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Snake Collection - FOUR amigurumi crochet patterns

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Four original crochet amigurumi snake patterns by June Gilbank.

Snake Collection includes 4 different snake designs with markings loosely based on real-life non-venomous snakes:

  • Unmarked (single colour) e.g. Green Snake, Black Snake
  • Dual-Banded (two-colour stripes) e.g. Ground Snake, Kingsnake
  • Tri-Banded (three-colour stripes) e.g. Milk Snake, Kingsnake
  • Spotted (diamond-shaped blotches or patches of colour) e.g. Corn Snake, Rat Snake

Difficulty: Although the markings and colour patterns of my sample snakes are based on specific real-life snakes, I've kept the colour patterns simple so they're easy to memorise and fun to crochet.

  • The unmarked snake is a quick and easy project - try it with a variegated or self-striping yarn to easily add some fun colour.
  • For the two striped snakes, I recommend my new Ultimate Stripes technique, but I offer additional alternatives in the pattern too.
  • The spotted snake has frequent colour changes throughout, but I've included a colour chart as well as the written instructions for the body patterning, and I give instructions for how to manage the yarns with no cutting or tying yarn throughout the snake's entire body!

Customizing your Snakes:

  • You can make dozens of different snakes by choosing different colours that match other real snakes, getting creative with fun colour choices, and/or mixing different marking patterns in a single snake!
  • It's easy to customize the length of your snake - each design has a repeating body section, and you can choose how long to make your snake by including more or fewer repeats of the body section before you continue to the tail instructions.
  • I've made friendly PlanetJune-style snakes with solid black eyes, but you can make them look more realistic by using coloured eyes or cat eyes with a slit pupil.

Yarn: worsted weight yarn in any colours you choose. For the suggested
length of snake, you will need a total of approx 110 yards/100m of yarn per snake. 

Hook: US E / 3.5mm

Size: Samples are approx 26-28" (66-71cm) long, but you can make yours as long as you want by adding more repeats to the body! 

Eyes: 9mm 

snake collection and temperature snake multipackNote: Take advantage of the savings when you buy this pattern as part of the Snake Collection & Temperature Snake multipack!

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Snake Collection - FOUR amigurumi crochet patterns :

USD $6.50  USD $6.00

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