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Unique crochet patterns and craft tutorials by June Gilbank

The Essential Guide to Amigurumi: Crochet Toy Techniques from Basics to Advanced: right-handed/left-handed ebook by June Gilbank

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I've crocheted for a long time, and have always wanted a book dedicated to left-handers since I am left-handed, and I've always had to try to figure out stitches in reverse or try to follow along with videos (always hard for me!). I love that there is a left-handed version of this book, that is so amazing for the author to provide! I have loved amigurumi since I first found out about them, and have read many books about them, and this one is top-notch! It covers an amazing amount of ground! The author provides a thorough education about creating amigurumi, from the design to the actual crocheting to the finishing touches! She then goes over issues such as resizing, fixing issues, and just about any amigurumi related question I could think of. A terrific reference book!
Date Added: 12/02/2023 by Rebecca M.