weaver's cloth* is an ideal choice - it's a poly-cotton blend, so less likely to fray under the stress of the punch than a pure cotton, and the weight of the fabric holds the punched loops in place securely.

*If it's out of stock at amazon, you can also buy weaver's cloth from Joann, here.

punchneedle supplies

Tip: Buying a yard of fabric is much more economical than buying small pre-cut pieces, and it almost guarantees you'll never run out, no matter how many embroideries you make!

Embroidery Floss

My preferred embroidery floss is DMC brand, but you can use any brand of 6-strand embroidery floss (the other main brand is called Anchor and is also a high-quality choice). (As you'll be working with 3 strands of floss at a time, make sure you choose stranded floss, so you can split it.)

punchneedle supplies

Tip: You can find 6-strand embroidery floss at any craft store, so it's probably more economical to buy locally than to shop online (or, look for any craft/embroidery/needlework online shops - they'll all stock DMC and/or Anchor floss).

Embroidery Hoops

My favourite hoops are the Susan Bates Hoop-La hoops, but the essential point is to make sure you choose a lip-lock hoop, not a simple wooden one - the fabric must be held very tightly in the hoop so you can punch properly.

punchneedle supplies

Tip: You'll want to choose a size just a little larger than the largest dimension of your pattern. I use the 4" and 6" hoops most often, but I also have a massive 10" hoop that I used to make my punchneedle globe!

Fine Marker Pen

To transfer a pattern to your fabric, you'll need a very fine pen that won't bleed on the fabric or transfer onto your embroidery floss. I like Sharpie Ultra Fine Point permanent markers.

punchneedle supplies

Tip: As punchneedle completely obscures the fabric beneath, your lines will be entirely covered by your stitches, so you don't need to worry about the ink showing through - you can choose any Sharpie colour you like.

Washable Fabric Glue

For added security, you can secure the backs of your stitches after punching with a thin coat of fabric glue (see The Punchneedle Handbook for full instructions). My favourite is Aleene's OK to Wash-It permanent fabric adhesive.

Tip: Washable fabric glue is permanent, so your embroidery can be washed once the glue has fully dried and cured. It's the best choice even if you don't plan to wash your embroidery - better to be safe than sorry!

The Punchneedle Handbook

And don't forget to pick up my ebook, The Punchneedle Handbook - with its clear step-by-step photos, it'll be your go-to reference for punchneedle instructions, techniques, and troubleshooting tips. Download it now and you can start learning to punch before your supplies even arrive!

The Punchneedle Handbook by PlanetJune

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