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Dinosaurs Set 3X THREE amigurumi EXPANSION PACK crochet patterns

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Dinosaurs Set 3X includes three original amigurumi dinosaur EXPANSION PACKS for the Dinosaurs Set 3 crochet patterns by June Gilbank.

  • Iguanodon was a herbivorous dinosaur from the early Cretaceous period. It was 30 ft long and weighed 4-5 tons. It could walk on all four legs or run on its back legs. Its name means 'iguana tooth'(for their resemblance to the teeth of modern iguanas).
  • Protoceratops was a small herbivorous dinosaur, at only 6-8 ft long. Unlike its relatives (including Triceratops and Pentaceratops), it had no horns, only its ridged neck frill. It lived in the late Cretaceous period.
  • Panoplosaurus was a 23-ft long ankylosaur from the late Cretaceous period. It was a herbivore with a heavily armoured back, a row of spikes along each side, and extra-long shoulder spikes. Unlike the related Ankylosaurus, it did not have a tail club.

What is an Expansion Pack?

  • An Expansion Pack is an add-on to an existing PlanetJune pattern.
  • The Expansion Pack lets you modify or add to the original pattern to create something else.
  • You cannot use the Expansion Pack alone - you must also purchase the original pattern in order to be able to complete the pictured item(s) in the Expansion Pack pattern.

This Dinosaurs Set 3X Expansion Pack includes includes all the modifications required to crochet and assemble Iguanodon, Protoceratops and Panoplosaurus dinosaurs from the Dinosaurs Set 3 patterns: Parasaurolophus, Dimetrodon and Ankylosaurus respectively.

Yarn: worsted weight yarn (the dinosaurs pictured use Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn) 

Hook: US E / 3.5mm 

Size: approx 9-10" long 

Eyes: 10mm




Please note: to be able to make the pictured items in this Expansion Pack, you must also own the Dinosaurs Set 3 patterns.

Dinosaurs Sets 3 and 3X multipackTip: To save money, if you haven't already purchased Dinosaurs Set 3, don't purchase this item - instead go to the Dinosaurs Sets 3 and 3X multipack listing to get 6 dinosaur patterns for one low price.

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Dinosaurs Set 3X THREE amigurumi EXPANSION PACK crochet patterns :

USD $7.50