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Mini Mammals 2: 3 EXPANSION PACK amigurumi crochet patterns

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Mini Mammals 2 is an original EXPANSION PACK for the Mini Mammals crochet pattern by June Gilbank.

What is an Expansion Pack?

  • An Expansion Pack is an add-on to an existing PlanetJune pattern.
  • The Expansion Pack lets you modify or add to the original pattern to create something else.
  • You cannot use the Expansion Pack alone - you must also purchase the original pattern in order to be able to complete the pictured items in the Expansion Pack pattern.

This Expansion Pack includes all the modifications required to crochet a Hamster, Gerbil and Kangaroo Rat. 

  • Hamster (orange in sample photos): Syrian (Golden) Hamsters are often kept as pets; they hoard food by carrying it in their expandable cheek pouches until they can store it. 
  • Gerbil (cream in sample photos): Mongolian Gerbils are often kept as pets; they are highly social and love to dig tunnels.
  • Kangaroo Rat (brown in sample photos): Small jumping rodents from the deserts of North America. They can survive without drinking any water at all and collect seeds in their fur-lined cheek pouches to store.

Size: approx 4" (10cm) long, excluding tail

Yarn: worsted weight yarn in any sandy sort of colour (beige, light-medium brown, tan, cream, light grey, etc), less than 35m each

Hook: E US/3.5mm crochet hook 

Eye size: 10mm

Please note: to be able to make the pictured items in this Expansion Pack, you must also own the Mini Mammals pattern.

Tip: To save money, if you haven't already purchased Mini Mammals, don't purchase this item - instead buy the Mini Mammals 1 & 2 multipack!

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Mini Mammals 2: 3 EXPANSION PACK amigurumi crochet patterns :

USD $4.00