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Personalized Author-Signed Bookplate, signed by June Gilbank

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A professionally printed bookplate sticker with easy-peel backing, perfectly sized to fit in the empty space on the first page of any of the books by June Gilbank.

Each bookplate sticker will be signed personally to you by me, June Gilbank, so you can get a 'signed' copy of any (or all!) of my books by sticking a bookplate directly into your copy.

Or, if you're giving my book as a gift, why not give a 'signed' copy by sticking a bookplate - signed personally to your recipient - into the book before you gift it?

The easy-peel sticker backing is split on the back, so you can gently bend the bookplate to peel off each section of the backing from the middle - there's no struggling to peel the sticker from a corner and potentially ruining the corner!

Size: 2x4" (5x10cm)


  • If you'd like me to personalize your bookplate, please leave your name in the box below, and I'll sign it "To [your name]" and then my signature.

  • If you leave the box blank, I'll sign your bookplate with just my signature.

Note: You're welcome to order multiple bookplates! I'm only allowing a quantity of 1 here to make sure there are no mistakes with you accidentally getting multiple bookplates signed to the same name (in case that isn't what you want). If you'd like more than one, please add this listing to your shopping cart multiple times, typing the name you want me to sign for each one.

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Personalized Author-Signed Bookplate, signed by June Gilbank :

USD $1.00