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Stitch Markers for Crochet (Set of 5)

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A set of 5 plastic stitch markers for crocheters that look like cute coilless safety pins.

New and Improved: the classic PlanetJune favourite stitch markers for crochet, now in extra-strong black plastic. Still with the same rounded tip that won't snag your yarn, a secure clasp that won't pop open accidentally, a large enough size (3cm/1.2") to be able to open and close easily, and a super-cute safety pin shape. But now there are even more benefits:

  • Extra strong and resilient to breakage

  • Wider opening so you can easily slip it around a bulky yarn or multiple strands

  • More difficult to lose - unless you drop one on a black rug, they'll always be easy to spot! 

These markers are much tougher and better shaped than standard plastic stitch markers you'll find elsewhere, which are prone to snapping if you open/close them too far (or if you accidentally step on them!) 

Please note: the quantity is per set of 5 stitch markers.

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Stitch Markers for Crochet (Set of 5) :

USD $2.50