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Seahorse amigurumi crochet pattern

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An original crochet amigurumi Seahorse pattern by June Gilbank.

Seahorses are a very unusual-looking type of fish. They live in sheltered areas of warm seas across the world. Seahorses swim upright, using their dorsal fin (at the back) to move them forwards and their pectoral fins (at either side of the head) for steering. They are slow, weak swimmers, so they use their prehensile tails to grasp onto seaweed, coral, etc so they don't drift away in the currents. Unlike most animals, the male seahorse cares for the babies. The eggs are kept safely in a special brood pouch on his stomach until they are ready to emerge as fully-formed miniature seahorses! 

Yarn: worsted weight yarn in yellow, orange, red, brown, or any other colour you like.

Hook: US E / 3.5mm


  • This pattern is almost no-sew, as the head, body and tail are all crocheted as one piece, so the only sewing is to attach the fins and coronet!
  • The pattern includes full instructions and detailed step-by-step photographs for all special techniques used, and stitch diagrams in addition to written instructions for all the fins and coronet, so you can make a perfect seahorse.

Size: approx 9" (22.5cm) long

Eye size: 10mm

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Seahorse amigurumi crochet pattern :

USD $6.50  USD $6.00

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