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Tortoise amigurumi crochet pattern

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An original crochet amigurumi Tortoise pattern by June Gilbank.

Crochet a realistically-shaped life-sized tortoise with a beautifully patterned shell.

Yarn: worsted weight yarn in two or three colours (brown, tan, beige etc for a realistic tortoise, or any other colours you like)

Hook: US E / 3.5mm

Size: approx 8.5" (21.5cm) long, nose to tail


  • This is an ingenious low-sew design - the only sewing you have to do in the entire project is stitching the back legs to the body (and those joins will be hidden by the shell, so you don't even need to do tidy stitching to get a perfect result).
  • The upper and lower shells are stretched over a fully-enclosed smooth stuffed amigurumi body, giving a perfect finish with no gaps for stuffing to leak through, and a satisfyingly solid result.
  • The segmented upper shell is formed in a join-as-you-go method: you'll crochet one piece, then crochet it together with the previous piece(s) to build up the shell into its 3D shape.

The pattern is 18 pages long and includes over 70 step-by-step photographs with written instructions so you can crochet a perfect tortoise of your own. To keep it relevant to you, this pattern is available in two versions, for right-handers and left-handers. Choose your version knowing that all the photos will show you exactly what you need to do from your perspective at every stage!

Eye size: 9mm

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Tortoise amigurumi crochet pattern :

Starting at: USD $8.50  USD $8.00