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Unique crochet patterns and craft tutorials by June Gilbank

The Complete Guide to Giant Amigurumi - a crochet ebook by June Gilbank

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Planet June is already the best resource on the internet for clear, unambiguous technical information about crochet. Her photo tutorials and YouTube videos are really easy to follow and give all the detail you might need. All of this skill comes to play in this ebook, which is a wonderful addition to the resources that June has to offer. It contains everything you might need to know about making giant amigurumi and also showcases techniques that can be applied to standard-size animals and other figures. There really are no other resources like this available - trust me, i've spent a lot of time looking for them! If you want to try something different, or just hone your existing skills, then give this a whirl!
Date Added: 06/28/2019 by Shelagh M.