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Temperature Snake CAL - 2023 amigurumi crochetalong crochet pattern

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Temperature Snake is an original crochet pattern by June Gilbank.

Temperature Snake is an amigurumi-style riff on the temperature blanket/scarf, where you crochet one row per day to represent the maximum temperature that day. You can read all about the 2023 PlanetJune Temperature Snake CAL in my announcement post >>

Please note that Temperature Snake is a Crochet-Along (CAL) running throughout 2023, so this is not a complete pattern - yet!

How does a CAL pattern work?

  • When you purchase this listing, you will immediately be able to download all Parts of the CAL pattern (and all Worksheets) that have already been published.

    • The Parts will include detailed instructions for planning and crocheting every part of your snake project. The parts will be released as you need them throughout the year.

    • If you'd like to keep track on paper, the Worksheets are single-page print-friendly files. But they're also fillable PDF forms, so you can log your scale and temperatures digitally if you prefer! You'll get a new worksheet each quarter throughout the year.

  • Each time a new Part/Worksheet is released, I'll announce it in the Discord and Ravelry groups, and you'll also receive an email* notification from me. Return to your order and you'll see the new Part and/or Worksheet PDF file(s) is/are available for you to download.
    * The email will be sent to the address you used with your PlanetJune account when you bought the pattern - contact me if you change your email throughout the year so you keep receiving your notifications!

  • Once the CAL is complete, there'll be one final update, when the stand-alone pattern is also available for you to download. This will be a beautifully formatted single PDF file, just like any other PlanetJune pattern or ebook, including any additional tips and FAQs that were raised during the CAL! 

The Temperature Snake pattern has several options you can choose between to create a completely custom snake, and I’ve crocheted two samples over 2022 so you can get an idea of how all the options look:

  • Two different snake sizes (full sized, or the faster 3/4 sized)
  • Two different lengths (one round per day, or one every other day for a shorter snake) - plus bonus instructions for a minimal twice-weekly snake
  • Two ideas to get you started for colour schemes (the classic rainbow, or red-hot to blue-cold)
  • Two different tongues (the easier full-sized tongue, or the more realistic slender tongue)

You can get adventurous and mix-and-match any of these options to create your snake, or copy them all from your favourite of my sample snakes.

Get started right away (by planning your options and colours and buying yarn), start on the official start date of January 1st, or you can join in later. If you jump into the CAL after Jan 1st, you can either catch up on the days you missed, or choose your time range starting later than Jan 1st – it’s up to you! You're welcome to join in at any time :)

Currently published:

Part 1: 

  • Step 1: Find Your Temperature Range
  • Step 2: Create Your Temperature Scale
  • Step 3: Choose Your Snake Options
  • Step 4: Choose Your Colours

Part 2:

  • General Pattern Information
  • Head (Large Snake)
  • Head (Small Snake)
  • Crocheting Your Snake’s Body
  • Perfect Stripes
  • Logging Your Temperatures to Find Your Colours
  • Temperature/Colour Logging Examples

Part 3:

  • Wrangling Your Growing Snake

Worksheet 1: My Temperature Snake
Worksheet 2: Temperature Log Jan-Mar
Worksheet 3: Temperature Log Apr-Jun
Worksheet 4: Temperature Log Jul-Sep
Worksheet 5: Temperature Log Oct-Dec

Yarn: worsted weight yarn in multiple colours. (Yardage depends on the number of colours you choose and which size of snake you're making. The pattern explains how to estimate how much you'll need, but in all cases you'll need less than one 50g ball of each colour.)

Hook: US E / 3.5mm

Size: very approximately: 7ft, 4ft or 2ft depending on the options you choose! 

Eyes: 9mm (small snake) or 10mm (large snake)

snake collection and temperature snake multipackNote: Take advantage of the savings when you buy this pattern as part of the Snake Collection & Temperature Snake multipack!

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Temperature Snake CAL - 2023 amigurumi crochetalong crochet pattern :

USD $6.50  USD $6.00