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Mini Mammals: three amigurumi crochet patterns: Sengi, Jerboa, Mouse

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Mini Mammals includes three original miniature mouse-like mammal crochet amigurumi patterns from around the world (Sengi, Jerboa, Mouse) by June Gilbank.

These life-sized tiny cuties are so adorably small that they can sit in the palm of your hand!

  • Sengi (brown in sample photos): Also known as elephant shrews, sengi are the world's fastest small mammals; long-nosed insect-eating African mammals who are more closely related to aardvarks than to shrews or rodents!
  • Jerboa (pale grey in sample photos): Nocturnal jumping desert rodents from Asia and north Africa; jerboa move by hopping on their long back legs, using their long tails for balance, like a kangaroo!
  • Mouse (sand-coloured in sample photos): Small, primarily nocturnal rodents who eat mostly seeds and grains; mice are among the most common and numerous animals in the world, and are found in almost every country.

Yarn: worsted weight yarn in any sandy sort of colour (beige, light-medium brown, tan, cream, light grey, etc), less than 35m each

Hook: US E / 3.5mm

Size: approx 4" (10cm) long, excluding tail

Details: Pattern includes full instructions to make all three animals, and a couple of modification ideas:

  • I designed a Long-Eared Jerboa for this pattern, but you can easily make a different type of Jerboa by substituting the Mouse or Sengi ears!
  • Real-life Sengi and Jerboas really do have huge eyes like these. If you'd like to make a slightly less cute but more realistic Mouse, use 9mm eyes instead of the recommended larger-than-life 10mm eyes.

Eye size: 10mm

See projects made from this pattern here:

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Mini Mammals: three amigurumi crochet patterns: Sengi, Jerboa, Mouse :

Starting at: USD $7.50  USD $7.00

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