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poll: dog patterns?

It seems that my amigurumi Shiba Inu is popular! I only made Ginger Jr as a one-of-a-kind gift, but all your comments are making me think about making a slightly simplified shiba and producing a pattern for it… It wouldn’t be immediate – I have several other projects I have to complete first (especially the long-awaited monkey pattern which should be complete in the next week).

amigurumi dog

So, my question to you is, would you be interested in buying an amigurumi dog pattern from me? If you’re interested, please vote, and I will do it if there is enough interest. If you’d like to see other breeds done in the same kind of style, please vote and also leave a comment saying which breeds are your favourite!


UPDATE: Thanks to all who voted… the first set of AmiDogs patterns are now available in my store!


  1. Reanne said

    Hi June,
    Would appreciate if you make a westie amiguru! I’ve been looking around and couldn’t find any one that I like and its limited .


  2. MeMe said

    I have been crocheting for 69 years and would like a crochet pattern for your ginger. I am 77 years old and live on SS so I don’t have much money.

  3. Birdie said

    Hey june, I don’t know if you’ll look at this post, but look up White terrier on Wikipedia and tell me what you think! Please make a Westie!

  4. julie said

    Oh and I would LOVE if you would make a Scottie or Westie pattern!! I would DEFINATELY buy that!

  5. julie said

    I would like it if you gave this out for free then we could see what your dog patterns are like so we would know if we wanted to buy the others or not, but then again the answer is pretty clear! 😀

    • June said

      Hi Julie, this post is actually 3 years old! I currently have 16 AmiDogs patterns available in my store – with more to come 🙂

  6. Fernanda said

    All kinds of breeds would be great! Specially the ones that aren’t very common. A West Highland White Terrier and a Border Collie pattern would be great!!!

  7. Lauren Strinden said

    Planet June–
    I commend you for your clean workmanship and consistently elegant style. Beautiful work!

  8. kim said

    I would definatly buy an australian shepherd pattern!!
    These are so neat

  9. claire said

    i wouldnt be able to make one as i dont have the skills to crochet!! but i would love to see patterns for dogs i flick through the books for them and give the patterns i like to my mum i would love see huskys, golden retreivers, poodles, german shepherds, and BORDER COLLIE!! which no one seems to have mentioned

  10. Lisa said

    The shiba inu puppy is so cute! I’d love to have the pattern! ^-^

  11. josie said

    i would buy one because i love dogs. my little bear died about 3 weeks ago and i mis him. he was part poodle and ??????? but i had him for 22 years.

  12. June said

    Thanks everyone for your comments! Yes, I have decided that I will be making doggy patterns! But please keep leaving comments with suggestions for dog breeds 🙂

  13. Peggy said

    Any and all dog breeds would be popular I think. I wouldn’t expect you to give them away, having attempted to write a patter or two myself I know the work that goes into them. That being said have you started yet? 😉

  14. Pepper Pup said

    I would like pattern for all sorts of breeds of dogs like the schnauzer, great dane, german shepard, beagle, pug, cocker spanial, lab, golden retriever, weiner dog, blood hound, chow chow, poodle, border collie, baset hound just to name a few. I would love to have them be free patterns and maybe you could sell already made ones or if you are going to sell them you should sell all the breeds together or in groups that the people can pick. Maybe you could make a book of all the breeds patterns and sell that. I would really appreciate it if they were free though because I am not allowed to buy things online.

  15. Debi said

    Ooh! I would also buy a Boston Terrier and Poodle to make for other friends.

  16. Debi said

    Have you decided yet June? I’m anxiously waiting to purchase the Shiba Inu pattern 🙂

  17. L78717 said

    maybe a hush puppies also very cute… too…

  18. Mini said

    A chihuahua and a mini-pinscher! Also a poodle – my mom has 2 obnoxious toy poodles and she’d just love it.

  19. Charlie said

    I think a fuzzy breed would be cute. I love the furry patterns. Maybe an american eskimo.

  20. jewelie said

    Definately a Boston Terrier! An australian shepherd would be awesome too

  21. Kari said

    I don’t know how to vote, cuz I have the original! LOL I may have to take up crochet if you start making dog patterns, though!

    I’d love to see a Boston Terrier or Siberian Husky pattern. (My MIL and my Mom’s dog, hehehehe!)

  22. Debbie said

    I’m going to try and make one similar to yours resembling my little rat terrier — yours would be a great jumping off point if you were to publish it.

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